Pretty Links Review 2023: Is It Worth The Money?

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Pretty links review

Do you need a plugin to manage your affiliate links, redirects and social links in WordPress? The Pretty Links plugin allows you to manage your links. Pretty Links helps you beautify, shrink, track, manage and share any URL on or off your WordPress website.

Pretty Links is a great plugin for people who want to track email clicks, want to clean up their affiliate links, have their links on Twitter come from their own domain, or generally increase the reach of their website by spreading these links in forums or comments on other blogs.

In this Pretty Links review we are going to talk in depth and in detail about what Pretty Links is, what features it has, advantages, how it is installed, we will do a tutorial, give our opinion and explain the prices and much more.

Pretty Links Review: Step by Step Guide in 2023

In this Pretty Links review of 2023 we will talk in depth and in detail about the Pretty Links plugin, it is a plugin that offers us many facilities to manage affiliate links.

Pretty Links Review: What is Pretty Links?

Pretty Links is a WordPress plugin that helps you beautify, shrink, track, manage and share any URL on or off your WordPress website. It allows you to create redirects for your existing site content or for external links like affiliate links, group them and easily share them on multiple platforms.

In addition, this powerful tool offers you the option of statistics, thus allowing you to track the performance of your links. In the plugin settings, you can set the name, the type of redirect and the attribute of the links that point to the landing pages as we will see on this Pretty Links review.

This plugin allows us to track each visit on its URL and provides a complete report on the traffic source, operating system, browser, host, etc. This plugin allows us to create short links originating from your website’s own domain.

What advantages does Pretty Link offer?

  • You have a free link masker with statistics.
  • We give incredible confidence to our user.
  • You can know how many people have followed the link thanks to the click counter for each link.
  • You will have absolute control over the links you create.
  • You can create links shorter and easier to use / remember than the original link.
  • Includes a bookmarking tool that allows you to automatically add the page you are currently visiting in your browser to your collection of links in WordPress.
pretty links plugin

Pretty Links Main Features

  • View your clicks per day on a configurable chart on the reporting interface. This report can be filtered by specific link clicked, date range, and / or unique clicks.
  • View and Download visit details in CSV format, including browser (including browser version), operating system, IP address, remote host and referring site.
  • Intuitive Javascript / AJAX management user interface.
  • Via nice link with full tracking ability you can pass custom parameters to your scripts.
  • Exclude IP addresses from statistics.
  • Redirect to any other URL by creating clean and simple URLs on your website (only allows 302, 307 and 301 redirects).
  • Generates 3-4 character random slugs for your URL or allows you to name a custom slug for your URL.
  • Track the number of clicks per link.
  • Track the number of unique clicks per link.
  • System based on cookies to track visitor activity through clicks.
  • Create nofollow / noindex links.
  • Enable / disable tracking on each link.
  • Pretty Links Bookmarklet.
  • Allows you to email your pretty links directly from your WordPress admin.
  • Select temporary (302 or 307) or permanent (301) redirect for your nice links.

Pretty Links Pro Features

If you have decided to choose Pretty Link Pro, you will have a lot of useful new features. Pretty Links Pro offers you:

  • Automatically create links.
  • Redirect users based on their location.
  • Import and export affiliate links.
  • Easily add affiliate information, which is quite important for most promotions.
  • Delay your redirects.
  • You will get more advanced statistics and conversion reports.
  • Rotate URL redirects with split tests, this is perfect for optimizing bids.

Pretty Links Pro offers you functionality to optimize and analyze your affiliate marketing. And you’ll also save time with affiliate disclosure features and automatic link insertion.

How to install Pretty Links

Pretty Links is easy to install, in fact, it is the same process that is followed for other plugins. Next, in this Pretty Links review we will teach you how to install this plugin quickly by using the plugin uploader within your WordPress admin panel.

install pretty links wordpress plugin
  1. Log in to your WordPress dashboard.
  2. If you have the old version of Pretty Links installed, please disable it and remove it first.
  3. Download the latest version of Pretty Links from your plugins page.
  4. Go to your WP Admin Panel, then “Plugins”, “Add New” and finally go “Upload Page” or type “pretty links” on the search box to find plugin on the WordPress Plugin Directory and install it from there.
  5. Choose the .zip file you downloaded in step 3 above and upload it.
  6. You have to activate the plugin.
  7. If you are a Pro user, enter your license key (from your account page) on “Pretty Links”, then “Activate page” to enable additional features.

Creating Your First Pretty Link

Pretty Links gives you all the facilities to create links, below in this Pretty Links review we will name the steps to follow:

1. Click the “Add New Link” tab of the plugin. You can also add a link via the “Add Link” link. There is also a new feature that allows us to create a new link while in visual editor mode when creating a new post or page.

create new pretty link

2. Configure the features:

  • Pretty Links: edit how your Pretty Links will appear, creating your own or either leaving the Pretty Links bar generated.
  • Redirection: type of redirection you want.
  • Destination URL: This is the URL your Pretty Links will be redirected to.
Add New Pretty Link

3. Add a title and / or notes to your Pretty Links for your own management needs.

Title: Leave the title blank and the plugin will try to create a title from the URL entered or or enter a custom title.

4. Click “Basic”, “Advanced” or “Pro” and additional menus will be displayed so that you can add more features to your Pretty Links.

Pretty Links WordPress Plugin Settings

5. Advanced tab:

  • Destination URL: This is the URL your Pretty Link will redirect to.
  • Pretty Link: you will see how your link will appear.
  • Redirection: This is the redirection method for your link.
  • No Tracking: Add the noindex and nofollow attributes to the http redirect header of your links.
  • Tracking: to get reports on clicks for your link enable this option.
  • Forwarding Parameters: Forwarding parameters that are passed to this link at the destination URL.
Pretty Links Advanced Options

7. Pro tab:

  • Keywords: Here you can enter keywords or a comma-separated list of words that will replace this link in your posts and pages.
  • Expire: check this option to have your Pretty Links expire in a comma separated list of words or after a specified number of clicks after a specified date.
  • URL replacements: here you can put a comma separated list of URLs that will replace this link in your posts and pages.
  • Head Scripts: enter or even open chart meta tags to add those characteristics to your link. This can help you see usage patterns on social media sites and help those social sites recognize the featured content of your Pretty Links.
  • Dynamic redirection: Add one of four different types of redirection: technology, time, rotation and geolocation.
  • Technology redirects allow you to send users to different places depending on the devices and technology they are using.
  • Time period redirects allow you to send users to different URLs based on the date they access the URL.
  • Rotation allows you to run split tests on them to see which ones are the most effective and send users to an unlimited number of different links based on the weighted percentages you have set.
  • Geolocation allows you to send users to different links according to their countries.

8. Once you have added all the features you want, you have to click the orange “create” button at the bottom of the page.

Adding Pretty Link to Your WordPress Posts

Pretty Links allows us to add pretty links directly to your posts. You can use an existing nice link or create a new nice link in a post as we will see below on this Pretty Links review.

1. To add a link to your post you have to open your post editor in Gutenberg or visual mode. In the toolbar you will see an icon “Insert pretty link”.

Insert Pretty Link in Gutenberg

2. Once you have clicked on the icon, several options appear to add to your new nice link.

3. If you want to use an existing nice link, you can click the “Use existing pretty link” option. It’s easy to add nice links to your WordPress posts and pages. On the post editor page, next to the permanent link edit button, you will see a new button: “Get short link”.

pretty links wordpress

4. Now you have to click on the link and you will get a short link for your post.

Pretty Link Short URL

5. Then copy the link and share it on your social platforms or send it to your email subscribers.

Viewing and Sharing Your Pretty Links

To see the beautiful links you have to go to “Pretty Links” from your control panel. On the image below of this Pretty Links review you will see a list of nice links. When you hover your mouse over any link, you’ll see different options, including the email icon, the Twitter share icon, link editing, link click statistics and more. Actually, very detailed as it’s main competitor Thirsty Affiliates.

Link Listing Panel on PrettyLinks

If you want to share a nice link, just click the Twitter icon below and share. There is also the option to share the nice link in emails.

Pretty Links Tutorial

When we are not sure how something works, we recommend watching a good explanatory tutorial to help you know how to use it. There are many tutorials, but in this Pretty Links review we have selected the best one for you and the most complete.

Pretty Links Support and Documentation

We’re here to give you the assistance you need to take full advantage of Pretty Links’ amazing feature set. When you have questions or problems, you can get the help you need in a number of ways. If you have questions that the user manual does not cover, feel free to post them on their support forum at, which they will try to answer as soon as possible.

If you have purchased a Pretty Links license and have an active support license, you will be able to submit a support ticket from our premium support request page. Office hours are 9 A.M. At 5 P.M., Monday through Friday, in the US Mountain Time Zone.

Pretty Links has an extensive user manual documentation that covers several topics that will help you discover how to use the more advanced functions and solve problems that appear.

Pretty Links Support

For more information on their support and customer service check the links below:

Pretty Links FAQ

What is Pretty Links used for?

Pretty Links is a premium WordPress plugin that is used to manage your affiliate links on your website.

Why use Pretty Links?

Because it is the best and easiest way to manage your affiliate links right now.

Is Pretty Links free?

Pretty Links offers a Lite version which you can download on the WordPress Plugin Directory for free but, the Pro version is paid.

Is Pretty Links only on WordPress?

Yes, it can only be installed on WordPress because it is a plugin for this Content Management System.

What is Pretty Links in a nutshell?

Pretty Links is a custom link shortener, branded link manager plugin for WordPress, and URL redirect tool. Pretty Links gives you full control over how your links look and where they redirect. It also allows us to organize, group and automate your linking strategy completely.

Who will find Pretty Links useful?

Pretty Links is especially useful for affiliate marketers. Besides affiliate marketing, Pretty Links is also quite useful for podcasters, bloggers, marketers, social media marketers, and others

Can I use Pretty Links on my clients sites?

It will allow you to install live copies on up to 25 of your clients’ sites with the purchase of a Pretty Links Executive license.

What is Pretty Links Pro?

Pretty Links Pro is the paid version of this WordPress plugin which offers more premium features, updates and priority support.

Pretty Links Pricing Plans

  • Beginner: You can use it on 1 WordPress site and it costs $99.50 per year.
  • Marketer: You can use it on 2 WordPress sites and it costs $149.50 per year.
  • Super Affiliate: You can use it on 5 WordPress sites and it costs $199.50 per year.
Pretty Links Price Plans

If you are not happy with Pretty Links during the next 14 days, the company will refund you 100% of the money.


Pretty Links is a free premium WordPress plugin that allows you to manage your links. As we seen on this Pretty Links review with Pretty Links you will be able to beautify, reduce, track, manage and share any URL inside or outside your WordPress website. From the official WordPress plugin repository you can download their free Pretty Links Lite version and use it on as many sites as you like. If you prefer to get advanced options and features, you will need to purchase their premium plans.

Click here to Buy the PrettyLinks plugin on their website Now

What do you think of this Pretty Links review? Have you used Pretty Links WordPress plugin for any of your website projects yet? Anything to add? Feel free to add a comment below.

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