X Theme Review: The Ultimate WordPress Theme

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X Theme Review

Are you looking for an amazing theme for your next project? X is a multi-porpose theme that covers any need and any project. This theme includes a lot of exclusive plugins that are integrated into the template with perfect operation. The developer company is called Themeco and is located in the United States. It is the second best-selling theme in the history of Themeforest.

Unlike other themes that include skins, this theme has the ability to change the appearance through custom settings, these stacks are exclusive designs. The X theme also includes a powerful set of options for customizing stacks.

X now includes an impressive specially designed landing page builder tool called Cornerstone. This tool offers even more control over the website.

In this post we will talk about what the X theme is, what it is for, how to install it, advantages, tutorials, the benefits of updating X-Theme, opinions and prices and much more. Here we go folks … !!

X Theme Step by Step Guide in 2023

In this guide we will talk in depth taking into account every detail of the X Theme theme, it is a premium multipurpose theme that will provide you with millions of facilities to start your new project successfully.

X Theme for WordPress Review: What Is X Theme?

X is a completely open multi-porpose theme that includes a lot of exclusive plugins that are integrated into the template with perfect operation. Currently, more than 150,000 WordPress installations are using Theme X.

It comes with a large number of demos created specifically for different types of business. They incorporate pages, entries, sliders, menus, portfolio, high-quality images and much more, so that you only have to install and customize it to your liking

It is one of the templates with the most design and with the best performance on the market. In addition, the pack includes more than 28 premium plugins, including one created by the developers of this template themselves, Cornerstone, one of the most advanced page builders on the market, with an interface that you will love and dozens of custom widgets.

What are the benefits of X Theme?

  • Translation Ready
  • Tested at various sites
  • Compatible children’s theme
  • Cross browser compatibility
  • Optimized search engine
  • Custom publication formats
  • Dynamic thumbnail size
  • Ready for the retina
  • Integrated social exchange
  • Unlimited side bars

X Theme features

XTheme comes with all the necessary features of a premium WordPress theme. Next, we will discuss some of the features that make it the best option for WordPress users.

  • Multipurpose design, it adapts perfectly to almost any sector and theme.
  • Preconfigured designs:
    • Integrity: it is characterized by fresh, clean and elegant lines, perfect for business or creative websites.
    • Renew: for its part, it stands out for being a flat, clear and concise style, perfect for a creative blog.
    • Icon: offers you a more minimalist design and is inspired by modern blogs.
    • Ethos: it is a bit more classic and is perfect for magazines and newspapers.
  • Responsive design: Each pixel on your website will respond to different screen sizes, whether they are computers, smartphones or tablets.
  • Automatic Updater: You update the theme automatically with one click.
  • CSS customization: You can adjust your CSS from the administrator.
  • Child Theme Compatible.
  • Fonts: They include more than 600 fonts from Google Fonts, although you can improve the free Typekit extension.
  • Search: Allows your users to search by including a search box on any site on your website, especially if you choose Cornerstone.
  • Megamenus: Theme X offers the option of including megamenus that will give your website a visually pleasing structure.
  • Layouts: Theme X offers several default layouts with which you can customize your website to your liking.
  • Styles: They offer you unique designs that you can adapt to your website.
  • Backgrounds: Add images, videos, patterns or colors in an easy way to the backgrounds of your web pages.
  • Sidebars: Theme X has a section to create sidebars.
  • Portfolio: Allows you to create portfolio pages to show your product, creative or service work.
  • Woocomerce: Compatible with Woocommerce, so it will be very easy to create a WordPress site in an online store.
  • Fontawesome: You can quickly and easily add all Fontawesome icons and use them as fonts, so that the speed and performance are more powerful.
  • Buttons to share on social networks: You can add buttons to share content on social networks.
  • Forms: You can create different types of forms for users with the free extensions that come in the license.
  • BBPress: Compatible with this plugin to create forums in WordPress.
  • Clean code: It has a well-structured code, simple to interpret and easy to read that you can change to your liking.
  • SEO: X Theme uses the latest HTML5 trends to optimize SEO.
  • Translations: it is translated into dozens of languages and they are also compatible with WPML.

How to install X Theme?

The X theme installation process is a simple process.

  1. Download the Theme.

2. In your WordPress administrator, you have to go to “Appearance” and then click on “Themes”.

X Theme WP Admin Appearance Themes

3. Once the Themes page has loaded, you have to select “Add New” which is located at the top.

X Theme Add New Theme

4. You will be directed to the theme installation page. When it’s uploaded, click on “Upload Theme” near the top.

X Theme Upload Theme

5. A upload form will appear below. You have to select “Choose file” that you previously downloaded to your computer.

X Theme Choose File to Upload Theme

6. Once you have added the .zip file, click the “Install Now” button.

X Theme Choose Zip File to Upload

7. Once installed, click on the “Activate” link to enable X theme in your WordPress installation.

X Theme Installing Template

8. Once the X theme has been activated you have to go to the theme control panel. If this is your first time installing X theme in WordPress, a notice will appear at the top of the screen asking you to install and activate Cornerstone. Then click on that link to finish that process.

X Theme Install and Activate Cornerstone

9. Congratulations! X-Theme and Cornerstone have been successfully installed and you’re ready to start building.

X Theme and Cornerstone Successfully Installed

Attention: Remember that with Pro, Standalone Cornerstone integrates directly into the theme, so it is not necessary to install it separately.

How to validate X Theme?

1. To complete the X theme validation step, you will need your ThemeForest license certificate. Hover over your account name and select “Downloads” from the drop-down menu.

X Theme ThemeForest Downloads

2. At this point browse your download list to find the purchase of theme X and then click on the “Download” button and select the option “License certificate and purchase code” from the drop-down menu.

X Theme Themeforest License certificate & purchase code

3. A .txt file will be downloaded to your computer and search for “Item Purchase Code” and then copy the string directly below that line only. This code will take you to the validation screen within WordPress.

X Theme Enter Item Purchase Code

4. By pressing Enter, your purchase code will be accepted and you will be able to see all the additional features of the X theme that are unlocked.

X-Theme Item Purchase Code is Validate and all XTheme Features are Unlocked

How do you download Pro?

Once you have completed your purchase go to your Themeco Dashboard to download Pro.

1. Once you log in, when the main content appears on the right select your license from the list in the sidebar, select the “Download” button and the file will be saved on your computer.

X Theme Download Pro

2. There are two options you can choose from:

  • Latest is the most up-to-date version of Pro.
  • Previous is the “stability” version of Pro that can be modified if you have any problems during the update process.

How do I download Standalone Cornerstone?

There are two ways to download Cornerstone:


1. Go to Cornerstone on CodeCanyon.net

2. After logging in, hover over your account name in the upper right corner of the screen and select “Downloads” from the drop-down menu that appears.

X Theme ThemeForest Downloads

2. You will see a list of all the items you have purchased. Find Cornerstone, select the “Download” button and then the installable WordPress file from the drop-down menu.

X Theme Download Cornerstone CodeCanyon

Themeco Dashboard

1. After logging in, select your license from the list in the sidebar. When the main content appears on the right, select the “Download” button and the installation file will be saved on your computer.

X Theme Download Cornerstone on Themeco Dashboard

2. Two options to choose from: the most updated version of Cornerstone, and the Previous one, which is the “stability” version of Cornerstone.

X Theme Customization & Setup

Here is a video on how to customize and configure the X theme. If you follow the steps it will be a fairly simple process that will not give you any problem.

X-Theme Compatible Plugins

Theme X provides its clients with a great variety of awesome premium plugins.

  • Layer: is a plugin that offers access to remote cartographic Servers, being able to view layers from Bing, Google maps, OpenStreetMaps, MapQuest and Apple.
  • Revolution Slider: is a WordPress plugin that allows you to create and design sliders, videos or still images or to include on our web pages.
  • WooCommerce: it is a WordPress plugin that allows you to implement an online store on our website.
  • Gravity Forms: it is a plugin for WordPress that allows you to create forms and insert them in your website in a simple way.
  • Contact form 7: it is a plugin with the purpose of creating custom forms developed by Takayuki Miyoshi.
  • WPML: plugin that turns your WordPress websites multilingual.
  • Seo by Yoast: is a search engine optimization plugin for WordPress.
  • W3 total cache: it is a plugin for WordPress that allows us to speed up the loading process of any of the pages of a blog or a website.
  • bbPress: is a WordPress plugin that adds forum functionality to WordPress.
  • BuddyPress: is a plugin that allows you to add a social network to our website.
  • iLightBox jQuery: it is a plugin used to superimpose images on the page.
  • Visual Componser: it is one of the most famous WordPress page builders with which you can design the pages of your website with dozens of shortcodes in a simple way. Perfect if you don’t want to use Cornerstone.
  • Content Dock: A tool that allows you to place content, whether offers or promotions, in an elegant and non-intrusive way.
  • ConvertPlug: A plugin oriented towards conversion, attracting subscribers and generating leads.
  • Email Forms: is a plugin that makes it easy to create impressive opt-in forms on your website.
  • Cost Estimation & Payments Forms: is a premium WordPress plugin that allows you to create online budget forms to estimate payments and costs, which also includes payment gateways such as PayPal.
  • ACF Pro: is a premium WordPress plugin that allows you to create custom fields for any type of publication.
  • The Grid: allows you to display the information of your posts, pages and portfolio in very attractive ways.
  • ConvertPlus: allows you to transform your website into a lead generator.
  • Custom 404: A plugin that allows you to customize 404 error pages.
  • Disqus comment: A Disqus integrator for blog comments.
  • Google Analytics: A plugin to integrate and display Analytics in WordPress.
  • Olark Integration: To Integrate the Olark chat service.
  • Terms of Use: A plugin to include the terms of use before registration.
  • Envira Gallery: is a plugin that allows you to create galleries in WordPress with responsive technology and thus create and integrate photo and video galleries.
  • Woo Checkout Editor: allows you to easily update your WooCommerce checkout page by adding or removing additional fields with just one click.
  • Superfly: allow you to design your website’s menus in an intuitive and personalized way. It offers an intuitive and modern navigation to all the users of your WordPress installation.
  • Ubermenu: makes it easy for you to create and insert customizable, professional and easy-to-use menus.
  • Essential Grid: The Themepunch plugin, allows displaying different formats of highly customizable grid content.
  • Typekit: To integrate this premium service and create designs with Typekit fonts.
  • Under Construction: is a Themeco exclusive plugin that allows you to easily configure the maintenance page when you are updating it.
  • Video Lock: is a Video Markueting tool that allows you to configure how the videos are displayed, being able to add calls to action and setting timers.
  • White Label: It allows you to customize access to WordPress with your branding and the administration page.
  • Facebook comments: A plugin to integrate Facebook comments into the blog. • Smooth Scroll: makes it easy to navigate through the custom scroll bar.
  • Soliloquy: is a premium WordPress plugin that builds sliders in WordPress.
  • Olark: is a premium plugin that allows you to increase your sales, help solve problems and attend to your visits through live chat.
  • Snippet: allows you to easily configure and include structured data to your website.

X Theme Tutorial

X is a theme that is designed to offer the best to the user, to build your website with total success. Here you have a complete X Themes tutorial so you can see how everything works step by step.

Support and Documentation

They have a great professional support that covers questions related to X theme and its extensions. What it doesn’t include is third-party plugin support unless they’re built into the theme.

X theme Support

If you have problems or doubts you can go to the following link that you will find all the necessary documentation on the theme X: https://theme.co/docs

Also, you can check support forum on this link: https://theme.co/forum/

Frequent Asked Questions

Missing style sheet error when installing the theme

This error message means that the file was uploaded incorrectly.

What is the best way to learn about X?

The best way to learn about X theme is by clicking on the following link: https://theme.co/x

I have bought the theme and have a question. Where do I go?

In Themeco Docs you will find a variety of tutorials and resources that cover all the doubts about this theme.


X Theme ThemeForest Price Regular License

The price of the X Theme regular license in Themeforest market is around $59 which includes superb customer support from the Themeco team for free the first six months. It costs about $17.63 extra money per yearly to extend support for 12 more months.


X theme is a robust, reliable and complete premium WordPress template. It is a multi-porpose theme completely open to almost any project ensuring success. Also includes a variety of exclusive plugins that are integrated into the template with wonderful performance.

In addition, it comes with a large number of demos created specifically for different types of business that incorporate posts, portfolio, pages, high quality images, sliders, menus and much more, so that you only have to install and change it to your liking. The pack includes more than 28 premium plugins, such as Cornerstone, which is one of the most advanced page builders on the market, with an interface and dozens of custom widgets

You can change everything your way without having to manipulate any code, from basic elements like logos, fonts and colors, to more complex ones like internal functions and drop-down menus. All these modifications can be previewed without the need to refresh the page.

👉 Click here to Buy the X theme on ThemeForest Now

What do you think of the X-theme? Have you used them for any of your website projects yet? Feel free to add a comment below.

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