OceanWP Review 2023: Is It Worth The Money?

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OceanWP review

Are you looking for the best multipurpose theme on the market that is also free? The OceanWP theme is designed so that everyone can use it and also use it with the wonderful premium features it has that we will show you on this OceanWP review.

This theme is an affordable and free multipurpose theme, and it was created because there were themes on the market that are free but when it comes to putting them into operation they don’t work as they should. If you were looking for a theme with good features, you had to pay for a new theme, for this reason the best of the best that exists so far was created: OceanWP.

This WordPress theme has had a spectacular growth in both amateurs and people specialized in this theme. It has an extraordinary function and an element in the design that will execute anything on your web page. OceanWP is an ideal theme if you are looking for a completely free WordPress theme with excellent features that will make your web pages incredible and reach the top.

During this OceanWP review we will explain in depth what it is, what it is for, how to use it, the price, the support, the options and the opinions. Let’s see what OceanWP offers !!

OceanWP Review: Step by Step Guide in 2023

In this OceanWP review we will talk in depth and taking into account every detail of the OceanWP theme, it is a multipurpose theme that will give you millions of facilities so that you can start as soon as possible and have the necessary knowledge to ensure that the website will be a complete success.

Ocean WP

OceanWP Review: What Is OceanWP?

OceanWP is a theme with a modular structure, it is versatile and quite light. You can also add extensions if you see that you need more things to be able to develop your work properly and successfully.

This theme has a variety of work possibilities in the option that is free, you can also configure the blog file, the colors, the typography, the sidebars, the header, the footer widgets, the upper bar and the lower skin.

OceanWP is compatible with other visual builders such as: DiviBuilder, Visual Composer, Beaver Builder, Elementor, Brizy, WPBakery and more. But also, highlighting WooCommerce as the best plugin so you can build your online store.

You will be able to install everything you need to work, leaving aside the functionalities that you will not need but that can influence speed and performance.

OceanWP is a customizable theme that has a clean code so that the website is safe. It is also quite light so it will not affect the performance and speed of the web page.

It has many functions that you will need to create your website if what you are looking for is professionalism. Some features of OceanWP are:

  • Icons in the menu
  • Designs are adjusted to the size of each template
  • Support for all those who are creating pages
  • An extensive menu
  • It is compatible with PHP 7.1
  • The moving menus have many styles
  • Sucking is compatible with the WPML translation plugin
  • The speed is impressive fast
  • It has built-in SEO so your page will be perfectly indexed in google having very good positioning

What are the features of OceanWP?

With OceanWP you will wrap unique and elegant designs, also it will not be difficult to use it.

One-Click Content Demo

You have at your service more than 70 demos between free and PRO so that you can use them on your website and that you can create a professional website easily and quickly.

Blogger Demo

If you are going to have a lot of content on your website, the blogger is ideal. Readers will be able to scroll up and down the page by dragging to observe and carefully read all the content. Your page will have a small image, a masonry grid design where users can see and read the content of the web page

OceanWP Theme Blogger Demo

Travel Demo

The travel demo is perfect for anyone who wants to make a travel-related website. Readers will read the content and go to the social networks associated with the page. At the bottom of the page, readers can add a subscription box so that they are up to date on all trips and adventures.

OceanWP Theme Travel Demo

Coach demo

This demos is perfect for those who are thinking of making a sports-related website such as a gym or yoga website, etc. You can expose people your facilities, characteristics, prices, objectives, to attract them to you. You have the possibility of placing images with links, information, who you are, what objectives you have, the prices in a table, the group of people who composes the team and many other things. In this way you will get more customers and your business will grow little by little.

OceanWP Theme Coach Demo

Theme Panel

With the wonderful OceanWP theme you will have the option to customize your website thanks to the panel of themes that it has installed.

If you want to start using the OceanWP panel, you will need to disable any panel that is not on your website or that you simply no longer need.

After all this you will be able to access all the necessary information and the most outstanding functions to customize WordPress themes. For example, as we show you below on this OceanWP review you have the option to access all the logos that this theme comes with, choose the topography or simply select the footer.

OceanWP Theme Panel

If you like to put different models of typography on your website, you can do it because of the great variety there is. We have to highlight not only the topography but also the variety of fonts, the footer text, the navigation paths and the items that are in the menu as we leave you on the image below on this OceanWP review.

OceanWP Theme Customizer Enable Social Top Bar

Do you enjoy customizing your header? With Oceans WP you will have the possibility to customize the header of your web page, you will be able to put it in colors, transparent, width, etc. You will have the option to place social media icons in the header menu, create a menu for electronic and mobile devices and add logos as shown below on this OceanWP review.

OceanWP Theme Wp Admin Customizer Panel

Do you like to take care of all kinds of details on your website? Well, you will have the opportunity to take care of even the smallest details so that your website is perfect. For example, you can customize the widgets, add a sidebar, select a style, type of column or even the possibility of placing a scroll for greater comfort.

WooCommerce Ready

Do you need to make an online store? This popular plugin called WooCommerce is the one that will give you the possibility of being able to carry out e-commerce easily and successfully. In addition OceansWp has a wide panel of themes that you can customize so that your store is the most striking and the most famous.

OceanWP Theme Woocommerce Features

OceanWp has everything, so you will not need certain add-ons since there will be no need.

oceanwp woocommerce

OceanWP Extensions

This theme has on its official page with many extensions that are not paid and that will facilitate the functions of your website. OceanWP also has premium extensions that you can add to your design.

OceanWP Theme Extensions

These extensions are highly optimized and are quite light so they will not affect the speed of your web page at all.

You can download the extensions from the WordPress page and also from the official page, which will give you enough facilities to get to work on your website. Next, in this OceanWP review we are going to name the most important extensions and what they are for:

  • Stick Anything: gives you the ability to change elements of OceanWP and make them sticky. This effect will make the elements move at the same time that we move the mouse.
  • Social Sharing: perfect for sharing post on social networks.
  • Product Share: allows us to introduce sales products thanks to a module so that they are shared on social networks.
  • Posts Slider: you can create sliders on your blog from the media library.
  • Ocean Extra: with this extension you can control all OceanWP is the most important to download.
  • Modal Window: you can make a popup by clicking on your website, it is one of the extensions of great importance since it allows you to enter content and also includes shortcodes. Super useful for promotion popups, subscriber acquisition, etc.
  • Demo Import: with this extension you can import any demo from the OceanWP theme.
  • Custom Sidebar: Wonderful extension if you want to customize sidebars to your liking and thus be able to use this extension in the post independently or on any page.
  • Cookie Notice: It helps you to comply with the GDPR regulations by adding a Cookie notice on your website.

How to Install OceanWP Theme

If you want to do a complete installation of the theme, we from our experience recommend in this OceanWP review that you first install the parent theme of OceanWP and then install the child theme.

OceanWP Theme Instal Template on WP Admin

If you install the child theme first, you will have the option to make code changes on your website without any risk, since the parent theme is somewhat more delicate.

Installation of the parent theme of OceanWP can be done in two ways:

  1. In WordPress you should go to “Themes/Add new“, then look for the OceanWP theme in the search engine on the right. When you see all the search results you have to click on “Install” and then click on “Activate”. If you follow all the instructions you will have the theme ready and installed on your computer.
  2. From the link https://wordpress.org/themes/oceanwp/ you can download the theme and upload it to your website under “Themes / Add new” and then hitting the button at the top “upload fears”. Once you have uploaded it, you must click on “Install” and then on “Activate”.

Child Theme installation

The child theme is as if we add a layer to the main theme where we can start making changes but, without damaging or affecting the parent theme.

The parent theme will be modified by the child theme since they will modify the native files of the parent theme, all this without affecting anything in the structure of the parent theme.

The child theme usually adds PHP code, CSS styles and other parameters that are added to make the web page work.

Right now you may be wondering why changes should be made to the parent theme, well, by doing this we keep the parent theme safe and avoid losing variations and dsconfigure our website.

If you want to install the OceanWP child theme you must click on the following link that we are going to leave you below on this OceanWP review: https://github.com/oceanwp/oceanwp-child-theme

You must click on the green button on the right “Clone or download” and then on “Download ZIP”.

OceanWP Child Theme GitHub

OceanWP Tutorial

This theme is easy to install, easy to use and to get started designing your web page. It is important that it has some content and the theme is configured, for example if it is empty you will have many problems when executing the customization actions. So you should have made the first basic WordPress settings. Likewise, if it seems very complicated, we have left you in this OceanWP review a tutorial on OceanWP where you will see step by step how it works and how easy it is to use it.

OceanWP Support and Documentation

OceanWp has its own channel on YouTube with a variety of tutorials for those who prefer to learn how OceanWp works visually.

OceanWP Theme Support

OceanWP has a very efficient and free support that will answer all the questions or doubts you have.

There is also a WordPress forum for free themes and extensions. If you have the premium plan, you will have continued support. Answers are usually answered within 24 hours from Monday to Friday.

For more information on their customer service and support check their links below:


Is OceanWP theme free WordPress?

Yes, OceanWP is a free WordPress theme that you can download it for free on the WordPress theme Directory.

How to edit and customize OceanWP theme?

To customize and edit your OceanWP theme on your WordPress Admin Panel go to “Appearance -> Customize”.

Does OceanWP have templates?

Yes, OceanWP offers a huge templates library of prebuild websites-

Do I need Elementor and OceanWP?

No, Elementor is not required to use OceanWP but, if you are using one of the OceanWP library of prebuild websites then is recommended to install the free version of Elementor since they are build using Elementor free.

What is the difference between Elementor and OceanWP?

Elementor is a WordPress plugin and OceanWP is a WordPress theme.

Is OceanWP mobile friendly?

Yes, OceanWP is a fully responsive theme and is Mobile-Friendly by default.

Which is better Astra or OceanWP WordPress?

Astra and OceanWP are the two most popular themes on WordPress with minor differences between them. But, OceanWP have a slight edge when it comes to customization options.

How to remove the sidebar in OceanWP?

On your WordPress Admin Panel go to “Appearance -> Customization -> General Options -> General Settings”. Once, you are there scroll down until you find the “Search Result Section” and then, choose the layout that is Full-Page which is without sidebar. Finally, on the top click on the “Publish” button.

Price and Opinion

If you are looking for a theme with good functions and free you are in the right place. OceanWP is the ideal theme to make your project a success.

It is very extensible and quite light so it will go quite fast and a with very good performance. It will also allow you to create blogs, stores with WooCommerce and corporate websites.

It offers you several languages, it is ready for RTL, adaptable, fast and you will also have very good conversions on your commerce page.

It works very well with Beaver Builder, Elementor, Divi, VisualComposer, SiteOrigin..etc. For example, project developers are delighted with extensible code to extend and customize it. If you are looking for a free and multi-type theme! You will realize that it is the only Theme that will make you succeed.

Works with major page builders like Elementor, Beaver Builder, Visual Composer, WP Bakery, Brizy, Divi Builder, GenerateBlocks, SiteOrigin, and more. Developers will love its extensible code that makes it easy to customize and extend it. It gets along well with Elementor and WooCommerce. Looking for a multipurpose theme? Do not look any further! Look at the demos and you will realize that it is the only theme you need.

If you go to the official website of OceanWp you will have the possibility to buy the OceanWP PRO pack with all the paid extensions or if you prefer the free version of the theme. If you are going to choose the paid extensions you have three options to pay yearly: Business, which is the most popular ($71), Personal ($43) and Agency ($127).

OceanWP Theme Plans Price

Now, why is OceanWP so popular and highly rated? Next, in this OceanWP review we are going to highlight the Advantages that OceanWP offers us:

  1. You can customize and design your page based on a theme. You will create works of art in a simple and easy way.
  2. You will create from something basic such as a blog to more advanced pages such as a portfolio or a website.
  3. It is compatible with the most powerful visual builder today which is Elementor.
  4. It has a very efficient support and there is no maintenance problem.
  5. Totally free option. Can you ask for more?

Click here to Buy the OceanWP theme on their website Now

What do you think of this OceanWP review? Have you used OceanWP theme for any of your website projects yet? Anything to add? Feel free to add a comment below.

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