WP Rocket Review: The Most Powerful WordPress Caching Plugin

WP Rocket is considered one of the best and most powerful WordPress caching plugin on the market today. With this plugin you will be able to improve conversions rate, SEO rankings and the page speed of your website. It also does not require coding so using it will be much easier and simpler. Caching is an extremely important aspect of optimizing a website that can quickly damage your website if you’re not careful.

This has incredible features and excellent support that will cover all your needs. If you want to speed up your WordPress website in 2022. There are a variety of paid and free WordPress caching plugins with incredible features and support, but from our experience. We will always advise you WPRocket.

This plugin offers you a high level of optimization, but for this you need to install several plugins and several optimizations.

It offers excellent results with very little effort, for this reason we want to inform you in detail of everything you need to know about this incredible plugin that will surprise you with its functionalities and characteristics.

WP Rocket Plugins Step by Step Guide

In this guide we will talk in depth and in detail about WP-Rocket plugin currently on the market.

What is WPRocket?

WP Rocket WordPress plugin is a performance optimization and caching plugin for WordPress so that your website loads in a few clicks and quite quickly. Increase the loading time of your website by:

  • Compress HTML, JavaScript and CSS files
  • Creating page caches
  • Lazy loading of the image
  • And more optimization features

You can set settings plugin it up in a few clicks and in a few minutes without the need for complicated and difficult settings, it is very setting wp rocket and is a great tool that can be used by non-technical beginners to make websites go faster.

Pros and Cons of WP Rocket


  • It includes performance optimization features that go beyond caching
  • Easy to use, if we compare it with W3 Total Cache
  • Well designed dash area
  • Page load times reduced by 50%


  • It is not a free plugin

Features of the WP Rocket plugin in 2022

It is important to have an optimization system that is quite effective so that your website loads as quickly as possible.

  • WP-Rocket has been developed by experts and dedicated users, which is why they have offered this plugin in a premium version.
  • Regarding the technical support it offers, it is of high quality and offers a quick response in several languages.
  • WP-Rocket allows minifying CSS, HTML and JavaScript files.
  • The exceptions system that WP-Rocket has is capable of excluding certain pages from the cache and emptying those parts of the web at the time we update it.
  • The license is for one year so you will receive support and plugin updates at no additional cost.
  • This plugin allows us to choose that the JavaScript and CSS load without a time coincidence through a good optimization engine, which makes the load not slow because it is waiting for a slow file to load.
  • You can save waiting time if you use this plugin since it acts immediately.

WP Rocket: Features and Settings

WP Rocket offers us quite useful functions that make it easy to optimize any type of website for better results.

1. Quick Setup

One of the biggest problems most WordPress caching plugins have is the complexity of setup and installation even for experts. That’s why the creators of WP Rocket have created this caching plugin that takes just a few minutes to set up and will save you time.

Upload a new plugin on wp admin

Once you click on the download file you will have to click a button that says “Choose file”. Find the.zip file, select it and click “Install now”.

upload and install plugin on wp-admin

The installation process will take a few seconds, once this is done you must click on the button that says “Activate add-on”.

activate wp rocket wordpress plugin on wp-admin

Once you activate the WP Rocket plugin, the page caching will start automatically. Once you have activated this plugin, it will show you a list with all the add-ons that you have installed. Once there you must look for the WP Rocket plugin and click on where it says “Settings”.

wp rocket settings

On the left side panel of WordPress you can also click on WP Rocket “Settings”. You will then see the WP Rocket settings area.

wp rocket dashboard and settings area

You will see all the options to configure in the panel on the left such as caching, file optimization, cache preloading, database optimization, media loading, CDN, optimization of images and much more.

2. Page Caching

The most basic feature of WP Rocket is page caching. The cache of a site stores the content of the selected page once a user visits a page for the first time.For example, when the user revisits the same page, the wp rocket cache of the site remembers the stored content and loads it much faster that the first time I visit this page.

For the caching configuration you must go to “Configuration” in the panel on the left side of WordPress you must click on “WP Rocket”, and then you will see the WP Rocket configuration area. If you click on “Cache” and you will be able to modify user caching, mobile caching and cache lifetime settings.

wp rocket basic cache options

You also have the option of setting advanced caching rules such as URL debugging, page exclusion, and much more. These settings can be found in the “Advanced Rules”.

wp rocket advanced rules settings

3. Browser Caching

With browser caching, the static files of a web page are stored in the browser, such as Google Chrome. Once the same page is visited again, it is not necessary to reload the static files, which helps us to reduce time since it loads more quickly.

4. Minification

By minifying this plugin reduces the weight of your JavaScript, CSS and HTML files. This gives us a faster loading time.

wp rocket file optimization settings

5. Database Optimization

WP Rocket unlike other caching plugins, it is also going to allow us to clean your database to reduce its size and to eliminate bloat. You can do it manually or you can also set up a regular database cleaning schedule. To configure the optimization settings of the database you must go to the “Settings area” of WP Rocket and click on “Database”.

wp rocket database settings

You can delete automatic drafts, trash posts, spam, reviews and comments in the trash, by checking their boxes. You will see the “Schedule Automatic Cleaning” option at the bottom that will allow you to schedule monthly, weekly or daily database cleanings. You must be careful with making a backup copy of your database, since the cleaning that is done cannot be reversed. Once you have configured the settings you have to click on “Optimize”.

6. Lazyload

Your website will take longer to load if you have a lot of images. A simple option is the Lazyload function that loads images only when visitors scroll down the page instead of loading each image at a time. You can disable or enable lazy loading for iframes, images and videos in the “Media” section. You can also enable / disable embeds or emojis.

wp rocket media lazy load settings

7. E-commerce Friendly

We have to say that not all caching plugins are compatible with Woocommerce or other e-commerce plugins. By automatically excluding your site’s checkout pages from the wp cache and display cart, WP Rocket pro ensures that your customers will not experience any issues when you are speeding up WordPress site. WP Rocket is the best cache plugin for Woocommerce and is entirely compatible with ecommerce plugins such as Jigoshop, WP-Shop, Easy Digital Download, iThemes Exchange and Woocomerce. All WooCommerce pages are not cached and are automatically detected with wp rocket Woocommerce.

8. Multilingual Compatibility

WP Rocket plugin WordPress also supports popular translation plugins such as Polylang, qTranslate, and WPML.

Other features:

  • Sitemap preloading
  • Image optimization
  • Google Fonts optimization
  • GZIP Compression
  • DNS Prefetching
  • Cache preloading
  • Developer friendly
  • Deferred JS loading
  • Mobile Detection
  • Compatible with Facebook Pixel, Google Analytics, Cloudflare, Varnish and Sucuri

What I Like About WP-Rocket

What I like the most about WP Rocket cache plugin is that it speeds up loading times, it has additional features such as image optimization, such as Lazyload and database optimization that makes your website lighter and faster. You also have at your disposal adequate documentation in add-ons such as tips, functions, tutorials and instructions.

This plugin has extensive documentation that is quite complete to teach you how to use it and also how to solve general problems. As it is a paid plugin, updates are made a maximum of three times a month to improve performance and to eliminate possible errors. This ensures that it is compatible with the recent version of WordPress.

What I Don’t Like About WP-Rocket

One of the things we like the least is that to contact them you have to fill out a contact form or if you prefer to create a ticket. In our opinion and from our experience we believe that it is time to put a live chat application or a phone number.

Another thing we do not like is that it does not offer the possibility of having a free version for users to check that it meets their expectations. Otherwise, WP Rocket is a plugin that I would recommend and that meets all the requirements for your site web to be a success.

WP Rocket Tutorial

WP Rocket is a speed up wordpress plugin that will allow you to improve your website conversions, SEO rankings and pagespeed. It has quite a lot of extensive and detailed informative documentation so this plugin can be used by beginners and professionals who are dedicated to this. Here we show you a WPRocket tutorial so you can see how everything works step by step.

Opinion and price

If you need your website to load quickly, be safe and optimized, we have to say that the WP Rocket premium plugin is going to be your best WordPress page speed plugin option. It doesn’t offer any free plans but you should know that it really is one of the most effective and simplest WordPress caching plugins out there. It has very good add-on features that make it much easier for us to optimize our website. If you are not sure about paying for this add-on, please note that it has a 14-day money-back guarantee.

We recommend this plugin for:

  • Compatibility: Because WP Rocket is a single cohesive plugin, you can rest assured that none of the features will interfere with each other.
  • Updates: Because WP Rocket is a premium plugin, you can be more confident that you will continue to receive continuous updates.
  • Convenience: it is easy to access and configure.
  • Support: Being a paid complement it will have excellent support.

If you are looking for the best WordPress cache plugin we have to advise you to choose this one for the support, for the features and the incredible functionality.

There are three different pricing plans for WP Rocket:

  • Single Plan: license for one site and costs $49
  • Plus Plan: license for three websites and costs $99
  • Infinite Plan: license for unlimited sites and costs $249
wp rocket pricing

The license you choose will automatically renew after one year and a 30 percent discount will be applied to the price. However, you have the option to easily disable automatic renewal through your account area on the WP Rocket website if necessary.

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