SiteGround Review 2023: A Top Web Hosting Provider

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siteground review

SiteGround is one of the most popular and top-rated WordPress web hosting providers. It offers one of the best tools and also has WordPress hosting plans with incredible features and functionalities as you will see on this SiteGround review.

If you are in the right place. The hosting service is designed to create a web page or a blog. They offer plans of all kinds: hosting for WooCommerce, for WordPress and shared plans. They provide features to make your site as fast and secure as possible with their unique internal WordPress speed and security solutions. They provide a general hosting service based on the popular cPanel software. They stand out for having the best 24/7 assistance.

SiteGround features include daily backups, automatic updates, free CDN, built-in WP caching, free SSL, one-click setup, and GIT version control. Below, in this SiteGround review you will find updated and detailed information about SiteGround and its different services such as: webmail domain transfer, management and registration.

We will also talk about SiteGround technical support, locations, reviews, features, price, and other important details in this SiteGround review.

SiteGround Review: Step by Step Guide in 2023

In this SiteGround review, we will talk in depth and in detail about the best web server for your website.

What is SiteGround?

SiteGround is one of the best known and recommended web hosting companies for fast hosting plans, customer service team and reliable uptime. It has an optimized hosting for WordPress that will offer you everything you need to make your blog or your website a success.

siteground hosting

It is a web hosting company that was founded in 2004 in Sofia (Bulgaria). It currently provides hosting for approximately 2,000,000 domains worldwide. It offers cloud hosting services, shared hosting, WordPress hosting, VPS and reseller hosting, dedicated servers and business hosting.

Pros and Cons of SiteGround Hosting

SiteGround is a web hosting company has its pros and cons. Before making a decision, it is important that you know the pros and cons that this hosting offers:

Pros of SiteGround

  • Free SSL and CDN: Offer the free Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate and free Cloudflare CDN instant setup.
  • Multiple Server Locations: They have data centers on three continents so you have the ability to choose your preferred location when you check in.
  • Super fast servers: All servers are highly optimized for speed as they use the Google Cloud platform for all clients.
  • Top-notch customer support: It has incredible 24/7 customer support offering live chat and ticket and phone support.
  • Unlimited bandwidth: this allows you to have unlimited data transfer.
  • Daily backup and site migrator: SiteGround offers free site tools for automatic daily website migration and backups.

Cons of SiteGround

  • Limited storage: the storage that all the plans have is quite large but it is sure that for your project you need to increase your storage.
  • Higher rate for monthly billing: It pays to choose an annual billing plan since you will get a better price. It offers a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Why is it important to choose SiteGround in 2023?

Choosing a good hosting in 2023 is of great importance for any project, small or large. In fact, part of your success will largely depend on this decision. First of all, you must know what you need and then know the different plan options to analyze everything correctly and then decide.

siteground hosting features

This hosting offers many facilities for the management of the web page from the daily management to its creation. It has many tools that allow us to manage your webmail and install plugins such as WordPress.

This hosting offers you different very useful services:

  • Hosting in the cloud to manage high-reach sites
  • WordPress Hosting to manage and create your own websites with ease
  • Web hosting designed for small and medium sites
  • WooCommerce hosting to create business websites

SiteGround Hosting Main Features

Next, in this SiteGround review we will talk about the characteristics of this provider that we consider most important for the optimal functioning of a hosting.

1. Ease of Use

All Siteground plans come pre-installed, making it very easy to use hosting. Through the administration panel you can make use of your own tools to manage servers.

siteground easy site management

Their website is translated into a wide variety of languages so searching for information and navigating is a simple task. Its interface is intuitive and simple for anyone, whether they are beginners or advanced. They have a live chat where they can solve any questions or problems quickly.

2. Domain Names

Siteground offers a domain registration service with a large number of extensions. You can get the most popular domain names and sought after ones like .net, .com, and .org at affordable prices. They also register geolocated domains, with a wide variety of extensions.

siteground domain

3. Mail

All SiteGround plans offer included mail service on their website, and it also allows you to register unlimited email accounts. The administration of the email accounts is done through the interface so the information is quite organized. It also offers submission rules and auto-reply settings.

siteground email

It offers Spam Experts which is a free service that will help us with the function of fighting spam. This way you will have some trays only with relevant information and the mail entry cleared.

4. Databases

SiteGround offers users unlimited MySQL database creation. That will help you organize your projects in an organized way by creating several databases. In the market there are many providers that have limited databases, so it is very important to take this aspect into account.

5. Applications

Siteground has few additional applications and what it offers are designed primarily for advanced WordPress designers. You can implement your code in the most efficient way thanks to the SSH tool. You will also have all the necessary access to modify your project in all areas since it allows you access to phpMyAdmin. You can modify the static cache by the additional application that it offers, which is NGINX.

6. Storage

The plans offered by SiteGround in storage must be said that they are a bit low. They offer a space from 10GB to 30GB so for large business projects it will be quite short. The good thing is that it optimizes the loading speed used to store the information on the SSDs very well.

Cloud plans have more storage than other plans offering from 40 to 120 GB of SSD storage.

7. Transfer

This point is of great importance to offer a good hosting service since capacity and speed depend on this. Some users comment that compared to other services it is somewhat low.

8. Multisite

Siteground allows you to register multiple websites, but this depends on the plan you select. As is usually the case, the lower plans usually leave only one website, but if you go up the scale in the plans, you have more options to register several sites. All the websites that are created in WordPress or WooCommerce are assisted. We recommend hiring multi-site plans as it greatly expands the creation capabilities.

9. SSL certificate

All plans offered by SiteGround have a totally free SSL certificate. They also make our work easier by automatically installing them on each website you create.

siteground ssl

All the SSL certificates they offer are automatically renewed with Let’s Encrypt.

You also have the possibility to change the SSL certificate to a Wildcard. You simply have to access your administration panel and follow a few steps.

Services offered by Siteground

Next, in this SiteGround review we are going to name the services that this hosting offers and that will facilitate your work.

1. Hosting for WooCommerce

Siteground offers a specialized plan for online stores that will help you create a highly optimized WooCommerce store.

2. Shared Hosting

Siteground offers shared hosting plans with wonderful functionalities and features such as an excellent website builder included in the plan. The only downside to this hosting is storage.

3. Cloud Hosting

If you need a large storage, Cloud plans are the best option. They cost more money but have better performance.

4. Domain Registration

Siteground gives you the ability to register domain names, with a large number of extensions available, both global and geolocated. Ideal to position a project in any country that you need to create your project.

5. Dedicated Servers

Siteground has a variety of servers for all types of companies, it has affordable prices and very good functionalities.

Siteground Benefits

A website with great success needs to have a hosting where to store its content and connect its domain. That is why it is so important to have good hosting services as we recommend on this SiteGround review.

siteground features

It has an excellent Control Panel that makes our work easier by allowing us to manually install many important applications such as WordPress or any other CMS. In addition, as we seen on this SiteGround review they offer pre-installed features like WordPress so it is very useful if you are starting to create websites. You can use the tools to configure any detail for the more advanced users.

How to install SiteGround Hosting on your website?

Installing SiteGround is not an easy task, if you need help it is convenient that you call the technical service they have. Next, in this SiteGround review we are going to explain how to install WordPress on your SiteGround hosting account. You can install it manually by following the following steps:

  1. Get a domain
  2. Establish technological requirements
  3. Choose the plan that suits your project
  4. Syncronize the DNS Nameservers of the domain to the hosting
  5. Use the Panel Installatron to install the WordPress CMS
  6. Configure options such as administrators and site name
  7. Enter your website through the domain URL

You also have the option to install it automatically through a self-installer, which is a tool that helps you install a variety of applications in a short time and with just one click.

SiteGround has a magnificent technical support department to help you with everything you need to carry out the installation of SiteGround, SiteGround offers only advantages such as from 1 month to 36 months with discounts for each option, you can contract the service for periods, it offers great technical support 24/7/365 through email, phone or chat, daily backups, FTP accounts and webmail with unlimited storage, subdomains and much more.

SiteGround Support and Customer Service

SiteGround offers an excellent help service so if you have a problem, you will have 24/7 technical support that will respond to you immediately. You can clarify small doubts in a few minutes and also offers an email, live chat and calls so that you can connect at any time with the SiteGround technical service.

siteground support

For more information on their customer support check the links below:

SiteGround FAQ

Is Siteground a good hosting company?

SiteGround is one of the most popular hosting companies on the market. The reasons that they are so popular are because they developed their own super optimized WordPress hosting which makes your blog or website in WordPress ultra fast and their outstanding customer service.

Who owns SiteGround?

SiteGround hosting company is solely owned by Cyprus-registered SiteGround Capital.

Where is SiteGround located?

SiteGround is located in Sofia (Bulgaria).

Is SiteGround a Russian company?

No, SiteGround is a Bulgarian company.

Is SiteGround worth it?

Yes, SiteGround is worth the investment if you are looking to host your website in a fast and secure hosting with an excellent support that won’t give you any unwanted headaches.

What companies use SiteGround?

SiteGround host over 2 million domains some examples of the companies that use SiteGround are American BOA, IDfusion Software and AbM Engineering just to name a few.

How much does SiteGround cost?

SiteGround can cost around $180 per year which is $14.99 per month.

How much is SiteGround per year?

SiteGround can cost as low as $180 per year.

Is SiteGround a good domain registrar?

Yes, SiteGround is a fantastic domain registrar which also offers hosting.

Is SiteGround hosted by Google?

Yes, SiteGround uses Google Cloud Infrastructure to host all their customer’s websites.

Is Bluehost cheaper than SiteGround?

Bluehost prices start at $2.95 while Siteground start at $2.99 so, yes we can say Bluehost is cheaper than SiteGround at least a little bit more cheap.

Is SiteGround better than Bluehost?

Bluehost is a great option to host your website but, SiteGround offers more speed on WordPress websites thanks to their super optimized hosting.

Which is better WordPress or SiteGround?

There are different things since, WordPress is a software to build websites known as Content management system or CMS while SiteGround is a hosting company.

Is SiteGround like GoDaddy?

SiteGround is similar to GoDaddy but, offers better hosting solutions than GoDaddy since, they are a hosting company specialized in small and big companies while Godaddy’s focus is in domains.

Is SiteGround shared hosting?

No, SiteGround is not a shared hosting is a cloud hosting which runs all their hosting services on the Google Cloud Infrastructure.

Does SiteGround offer email?

Yes, you can create unlimited email accounts at your domain name with all SiteGround hosting plans.

Does SiteGround uses cPanel?

No, SiteGround does not uses cPanel instead they have develop their own in-house solution for client area and control panel.

SiteGround Tutorial

SiteGround is one of the most popular and affordable web servers for your small or large project. Here, in this SiteGround review we leave you a fairly complete and detailed tutorial so that you can see step by step how this hosting works.

SiteGround Plan Pricing

SiteGround hosting offers a variety of packages with different features and prices:

Web Hosting

  • StartUp: costs $2.99 per month
  • GrowBig: it costs $4.99 per month
  • GoGeek: It costs $7.99 per month
siteground pricing plan for web hosting

WordPress Hosting

  • StartUp: costs $2.99 per month
  • GrowBig: it costs $4.99 per month
  • GoGeek: costs $7.99 per month
siteground pricing plan for wordpress hosting

WooCommerce Hosting

  • StartUp: costs $2.99 per month
  • GrowBig: It costs $4.99 per month
  • GoGeek: costs $7.99 per month
siteground pricing plan for managed woocommerce hosting

Cloud Hosting

  • JumpStart: costs $100 per month
  • Business: costs $200 per month
  • Business Plus: it costs $300 per month
  • Super Power: costs $400 per month
siteground pricing plan for managed cloud hosting


In our SiteGround review we think that SiteGround is highly recommended for any type of project as it is a multi-service hosting. It is not only a hosting, but it also manages domain, webmail and other services. The customer and technical support is highly qualified and will give you an exceptional service to solve doubts or problems.

It has applications, services and important technical and operational characteristics that offer absolute confidence in this hosting. This hosting is a perfect option if you are looking for a web hosting that loads fast. On the other hand, it has a 30-day guarantee, offers truly affordable prices and plans.

The plans and rates correspond to the quality of the services they are offering you. SiteGround web hosting is recommended for projects with a defined budget. Manual installation is a great advantage that offers additional features that will help us to expand the functions of your project. It will also help you install WordPress.

Click here to select your SiteGround hosting plan

What do you think of this SiteGround review? Have you used them for any of your website projects yet? Feel free to add a comment below.

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