InMotion Hosting Review 2023: How Reliable is this Host for WordPress?

inmotion hosting review

InMotion Hosting is a company that is dedicated to offering web hosting services and offers these services since 2001. It is one of the most outstanding hostings in the market due to the wide variety of plans and the great quality of service it offers as you will see on this InMotion Hosting review. Among them are an easy-to-use cPanel and excellent service for WordPress. It offers shared hosting, reseller hosting, and VPS.

InMotion Hosting WordPress hosting its award-winning technical support, 99.9% uptime, offers great scalability for your blog growth and is optimized for active bloggers.

Currently, Inmotion is a provider that has more than 300,000 hosted and registered domains. It is a fairly large figure with the great competitiveness that currently exists in the market. Using cPanel allows users to access the administrator.

They offer users an exclusive 57% discount + free domain and free SSL. Next, we will talk about InMotion Hosting technical support, locations, reviews, features, prices and other important details.

InMotion Hosting Review: Step by Step Guide 2023

In this InMotion Hosting review, we will guide you in depth and in detail about the best web server for your website.

What is InMotion Hosting?

InMotion is a company that was born in the United States in 2001. Since then it has grown a lot, positioning itself in the web hosting market in a good position.
It has a variety of tools and resources, as well as a wide variety of hosting plans such as dedicated hosting, VPS hosting, and shared hosting.

InMotion tries to give the best customer service by personalizing all the strategies to solve the problems and doubts of each user. InMotion is a green hosting, which reduces the carbon footprint; it was even the first to open a green data center in the city of Los Angeles.

Use the most effective, most used and simplest control panel that is cPanel. You can also complement it with a quick installer for stores, forums, blogs and much more as you can see on this InMotion Hosting review. The technical support works 24/7 through email, through a call, online chat and tickets that are placed on the web. It also has tutorials and forums to access when needed.

Below you can see some of the most relevant features of InMotion Hosting to learn more about it:

  • Green Hosting: uses alternative and renewable energy which helps reduce the carbon footprint and gases that are toxic in the atmosphere to take care of the environment.
  • Data Centers: it has data centers that have a security supervision 24 hours a day to detect and to be able to solve quickly.
  • Control Panel: You can configure your account, delete and add domains, install applications with the 1-click installer and much more.
  • Technical Support: Technical support is available 24 hours a day via phone call, email, real-time chat and ticket on the website.
  • Guarantee: a guarantee of between 30 and 90 days, depending on the hosting plan you hire.

Pros and Cons of InMotion Hosting

Pros of InMotion Hosting

  • Free website transfer: InMotion Hosting will transfer your site to you at no additional cost if your site is already hosted elsewhere.
  • Excellent performance.
  • Data center location: data centers on the west and east coasts of USA are offered by InMotion Hosting for you to choose. Your website will load even faster if you are near these locations.
  • Unlimited data transfer.
  • +310 applications to install.
  • No banned plugins: InMotion allows to use any plugins on your WordPress website even plugins that are banned by other hosting companies like W3 Total Cache, WP-Rocket, Backup Buddy, Duplicator Pro, All-in-One WP Migration or even UpdraftPlus.
  • SSD disk storage: All InMotion Hosting plans use SSD disks. SSD drives are much faster which makes your website load even faster. Most web servers do not offer SSD storage and you have to pay for it.
  • Free SSL Certificate: SSL cerificates are included in all InMotion hosting plans and nowadays are required on any safe website. Typically, other hosts charge $30- $60 per year for SSL certificates.
  • 90-day money-back guarantee: Most hosting companies only offer a 30-day guarantee but, InMotion Hosting offers a 90-day money-back guarantee. We have to say that the domains are not included in the guarantee once they are registered.

Cons of InMotion Hosting

  • Server location in the US only.
  • Telephone Verification: InMotion Hosting asks customers to verify their purchase by telephone as a fraud prevention measure which makes it difficult for non-US customers.
  • No monthly billing: You have the option of paying 1 or 2 years in advance but, their starter plans do not have a monthly billing option. If you choose 2 years, you will get a bigger discount. There is a $ 40 setup fee for Pro plan customers who choose monthly billing option.
  • Not the cheapest: Not the cheapest hosting plans on the market.

Why choose InMotion in 2023?

To start creating a new project it is important to choose a good hosting to achieve success. As you well know, all the data of your project is stored.

inmotion hosting

If you do not choose a good hosting for your website, or it is more likely that you will find problems with the development of your website such as slow speed or drops in the network.

All the plans offered by Inmotion are perfect for any project as seen on this InMotion Hosting review, whether large or small. They have affordable prices and quite optimal benefits.

You have to choose the hosting provider well and then the plan. Each plan has different characteristics and functionalities that must be looked at carefully so that it adapts to our project.

If you want to make a website with WordPress it is better that you look for a hosting that has cPanel as they have InMotion. With cPanel you can both configure WordPress and install it easily as you can see on this InMotion Hosting review.

Characteristics and analysis of a high quality Hosting like InMotion

1. Ease of Use

This is one of the characteristics that must be taken into account to start in this world. This hosting offers ease in all its services, which favors users who are new to this.

If you have some experience, your web project will be finished in no time. The use of cPanel and the interface offered by this hosting make it easy to use.

2. Domain Names

That your website has a domain name, makes your project have its own identity. You must choose a good name that suits the aesthetics and semantics of your project.

inmotion domain

In addition, InMotion offers a wide variety of extensions that are quite useful to satisfy users and projects. Specialized extensions for a specific country or sector.

It is very important to make a good choice in your domain extinction as it will help us in the SEO positioning of your website.

3. Mail

InMotion offers unlimited emails on many of its plans at great prices and with incredible features. Once you start developing your project, it is beneficial to have a professional email.

In addition, having a professional email offers security that is something that is appropriate in our project. All InMotion plans have excellent email services available.

4. Databases

The database of this company is in its centers located in the US. It has two databases, one located in Virginia Herndon and the other in Los Angeles, California. InMotion has the latest technology in its data centers. With this, it guarantees optimum safety and assured quality.

5. Applications

With InMotion Hosting you will have a variety of useful application options for your website as we show you on this InMotion Hosting review. Most web hosting providers have this feature that is so important. It will be useful for your site to have certain applications. Ditch with high quality and useful CMS such as Joomla or WordPress, in this way we do not ensure that we have a quality and optimized site.

6. Storage

All InMotion plans offer great storage. Having a storage on your website will help you avoid problems in the future. If your website achieves high growth, it is likely that you need more storage space. With InMotion it does not happen thanks to the incredible features it offers.

7. Transfer

With InMotion you can transfer your websites created by other companies for free. It’s a remarkable feature that stands out from the competition.

transfer your website to inmotion hosting the best web hosting

8. Multisite

InMotion gives the option of having a multipurpose hosting, it is an advantage since many web developers want to create more websites.

Having this option in the hosting service will solve many problems. It will solve problems of production times and management. It is important against having a server that facilitates our work, that is why InMotion offers quality at this point and meets all expectations.

9. SSL Certificate

The SSL certificate is a fundamental feature that every website must have to offer visitors confidence and security. In addition, Google will position you better if you have the SSL certificate and it will help you in business. The SSL certificate offers many benefits, so do not forget to take this aspect into account.

Services offered by InMotion Hosting

InMotion Hosting is a company that aims to offer the highest quality in all services it offers as seen on this InMotion Hosting review. All the services offered have a guaranteed stability and guarantee of correct operation.

inmotion server
  • Business Owners
  • Freelancers
  • Resellers
  • Agencies
  • Domains
  • Shared web Hosting
  • WordPress Hosting
  • Website Builder
  • VPS

How to install your website on InMotion Hosting

Installing a hosting is a task that can be difficult if you do not have the necessary knowledge and are not experts in the field. A bad configuration can lead to future problems for your website.

inmotion cpanel

InMotion is a provider that offers continuous help to all its clients regarding the installation of the service. Ensuring that the configuration is done well so that it does not create future problems on your website.

If you have problems or doubts in installing and configuring with Cpanel WordPress, you have the option of contacting the InMotion customer service so that the technical service can solve it as soon as possible .

If you have a problem and want to solve it immediately, then get in touch by phone since the attention is immediate and faster. You also have the option of the email that will surely respond to you as soon as possible for installation or configuration problems of the hosting.

Below, we leave you a series of steps that you must follow if you are able to do the installation yourself. Also check the instructions of InMotion when you hire their service, since these are general and orientative instructions.

  • You have to have the services of a domain
  • Know what you are going to need for your project
  • You must choose the best plan that suits the needs of your website
  • Determine the DNS of the domain to the hosting
  • To control the hosting, you have to use the cPanel tools
  • You must correctly configure the server for administrators
  • Finally you must access your website through hosting

InMotion Hosting Support and Customer Service

The quality of InMotion technical support is efficient and of high quality as seen on this InMotion Hosting review. In fact, this hosting stands out for the trust and security it brings to all the users who use it.

inmotion hosting support

The service staff is very professional and highly trained, also available 24/7/365. Any questions or problems either with the installation or the configuration do not hesitate to contact this great service that Inmotion offers. Inmotion’s technical support is one of the best in the web hosting market today.

For more information on their support check the links below:

InMotion Hosting Tutorial

InMotion is a web hosting hosting that stands out for the variety of plans and the great quality of service it offers. Here on our InMotion Hosting review we leave you a fairly complete and detailed tutorial so that you can see step by step how this hosting works.

InMotion Hosting FAQ

What is InMotion Hosting?

InMotion Hosting is a well known Hosting Company that offers managed cloud-based services to entrepreneurs and business around the world.

What companies use InMotion Hosting?

There are many big and small companies that use Inmotion Hosting but, some of the popular ones would be Bell Laboratories and Powerica Limited.

Who owns InMotion Hosting?

InMotion Hosting is owned by Todd Robinson, the current President of the company.

Where is InMotion Hosting Located?

InMotion Hosting is an American Company that is has offices around United States. The main offices and datacenters are located on Virginia Beach (Virginia), Denver (Colorado), Ashburn (Virginia) and Los Angeles (California).

Inmotion Hosting Plan Pricing

InMotion offers different plans so that you can choose the one that best meets the needs of your website as we will show you below on this InMotion Hosting review. For a better development of your project, InMotion have the use of cPanel. They also offer hosting plans that are specialized in WordPress.

WordPress Hosting

  • WP-1000S: it costs $ 6.99 per month if you hire two years.
  • WP-2000S: it costs $ 6.99 per month if you hire two years.
  • WP-3000S: it costs $ 12.99 per month if you hire two years.
  • WP-4000S: costs 19.99 per month if you hire two years.
Inmotion WordPress Hosting Pricing Plans

Shared Hosting

  • Launch: costs $5.99 per month if you sign up for two years
  • Power: it costs $5.99 per month if you sign up for two years
  • Pro: it costs $14.99 per month if you sign up for two years
Inmotion Shared Hosting Pricing Plans

Website Builder

  • WP-1000S: it costs $6.99 per month if you hire two years
  • WP-2000S: it costs $6.99 per month if you hire two years
  • WP-3000S: costs $12.99 per month if you hire two years
  • WP-4000S: it costs $ 29.99 per month if you contract two years
Inmotion Hosting BoldGrid WordPress Website Builder Pricing Plans

VPS Hosting

  • 2GB RAM: it costs $31.99 if you hire three years
  • 4GB RAM: it costs 41.99 if you hire three years
  • 6GB RAM: it costs $61.99 if you hire three years
  • 8GB RAM: it costs $77.99 if you hire three years
Inmotion Hosting VPS Servers Pricing Plans

Dedicated Server Hosting

  • Essential: costs $239 per month if you hire a year
  • Advanced: costs $189.99 per month if you hire one year
  • Elite: it costs $259.99 per month if you sign up for a year
  • CC-1000: it costs $439.99 per month if you hire one year
  • CC-2000: it costs $539.99 per month if you hire one year
Inmotion Hosting Dedicated Servers Pricing Plans


InMotion services are quite good as we exposed on this InMotion Hosting review, in fact the services that the servers handle are the best and the prices are quite accessible.

We found them to be reliable, good uptime, with fast servers, and excellent customer support. His plans fit all different projects and budgets. Shared plans are incredibly good for new business blogs and websites.

The technical support is highly qualified and quite effective, they respond quickly and with solutions to all kinds of installation or configuration problems.

It offers cPanel in all its plans, which will allow us to install many additional plugins, such as WordPress for any project whether small or large. InMotion’s payment methods are somewhat limited compared to other providers but they still accept credit cards.

We have to say that InMotion is one of the providers that you should take into account when looking for a quality server to guarantee success.

Click here to select your InMotion Hosting plan

What do you think of this InMotion Hosting review? Have you used them for any of your website projects yet? Feel free to add a comment below.

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