Kinsta Review 2023: A Top Managed WordPress Cloud Hosting

kinsta review

Kinsta is one of the most reputable managed WordPress hosting providers, powered by Google Cloud Platform. This hosting stands out for being very safe and fast, in fact it is working hard to be the best server and little by little it is achieving it. They offer an easy-to-use interface, effective security, and good support as we will see on this Kinsta review.

Their hosting plans are priced affordable per month and come packed with many great features like daily backups, free website migrations, and website preparation. Customers recommend hiring this webmail service to maintain an optimized environment with WordPress. You must take into account what you need for your project to choose a web hosting that meets all the needs of your website.

We’ll also talk in this Kinsta review about technical support, locations, reviews, features, plan pricing, and other important Kinsta details.

Kinsta Review: Step by Step Guide in 2023

In this Kinsta review, we will talk in depth and in detail about the best web server for your website.

What is Kinsta?

Kinsta is one of the WordPress hosting providers powered by Google Cloud Platform. Mark Gavalda created Kinsta in December 2013, offers cPanel through VPS hosting, shared hosting and dedicated servers.

It offers commercial, enterprise and custom hosting solutions based on your needs as we will see on this Kinsta review. They built a team of expert WordPress developers who have created this hosting focused on speed, security and stability when it comes to web hosting.

Mark chose to build Kinsta on top of Google’s cloud platform. Each Kinsta machine hosted on Google Cloud has hundreds of gigabytes of RAM and 96 CPUs. In terms of server software, Kinsta runs on an optimized stack of MariaDB, (web server) and Nginx and offers multiple versions of PHP engines.

kinsta hosting

Using Google Cloud Platform is beneficial for: You can bet data centers are more than secure (Remember, Google trusts it.)

  • Offers the largest network in the world (The 9,000km trans-Pacific cable is the highest capacity submarine cable in existence.)
  • Offers more affordable prices with its minute level increments, which means that you really only pay for what you use, and nothing else.
  • Google offers live machine transfers so that when a repair, patch or software update is needed, the process is as easy as possible.

Pros and Cons of Kinsta

Kinsta is a web hosting company has its pros and cons. Before making a decision, it is important that you know the pros and cons that this hosting offers:

Pros of Kinsta

  • Powered by Google Cloud Platform, which is the same technology that Google uses
  • Secure and fast server stack (PHP 7.4, HTTP / 2, NGINX, MariaDB)
  • Free CDN and SSL (KeyCDN integration)
  • Excellent speed, security and support
  • Free server-side caching and backups (no need for separate caching plugins)
  • Unlimited free site migrations from Flywheel, Pantheon, WP Engine, Cloudways and DreamHost
  • Easy-to-use control panel
  • Uptime monitored every two minutes
  • WordPress security focused: DDoS detection, hardware firewalls and much more
  • Excellent customer support with specialized personnel
  • 30-day money-back guarantee

Cons of Kinsta

Why Choose Kinsta Hosting In 2023?

Kinsta is a hosting in 2023 which is a perfect tool for you to manage your website with total success. The control panel is MyKinsta which is used in the same way as the cPanel panel.

It will allow you to create backups without missing cPanel, create new websites, and change domain names. You can choose from the wide variety of plans that Kinsta has and also with this hosting, you can strategically locate the server that is geographically closest to your visitors. In fact, you can choose a server among the 23 Google Cloud Platform data centers that are available for each of your sites.

Kinsta also offers unlimited services such as storage, bandwidth, and domain and subdomain name. Your webmail sites will be backed up with daily backups that will make you feel more secure and confident. Other features that you can enjoy are: simple administration, fast loading times and less downtime. You will discover a fast and secure service for your webmail site.

Kinsta Hosting Features

1. Ease of Use

The MyKinsta control panel is super simple to use as we mentioned previously on this Kinsta review, in fact if you know how cPanel works it will be easy for you to familiarize yourself. You can create your domains, manage your webmail and make backup copies with just one click. It has an easy-to-use interface since the web page has a simple design, you will also have a server to have the information available with easy access.

2. Domain names

At Kinsta we offer unlimited features such as hosting, bandwidth, and domains. You can have the free domain name of your choice and perform migrations with Kinsta’s team of technicians who will take care of doing everything for you. You will not have downtime since you will assign a temporary domain to your migrated site. Users ensure in their reviews that a detailed record of all changes made is included.

3. Mail

This provider does not offer webmail service and it is recommended that from the platform you integrate G Suite with your personalized site. If you choose this hosting as a hosting provider for your website, you should know that you will have to find a separate webmail service as we remind you on this Kinsta review.

Kinsta offers countless other high-quality solutions for your website even without webmail.

4. Databases

Kinsta has PHP databases in versions 5.6; 7; 7.1; 7.2; 7.3 and 7.4 and MySQL. Automatically through the platform the settings are adjusted once a week for better performance. You will be able to access the WordPress website database through the MyKinsta control panel.

Furthermore, you will be able to switch between the different versions of PHP with a single click. The WordPress service performs daily automatic backups. Backups are kept for a minimum of 14 days on basic plans or longer if your plan is higher priced.

my kinsta

5. Applications

Kinsta has Google Cloud Platform which is a top-level network that has been designed to minimize hops and distances. It has 23 global data centers, you will enjoy a fast and secure transport of your data. It will give you less downtime, fewer website administration tasks, and longer load times. Kinsta’s server, when partnering with Google, is hosted on its infrastructure and is maintained.

6. Storage

The Kinsta server uses SSD storage that is supported by Google Cloud Platform. You will have an incredibly fast server that will guarantee your data integrity. It has the latest generation web hosting programs such as PHP 7, Nginx, MariaDB and 4 LXD.

It also uses the most advanced file storage system such as ZFS. Each plan has a stipulated storage, the more level the plan has, the more storage you will have. Its caching system keeps the site running reliably and quickly.

7. Transfer

They have a site transfer tool that allows us to move a domain from one company to another with ease. Transferring from MyKinsta is just as easy as if you did it with cPanel. This feature is super useful if you want to transfer a site to a WordPress management company, if you need to deliver a client’s site to a personal Kinsta account, or if you are changing projects and need to transfer the site to a third party.

Next on this Kinsta review to carry out this process you must go into the control panel to find the address of the site and then select the option “transfer site” where you will confirm the transfer.

kinsta features

8. Multisite

With MyKinsta control panel developed exclusively by the server you will be able to configure multiple websites. The platform supports domain mapping along with multi-site installations. You will be able to strategically locate a server close to your visitors by choosing from the 23 Google Cloud Platform data centers for each site. Also with this Hosting you will get an optimized hosting for WordPress websites.

9. SSL certificate

Free SSL certificate from Let’s Encrypt with TLS 1.3 and HTTP / 2 support is offered by Kinsta. If you already own a certificate, you can import and install within the MyKinsta control panel. With this panel you can develop extreme measures to stop DDoS attacks and enable HTTPS on your site immediately.

The server is protected 24/7 a week and monitored. For this, it includes automatic recovery PHP, GeoIP blocking and GCP firewall added to the measures already mentioned.

What Services Kinsta Hosting Offers

What stands out most about this server that uses a top-level network of Google Cloud Platform that will help us minimize jumps and distance by transporting data safely and quickly.

Kinsta has its own custom panel very similar to cPanel. Being a WordPress hosting, it is logical that its control panel has a design compatible with that server. This exceptional hosting allows us to manage the domains, add a new site to your plan, verify your billing and analyze the resources.

The panel is simple to use, exclusive and very functional. For your safety, you will have the option to access automatic backups that will be saved for 14 days. In Kinsta you will discover that you can perform tests as we seen on this Kinsta review, this tool will be super useful to make changes before hiring the service.

How to Install Kinsta Hosting for your website

The first thing you have to do is register and then access the exclusive MyKinsta panel. The installation process is quite easy as it is similar to the cPanel panel. You can configure everything to your needs with just a few clicks as we mentioned on this Kinsta review.

The Kinsta control panel and the platform itself were created with the aim of facilitating installation, it also has advanced tools and functions that will make your website a success. With a few simple steps you can install the latest version of WordPress.

You will receive a confirmation email in your webmail with the user’s name and the content of the domain after installing the latest version of WordPress.

If you are using a temporary domain, you can change it to a custom domain by following the instructions provided.

If you don’t know how to do it for anything or the process has become complicated for you, you have a wonderful and very prepared technical support that will help you in everything. You must see that the selected plan includes technical support.

Kinsta Support and Customer Service

This web service provider has amazing WordPress experts on their technical support team. You can log into MyKinsta and connect with a member via live support chat 24/7 and in 10 available languages.

kinsta support

If you prefer, you also have the option to communicate by sending an email to support if you are not yet a customer to your webmail account. They also have tutorials and detailed information on their knowledge base that will help you solve doubts or problems.

For them, the client is always the priority, so you will get professional and fast solutions without waiting too long. Users who use Kinsta especially emphasize efficient and up-to-date communication.

For more information on their support check the links below:

Kinsta Tutorial

Kinsta is one of the most popular and affordable web servers for your small or large project. Here we leave on this Kinsta review below you a fairly complete and detailed tutorial so that you can see step by step how this hosting works.

Kinsta FAQ

Is Kinsta hosting good?

Kinsta is an excellent choice since, it is one of the fastest hosting companies to grow in the last years. In addition it got so popular because of the Managed WordPress hosting that they offers on the Google Cloud Platform which is very secure, reliable and super fast.

When was Kinsta founded?

Kinsta was founded in Hungary by Mark Gavalda in 2013.

Who owns Kinsta?

Kinsta is owned by Mark Gavalda, Founder and CEO at Kinsta.

Where is Kinsta headquarters located?

Kinsta is an American company and it’s headquarters are located in the United States at Santa Monica Boulevard (California).

Why choose Kinsta?

The main reason to choose Kinsta is because they offer one of the best Managed WordPress Cloud Hosting on the Google Cloud Platform which makes your website super fast and also, can be used any type of user even beginners since they had created such an intuitive and easy panel for anyone to use.

What is WordPress Kinsta?

WordPress Kinsta is how some users called Kinsta hosting since it is a Cloud Managed Hosting focused in WordPress.

Does Kinsta have cPanel?

No, Kinsta does not use cPanel since, they use their own custom-built MyKinsta dashboard.

Is Kinsta better than Wpengine?

Both are consider to be high-quality hostings for your WordPress website but, if we had to choose between them we would go for Kinsta. The main reasons would be because of Kinsta feature set, support and scalability which is why it has become a very popular choice between WordPress users.

Do I need a security plugin with Kinsta?

MyKinsta infrastructure and dashboard is already built in with the most popular security features so, there is no need to install a third-party security plugin.

What servers does Kinsta use?

Kinsta uses exclusively Google Cloud Platform on their servers and the also use Google Cloud’s premium tier global network to ensure the fastest speed on your website.

Kinsta Plan Pricing

The prices are not the cheapest on the market as we see on this Kinsta review, but it must be said that it has many benefits. You will know the great variety of plans and you will surely find the one that best suits your project, be it small, medium or large. All plans from this web service provider include a 30-day money-back guarantee. In addition, you will have the option to change your plan, to a higher or lower one without the server penalizing you as other providers do Kinsta hosting offers a variety of packages with different features and prices:

Basic Plans

  • Starter: it costs $35 per month and $350 if you pay per year
  • Pro: it costs $70 per month and $700 if you pay per year
kinsta pricing starter and pro plan

Business Plans

  • Business 1: it costs $115 per month and $1,150 if you pay it per year
  • Business 2: it costs $225 per month and $2,250 if you pay it per year
  • Business 3: it costs $340 per month and $3,400 if you pay it per year
  • Business 4: it costs $450 per month and $4,500 if you pay it per year
kinsta pricing business plan

Enterprise Plan

  • Enterprise 1: costs $675 per month and $6,750 per year
  • Enterprise 2: costs $1,000 per month and $10,000 per year
  • Enterprise 3: costs $1,350 per month and $13,500 per year
  • Enterprise 4: costs $1,650 per month and $16,500 per year
kinsta pricing enterprise plans


Kinsta quickly established itself in the market as a professional company providing reliable and secure WordPress hosting along with WordPress technical support. He also has more than 10 years of experience working with WordPress and offering webmail hosting solutions.

They offer many great features for all WordPress users such as website preparation, daily backups, website cloning, and fast performance with the help of KeyCDN’s global content distribution network. What this server stands out above all is the Google Cloud Platform. Its MyKinsta control panel is easy to use, you can control all your information thanks to its simple design.

This portal was created by WordPress developers to be able to manage your website in a simpler way, like with cPanel. The most notable advantages of the Kinsta web service specialized in WordPress are among others: the free migration, the excellent customer support service and the daily backups .

All hosting plans at this Kinsta include access to a transitional site where you can test the service and see if it offers everything you need for your website. While the prices of their plans are not the lowest on the market, they are competitive for managed WordPress hosting.

What we can say in this Kinsta review about this provider is that even though the price of the plans is somewhat high, the functionalities and features of Kinsta will cover the needs of your project and will surprise you.

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What do you think of this Kinsta review? Have you used them for any of your website projects yet? Feel free to add a comment below.

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