Sucuri Review 2023: Is It Worth The Money?

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sucuri review

Are you worried about hackers taking down your site or spreading malware to your visitors? Sucuri website security is a WordPress security plugin so that your website is completely safe from future attacks. The company offers the free version that will help us to block our websites and the premium version that always offers additional coverage for many WordPress users. It helps us protect the website from hackers, malware, DDoS, brute force attacks and blacklists. In this Sucuri review we will teach you more about this website monitoring tool that provides security for SMB websites through continuous monitoring, incident response and site protection against external attacks and also a the popular online Sucuri scanner.

Sucuri may not be the most famous and well-known Internet company, but among hosting experts and cybersecurity professionals, Sucuri is quite a well-known brand. In fact it was founded in 2008 by two co-founders who are GoDaddy executives, it is considered young in the internet age.

When we enable the Sucuri security plugin, all your website traffic goes through your proxy cloud firewall before reaching your hosting server. This allows them to block all attacks and only send you legitimate visitors.

In this sucuri review we will discuss the main features of Sucuri wp in some detail and review the general status of the plugin to help you determine if it is the best security plugin for your site.

Sucuri WordPress Plugin Step by Step Guide in 2023

In this guide we will talk in depth and in detail about Sucuri WordPress plugin currently on the market.

Sucuri Review: What is Sucuri?

Sucuri net website is a monitoring system that enables companies to protect themselves against malware for websites and web-based applications.

Sucuri Inc is one of the best website security company in the world, in fact as we show in this Sucuri review it is known for offering Sucuri security software packages and website security services. It also offers us an amazing WordPress plugin with with Sucuri online scan that you can install quite easily to protect your website from hackers and to protect your websites.

Sucuri security WordPress has a proxy firewall in the cloud that bypasses all your traffic before sending it to the hosting server and also creates multiple layers to protect your website from security threats. It also makes your website more efficient and faster in speed.

We consider in this Sucuri review that one of the main advantages of using site Sucuri for website security is the easy setup. Configuration and installation are very simple and if you run into any problems during these processes, Sucuri site support is always at your disposal.

Why Sucuri Security?

Sucuri Inc is a well-known and world-renowned company that provides security and software services to the websites of companies of different sizes all over the world.

Its software products include firewall and antivirus for websites, it also helps us to:

  • Remove yourself from blacklists
  • Remove malware from your hacked website
  • Help you access your hacked website if it gets blocked
  • End DDoS attacks and hacking

Currently many websites are hacked with the aim of hijacking servers or emails to send spam or commit fraud, steal confidential data, spread malware to their visitors and other malicious activities. Most of WordPress users are not security experts nor do they know the best way to keep websites safe. Therefore, if you use the Sucuri security plugin it will help you fight against hackers. Also, Sucuri is known to be compatible with popular themes like Astra theme, Ocean WP, Divi theme, Blocksy theme, Sydney theme and most of them.

Pros & Cons of Sucuri

Pros of Sucuri:

  • The core is free
  • Malware detection
  • Sucuri website check
  • Easy account setup
  • Sucuri Firewalls are available starting from $10 per month
  • Instant support
  • Cloud security backup
  • Blacklist removal
  • Clean and useful dashboard
  • Instant and amazing customer support
  • Saves all the data and patches server
  • Hack prevention

Cons of Sucuri:

  • Pricing is too high on some plans for small business
  • Functions are limited
  • It takes time to scan a website sometimes

Sucuri Main Features

Sucuri offers a total of five essential functions to highlight: Detection, Protection, Performance, Response and Backups and in this Sucuri review we also consider it is one of the security plugins that have a complete protection web plan for webmasters.

  • Detection: Sucuri will detect any possible intrusion attack and as well as warn you when your site is in danger. It uses an algorithm to track the anomalies in the code of your web page, the abnormal changes in the Sucuri DNS configuration and controls the signs of the site attacks. They have a scanning method that is constantly looking for intrusion attacks and tampering that immediately Scuri alerts you that something is wrong.
  • Protection: Sucuri is a firewall that is constantly using its cloud-based firewall to prevent virtual attacks and hackers. They are continually developing new ways to make their Sucuri WAF safer and more profitable.
  • Performance: traffic will increase immediately by having a more secure and faster website, you will get a positive performance especially if you are using its Sucuri CDN function, which allows your page to load faster.
  • Answer: Sucuri offers immediate help to repair your website in case of hacking attack. There is a possibility that there will be a virtual attack and ruin your website, in these cases Sucuri backups acts as a backup platform that allows you to recover your website in very simple steps and quickly.

Other features:

  • File integrity monitoring: Detects automatically any changes on your files.
  • Security Activity Audit: Records all security-related activity on your site, including Sucuri alert failed login attempts, logins, and more.
  • Remote Malware Sucuri Scan Website: Uses Sucuri Site Check scanner to search for malware on your site.
  • Post-Hack Security Actions: A checklist of actions to take in case your site is compromised.
  • Blacklist monitoring: checks with blacklist engines to make sure your site is not blocked due to security issues.
  • Security notifications: Customize how and how often you receive notifications for all previous activities.
  • Effective security hardening: Security hardening eliminates vulnerabilities, such as removing WordPress version display and protecting your upload directory.

How to Use Sucuri

Follow the steps on this Sucuri review then once you are in the panel, you should do an analysis of the site to get to know the possibilities of action. You will have to click the button at the top of the Sucuri dashboard to generate an API key.

Sucuri WP Plugin Dashboard

Once you have made the previous point, you must review and confirm the information so that the Sucuri login plugin itself generates a key.

Sucuri API Key

Inf you follow the steps of this Sucuri review then your website will be registered in their database and your dashboard will be updated accordingly with the Sucuri key verification .

Sucuri SiteCheck scanner

This is a remote secure site scan and Sucuri site checker will only access the files via API. This Sucuri URL check detects major and minor threats to your website and in fact the Sucuri web scan is incredibly thorough.

Sucuri SiteCheck Scanner Results

Sucuri site scans offers full scans with the premium version from their team of experts because it is a remote Sucuri WordPress scan. As we show on this Sucuri review the free Sucuri site scanner is absolutely safe and deep and effective enough for most websites.

Installation and Activation

Installing WordPress Sucuri in 2023 is easy, just follow the steps below on this Sucuri review:

1. Access the WordPress repository, go to “Plugins” and then to “Add New” on the left side of the dashboard.

add a new plugin in wp-admin

2. In the repository look for Sucuri.

wp-admin plugin search box

3. You have to click on “Activate”

Sucuri Plugin on WordPress Directory

4. At this point if you followed correctly the steps of this Sucuri review then you have to generate your API key.

You must manually correct from the WordPress general settings page if the administrator‘s email address or website is not correct.

If the email address and domain name are valid, the API service will generate the key as show on this Sucuri review. The plugin will store the key in its database and you will receive an informative confirmation message about the success of the operation. Also, a copy of the API key is sent to the email address shown in the big blue button. Please email [email protected] if you have any trouble generating an API key.

Sucuri Support

Sucuri has a knowledge base on its website with tutorials and with all the information you need to make your website completely secure. It also has a blog specifically to post tips on your website security. You can post to the support forums for help on the free version as you can see URL below on this Sucuri review. Sucuri has 24/7 customer support, which means you will always find your team available. The specialists are active and quickly resolve doubts and problems that arise during the process.

The Pro version includes customer support from developers via support tickets, and there is even a business plan that includes live chat support.

Sucuri Tutorial

Sucuri is a WordPress plugin that helps us make your website completely safe from future attacks. It is quite easy to use for both beginners and professionals. Here is a tutorial where you can see how everything works step by step on our sucuri review.

Sucuri FAQ

Is Sucuri any good and safe?

Sucuri security is solid as a rock, the free version of this WordPress security plugin provides users with a scanner to help remove any malicious threads on their website.

Is Sucuri free?

There is a free version and a premium version. You can find the free version on the WordPress repository.

Is Sucuri better than Wordfence?

The main difference between Wordfence and Sucuri is the way their scanners operate. For one side Wordfence scanner works on the server-side and for the other side the Sucuri is a remote scanner. For that reason the Sucuri is a better choice since, if your website is hosting sometype of malware a server side scanner wont be as effective as a remote one.

Do I need Sucuri?

Sucuri premium platform is definitely necessary if you care about having a secure website.

Why is Sucuri blocking me?

This usually happens when there some type of misconfigurations, resources limitations or database errors. In this case the best way to proceed is to talk to your Hosting support to solve this issues.

Does Sucuri provide API?

Sucuri offers an API that allows users to scan their websites at any time that works in a similar way as their SiteCheck tool.

What are the top alternatives for Sucuri?

Main alternatives to Sucuri are Wordfence, Malcare, iThemes Security, SecurePress, BulletProof Security, Ceber Security and CleanTalk Security.

Why choose Sucuri?

The main reason is the Web Application Firewall (WAF) because having this defense helps most websites to be protected from hackers and malicious attacks.

What is Sucuri Sitecheck?

Sucuri Sitecheck is a remote scanner that checks for malware, threats, blacklisting and any security problems on your website.

Opinion and Price

Sucuri is the best option to keep your WordPress website safe and secure from all kinds of attacks, especially if the Pro version can be allowed. No other security plugin offers a DNS-level firewall as good as Cloudflare DNS Firewall. It pays to have the peace of mind of knowing that if something were to happen to our website, we have a team of security experts to help us clean everything properly. Sucuri is a leading global security company and has been mentioned and recognized in major publications such as USAToday, CNN, TechCrunch, TheNextWeb and many more.

As seen on this Sucuri review, it offers you great and amazing features like security booster, overtime scanning module and provides website hacking help. You can also monitor your activities on your website with the help of this Sucuri monitoring tool. One of the best features of Sucuri is the firewall, but you have to pay more for it. You should try Sucuri which has a free version and, if you like it, you can also buy the paid plans.

Sucuri pricing offers 3 plans for personal and business websites. All of these Sucuri wordpress plans have different prices and features. The 3 plans are divided into Basic, Professional and Commercial categories. Also, they don’t seem to offer discounts with Sucuri vouchers or Sucuri coupons code or Sucuri promo codes.

  • Basic Plan: It’s affordable and Sucuri website scans your website every 12 hours for security Sucuri check. It comes with a Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate and costs $199.99 per year.
  • Professional Plan: you have fewer intervals to scan your website. Sucuri web scans every 6 hours to protect your WordPress website from security threats. Other than that, it comes with a custom SSL certificate and costs $299.99 per year.
  • Business Plan: It is Sucuri’s most advanced and powerful plan. It has the fastest response to attacks and security threats. It has instant chat support with the Sucuri team, advanced DDoS protection, blacklist notifications, and much more. This plan costs $499.99 per year.

However, all 3 Sucuri WordPress pricing plans include Blacklist Removal, Sucuri Website Firewall (Sucuri WAF), Unlimited Malware Cleanup, Attack Prevention Capability, and Hacker Protection.

One of the main differences between the different plans is the guaranteed response times: 12 hours for Basic, 6 hours for Professional and 4 hours for Business.

sucuri pricing

All three cover unlimited web pages, one website, a 30-day money back guarantee, HTTPS / SSL, and support for chat and tickets (no phones except Enterprise).

If you take your WordPress website security seriously, then definitely check out Sucuri and give them a try.

Still have any questions about Sucuri or our Sucuri review? Give us a shout in the comments!

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