iPage Review 2023: It’s a Cheap Hosting But is it Worth it?

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iPage Review

IPage Hosting is a brand of Endurance International Group (EIG) also know as eig*ipage or eig ipage, originally founded in 1998, now serving over a million websites between two data centers in the US. iPage offers free SSL, a free domain, creator of free sites with tons of different templates and a special discounts.

It has a variety of high quality plans and also all are prepared for WordPress and for the use of cPanel.

It has 24/7 support, 99.9% uptime and 1-click WordPress installation. iPage is perfect for starting a small or large project.

Having a supplier with quality is very important, since they are the one in charge of hosting any project. If this service is not working well, your website will not work well either and you will not be successful.

Next, we will talk on this iPage web hosting reviews about iPage Hosting technical support, locations, reviews, features, pricing, and other pretty important details.

iPage Hosting Step by Step Guide

In this iPage review and hosting guide, we will talk in depth and in detail about the best web server for your website.

iPage Reviews: What is iPage Hosting?

iPage is a company dedicated to hosting web pages. It offers a wide range of web hosting plans for webmasters and for online businesses to build websites. This service was launched by Mr. Thomas Gorny in 1998, later he sold it to the company Grupo Multinational EIG, which has other hosting services such as Bluehost or Fatcow in its possession. They have been in operation for many years, and in 2009 iPage was updated with better features, and that is when it began to climb positions and gain more popularity.

iPage Hosting Plans Features

What services does the unlimited iPage plan offer?

With this 2023 plan you will be able to host your project on the web, be it a site in Joomla, WordPress, Prestashop, from your panel you can install the program that best suits your needs in a few clicks.

If you hire their services you will have:

  • You have 1 GB of free cloud storage
  • Unlimited databases
  • Backups
  • Free domain
  • Free website builder
  • Security and protection for your sites
  • Free credit to advertise on Yahoo ads and Adwords
  • You have a 30-day trial

iPage Hosting Review Pros and Cons

As with any hosting provider, there are pros and cons to consider before making a decision.

Pros of iPage Hosting

  • Low-cost plans: iPage offers one of the cheapest shared hosting plans on the market, perfect for personal websites and small businesses
  • 24/7 support, free iPage domain transfer and iPage SSL Certificate
  • 1-Click WordPress Install: All plans include 1-click WordPress install, iPage email accounts, iPage ftp, unlimited databases, storage, and bandwidth
  • Templates and templates for the website
  • Customer friendly: iPage offers a wide range of super useful tools and services to grow your business and easily create your websites
  • $500 Extras: You’ll also get free Bing and Google AdWords credits, free Site Analytics Suite listing, and YP.com
  • 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

Cons of iPage Hosting

  • No monthly billing: iPage does not offer a monthly payment option for any of its shared hosting plans. If you need monthly billing, you will have to upgrade to iPage VPS, iPage dedicated hosting plans or iPage WordPress hosting.
  • No cPanel: iPage does not support cPanel, which is the most widely used web hosting control panel by most hosting companies. If you are used to cPanel, you may have a bit of a hard time getting your bearings.

Why choose iPage in 2023?

It is very important to choose a good hosting since it depends on that the data of our project is well stored as we recommend on this iPage review. The availability, quality and hosting speed of your website will depend on the quality of your provider’s services.

We must select a provider that has a plan that suits our project. It must have excellent quality, good characteristics, good performance and a reasonable price as we show on this iPage review. In this way we will ensure that our project will be a complete success.

Ipage Hosting offers very affordable prices in its plans and a storage service with incredible benefits. We have to highlight on this iPage review that from this hosting the complements for the development of a website such as the elements for page creators. Through cPanel we can install CMS like WordPress.

iPage Hosting Features

iPage is an excellent provider that offers many services with a variety of features and functionalities that guarantee a good development on our website.

1. Ease of Use

All iPage plans offer us tools to configure your Hosting, including the cPanel service and some inhouse tools like the ingram iPage login, spring arbor iPage and the suny upstate iPage login to name a few. It includes templates so that you do not have to program, so it is a good option for creating your websites. It allows you to host your page easily and quickly, in addition to accessing the settings easily. You can configure using Joomla, WordPress and Prestashop.

2. Domain Names

If you have decided to hire this hosting, you have to know that it offers the free hosting service for a full year.

iPage Domain Search

It offers approximately 500 extensions available for your project to be creative. Each extension has a varied price, among the best extensions it offers are:

  • .com
  • .es
  • .org
  • .site
  • .live
  • .news
  • .co
  • .me
  • .net
  • .tech
  • .space
  • .online
  • .website
  • .store

3. Mail

iPage mail service is for personalized email addresses. With this option you will have the possibility to include your company domain name so that your clients feel confident and secure with a very easy iPage email login from your iPage control panel or if you prefer from your iPage webmail login or if you prefer you can easily iPage outlook setup.

email ipage

The basic plan you only have to register as it offers a free service. IPage offers an incredibly secure login webmail service to protect personal information and bank accounts.

4. Databases

The databases is a very important service that any project needs, if the project is large it is important to have an additional database so that the website is well organized. iPage’s plans are 1024 RAM, beneficial for any new project. In fact, many hosting providers limit the database. The databases of your project will be completely safe since backup copies will be made and they will be kept for a month without any problem.

5. Applications

iPage offers you a very cheap specific plan for WordPress. If you want to host your website with SSD disks, it is one of the best applications on the market as seen on this iPage review and is very easy to install WordPress on iPage. To help the creativity of your project, it also has several extra applications that can be very useful. Among them Prestashop, Drupal and Joomla offer a drag and drop site builder. In this way creating our website will be simple and fast.

6. Storage

Depending on the plan you select, the storage capacity will be different. They can range from 5 GB for a simple WordPress plan to 128 GB, so for a simple website you will have good storage spaces. The disks it has are SSD, so it will guarantee us very good hosting speed in the service. It is a feature that is very important and that must be taken into account when creating your website.

7. Transfer

You can manage your domain totally free and without any restrictions as shown on this iPage review. Domain transfers between iPage accounts can be done at any time and with any domain.

8. Multisite

iPage offers this service for free and also offers a good amount of domain capacity since not all have the same limit of website hosting. Data transfer and storage capacity are also quite important. We say this, so that the set of your web pages does not saturate the hosting and the server does not crash and the speed drops.

9. SSL certificate

All iPage plans offer a free SSL certificate as we mentioned on this iPage review. It also has a more specific service with more features that can be very useful. They offer a large number of SSL certificates.

iPage ssl certificate

What Services Does iPage Hosting Offer?

For all users, iPage offers a large number of services. The objective is to have satisfied users and meet the needs of the increase in users on the Internet today. The best services they offer are:

1. Service for WordPress

This CMS has become one of the essential tools for creating websites around the world. iPage offers a variety of plans for the WordPress service that adapt to the needs of each project and also includes their own website builder iPage in most of their plans very similar to Divi Page Builder, Elementor, WPBakery, Brizy or Beaver Builder.

2. Domain Registration

iPage is a provider that registers highly trusted domains, which is why it is one of its most prominent services. It also offers a large number of extensions at a fairly inexpensive price as we show on this iPage review.

How to Install iPage Hosting

Installing a hosting can be a complicated task if you do not have enough technical knowledge.

signing up to ipage hosting

Installing a Hosting in iPage is much simpler, expert users as beginners think that it takes little time to carry out this task as we will show you on this iPage review. Likewise, Ipage Hosting has a very good support service full of experts who will help you with everything you need.

It offers a large number of emails, almost unlimited storage, the option to use webmail, it also has this service.

  1. You must host your domain on a Hosting iPage server and then create a user. You must do this on the official website of the provider you have selected.
  2. Choose the plan that meets your needs and start with the installation. The installation process is very simple.
  3. You must configure the DNS of the provider you have chosen and then you must log in to the administration panel and install the CMS.
  4. Once you have done all of the above, you can start creating your website with iPage hosting.

iPage Support and Customer Service

iPage offers you a quality service so you will not have problems if you have questions or problems. This technical support will solve anything quickly. It offers the possibility of calling by phone, so that your technical support is within the same country. It has specialists in relation to the doubt you have, whether it is about commerce, domain, specialized assistance support in WordPresss, etc. iPage customer service and help support provides 3 modes of contact: 24/7 phone, live chat, and an email ticketing system.

ipage support contact page

iPage has an extensive online help center containing extensive documentation and tutorials to guide you through all aspects of web hosting.

iPage Hosting Tutorial

Ipage Hosting is a hosting provider that offers a wide range of web hosting plans for webmasters and for online businesses to create websites. Here on our iPage review we leave you a fairly complete and detailed tutorial so that you can see step by step how this hosting works.


Is iPage a good hosting company?

iPage is a very popular hosting company among users for been very low cost hosting service with quality service and excellent customer service.

Is iPage still in business?

Yes, they been around since 1997 and they are still on business serving over a million websites around the world.

Who owns iPage?

This hosting company is owned by Endurance International Group.

Is iPage fast?

One of the companies most important objectives has been to make their hosting service fast that is why they had manage to make the page load speed almost 3 times faster than any regular hosting.

Where is iPage servers located?

In fact, the biggest data centers from iPage are in Boston and Waltham but, all of their servers are located in the United States.

Does iPage use cPanel?

Yes, they use cPanel in most of their plans.

How much does iPage really cost?

You can start as low as 1.99$ per month.

Which is better Bluehost vs iPage?

Both are great hosting services but, iPage offers almost same features as Bluehost for a much lower price.

Which is better iPage vs eHost?

Since, eHost is not on business anymore iPage is the better choice.

Which is better Inmotion vs iPage?

Both are great hosting services but, iPage is a low cost hosting service and offers almost all same features as Inmotion Hosting for a much lower price.

Which is better HostGator vs iPage?

HostGator is a very popular hosting service but, with iPage offers same features on a lower price.

Which is better Godaddy vs iPage?

Godaddy is a good hosting service but, iPage has better features, support and better price.

iPage Hosting Plans Pricing

iPage has three types of hosting plans so that you can choose the one that best suits your needs. We have to say on this iPage review that the iPage pricing plans they have have incredible features and prices and there is no need for them to offer any iPage coupon codes or iPage discount codes or iPage Black Friday deals. All plans have the use of iPage cPanel.

iPage Web Hosting – A simple, easy and affordable plan

  • Go Plan: it costs $ 71.64 to contract 36 months.
iPage Go Plan Pricing

iPage WordPress Hosting

  • WP Starter: it costs $135 if you hire 36 months
  • WP Essential: costs $250 if you hire 36 months
iPage WordPress Hosting Pricing

iPage Website Builder

  • Starter: FREE with hosting
  • Business: it costs $251.64 if you hire 36 months
  • Ecommerce: it costs 467.64 if you hire 36 months
ipage website builder pricing


iPage is an excellent option according to users to host a website. Their services are mostly free and very fast.

In addition, the customer service helps you quickly with any problem or question. They highlight the wide variety of extensions available to register domains as well as their cheap prices and the features they offer.

iPage has a quality hosting service, perfect for developing any project, whether small or large. As you have seen in this iPage review, it does not have much variety of plans, but with the 3 it has you can cover a variety of projects. The IPs that are assigned to each server are physically located in one place and are not redirected.

It guarantees an optimal experience for all your users since the loading speed they offer is quite good. In addition, this hosting service offers cPanel which will help you to manage and install any CMS on your server like WordPress.

Used/using iPage to host your site? Experiences? Thoughts?

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