Hestia Theme Review: Best Free Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme

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Hestia Theme Review

Hestia is a fairly modern WordPress theme designed for development professionals. It is perfect if you want to build large or small businesses, travel agencies, online firms, restaurants, wedding planners, e-commerce (WooCommerce), sports stores, medicine stores, veterinary stores, startups and much more.

This theme is compatible with Photo Gallery, Elementor Page Builder, Flat Parallax Slider and Travel Map.

Hestia has a multi-purpose layout with a widgetized footer, a single footer, and a clean, simple layout. It is prepared for the retina, for SEO, it is adaptable and uses Kit material for its design.

Are you looking for a quality WordPress theme, free and easy to use? Hestia is one of the best and most popular themes on the market. This theme has been created and designed by Themeisle that we have to highlight also that it has an excellent rating and is used by thousands of people.

We have to highlight that it has a free version and another premium version with more features to make your website successful. As a general rule, you usually download the free version to try it out and see if you like it even that it has more limitations, and if people like it, they usually choose to buy the premium version.

In this post we are going to talk about what Hestia is, how it is used, what characteristics it has, how it is installed, we will see a YouTube tutorial and we will explain everything in depth, we will also give the two versions to choose (free and premium) and the prices together with opinion.

Hestia Step by Step Guide in 2023

In this guide we will talk in depth about every detail of the Hestia theme, it is a multipurpose theme that will provide you with millions of facilities so that you can start building your website as soon as possible and have the necessary knowledge to ensure that the website will be a complete success.

Hestia WordPress Theme

Hestia theme for WordPress Review: What Is Hestia?

Hestia is a WordPress theme that has everything you will need to build your website: it is neat, flexible, modern, easy to use and the fonts are clear. If you have used Zerif Lite before and are going to work with Hestia, you will realize that there are quite a few similarities when setting it up.

This theme is perfect for freelancers but also for large small companies. It adapts perfectly to different devices and also has WooCommerce support so you can build your online store and thus be able to show the latest products on the front page. This theme is compatible with Elementor,Divi Builder, Beaver Builder, Brizy, visual Composer and SiteOrigin that do not provide advantages in design and when creating content for your website.

Also this WordPress theme is prepared for Gutenberg, can you ask for something more?

Hestia Free vs Hestia Pro Premium: two versions to choose from

The WordPress theme has two versions to choose from, we have the free version and the premium version. The free version is more limited but it is good at first to see the product characteristics and see if we like how it works, if you like this popular theme you have the premium option that has more options so that your website is perfect at the cost of a very good price.

We have to be honest and confess that the Hestia Pro version is worth it and is a good investment in the short and long term.

For example, the premium version has more advantages when building your website such as: it has many very useful extra functions, greater flexibility and good speed and good performance.

Next we will talk separately about Hestia free and Hestia Pro to see what each one offers us:

What does Hestia theme free offer us?

  • Has WooCommerce support
  • You have several blog options
  • It has a top bar
  • You can customize the font and color

What does Hestia theme Pro offer us?

  • You have a support for different languages
  • Variety of animations
  • Fresh and current character
  • Easy to configure
  • Style at the foot of the page
  • Improved top bar
  • Improved WooCommerce support
  • Variety of improved blog options
  • Reordering of sections
  • Video background
  • Advanced footer
  • Full screen menu
  • Infinite scroll
  • Ease of selecting the plan you want
  • The customization of typography and color is improved
  • Portfolio section
  • Sidebar width controls
  • and much more….!!

With this basic comparison between Hestia free and Hestia Pro you have been able to get an idea of the differences.

Download Hestia Free: https://wordpress.org/themes/hestia/

What are the advantages and disadvantages of the Hestia theme?

It is always advisable to know the pros and cons of Hestia, that is why we have listed you one by one to know everything well.


  • Quality and advanced customization.
  • Structured for SEO and with a fairly clean and refined source code that will give you great chances with Google.
  • Allows you to see the changes in real time.
  • Translate the text.
  • Easy to configure.
  • Does not require a page builder.
  • Variety of options for the cover.
  • Good speed and performance.
  • Different designs to choose from.
  • Deep Elementor integration.
  • Good tools to personalize.
  • Centralized customization.


  • The text editors for the covers should update them.
  • There are not many templates in the site library.

Like everything in life, everything has pros and cons, but as we can see, the cons of this WordPress theme are not very negative and also over time the developers can eliminate and improve these details.

What features does the Hestia theme have?

Knowing the characteristics in depth is a point that every user should know to see if this theme adapts to the needs. As you will see below, this theme is quite simple, affordable and easy to use, that is why we advise you to invest in this theme that will help you create some scandal web pages.

Centralized Customization

This is one of the most outstanding features of this WordPress theme, with the centralized customization you can customize everything you want about the theme design from the WordPress customizer.

You can easily find everything in one place and access it whenever you want. If you want to use the options offered by this theme, you don’t need a separate administration page.

If there is an options page in Hestia Pro it is convenient that you know that it contains information instead of functions between them.

Hestia Theme WordPress Customizer

The library

The library is one of the characteristics that stand out the most and that is of great importance in this theme. As you can know first hand, there are many themes on the market that do not have a library site but luckily and because it is a high quality theme Hestia does have it and also quite broad.

It is true that the library that Hestia has is not as detailed as other themes that are in WordPress, but we also have to say that little by little the elements to the library are increasing.

Right now there are five that are free and can be imported and four that are purely professional demos.

Hestia Theme Demo Ready Made Starter Sites

Front Page Section

The sections of the cover is a feature that is also very useful and that will help us to make our website take shape. For example, this function allows us to create a beautiful home page in a short time and with success. You will also have the option to see the changes you are editing in real time.

You can also enable and disable sections with a click that you do not need on the “Eye” icon. If you also want to place them in another way, you have the option of repositioning them simply by dragging and dropping. Have you seen how easy?

Hestia Theme Customizer Fully Customizable Homepage

You will also be able to see the content that you have created from all the pages and sections of the main page. Everything is easy to understand, to do, to design and to personalize. With this theme you already knew that your page is going to be a worldwide success!

In addition to everything discussed, we have access to 13 sections on the main page that includes:

  • Blog section: With this selection you can show all the blog posts.
  • Subscription section: it will allow you to use the SendBlue service.
  • Client bar section: you will be able to add links to your online presence and show logos to clients.
  • Testimonials section: With this section you can share testimonials and customer satisfaction opinions.
  • Prices section: this section allows us to create a table with all the prices.
  • Tape section: perfect section if you want to offer your visitors to your page to subscribe.
  • Portfolio section: you can use this section as long as you have JetPack installed. Thanks this you can show a certain amount of items that are in the portfolio.
  • About the section: here your visitors will be able to find out about your website.
  • Features section: this section allows us to show the visitor our products, our services and other important details.
  • Large title section: in this section, selection helps us to place an introduction, a heading and a CTA.
  • Store section: this section is accessed only if you have WooCommerce active. With this section you can preview the different products you have in your store.
  • Team section: with this section you can show the components of your team with biographies, photos and even links to the respective social networks.
  • Contact section: this section allows the visitor to contact you thanks to a form.

All the sections that we have just named and explained are available in the Hestia Pro version. You will be able to create and build your website with design and in a simple and fast way.

Orbit Fox

Orbit Fox is one of the add-ons that adds a series of additional features to WordPress and is also very well known and popular, Orbit Fox has been created by ThemeIsle and with this you get icons so that you can share on social networks, you can analyze, you have blocks Gutenberg, menu icons, privacy policy and much more.

Orbit Fox

Being created by ThemeIsle it is 100% compatible with Hestia, so if you already know how it works and have used it before, now you know that you can do it with this theme as well.

Download Orbit Fox Free: https://wordpress.org/plugins/themeisle-companion/

What is Hestia Pro Hooks?

Hestis Pro Hooks allows us to insert things like javascript, HTML and normal or short codes in different parts of the theme.

By using this function you will have the possibility to customize much more than what Hestia offers you.

Hestia Pro Theme Hook Locations

Before all this, it must be said that it requires prior knowledge that is quite technical, so if you do not understand you will have to hire other people to help with the hooks. These hooks allow you to display content on the home page and on other pages.

How to install the Hestia theme?

As we have already talked about before, Hestia is a theme for both beginners and professionals who want to build their website. It has two versions, one is totally free and the other is premium, usually the free one is used first to see if it suits what you are looking for and then you can choose to buy the premium.

The theme is prepared for our retina, it is light and easy to use and it also has a wonderful design and is compatible with SEO.

Next we are going to explain step by step what you have to do to install Hestia:

  • First you must go to Hestia’s page at ThemeIsle.com and then click on the “Download” button.
  • Then you must put your email in the pop-up window and click on “Subscribe”. You must click on “Thank you” and mark that you only want to download the Hestia zip file.
  • Once this is done you will be redirected to a confirmation page while the Hestia file is automatically downloaded to your PC, if for whatever reason it does not download automatically you will have to click on the “Download file” button and then search the list the products that have been downloaded.
  • Once you have finished downloading the hestia.zip file, go to the downloads folder on your computer.
  • Login to WordPress and go to the admin menu and click on “Appearance” and then “themes”. Then you must click on the “Add New” button that appears at the top of the screens and then on “Upload theme”, then on “Choose file” and find the Hestia zip file and select it.
  • Finally click on “Install Now” and allow the process to complete. Then click “Activate”. I would be ready!

How do I personalize my website with Hestia?

When we are creating our website we like it to be personalized and to our liking, for those we wanted to inform you of the different options that there are and that you can also access through the WordPress customizer. We will talk in detail about the typography, color and other options that will help you customize our page. First you must go to “Appearance” and then to “Customize” and surely once there you will see other options of interest to build your website.

Appearance Settings

In the Appearance we can customize a variety of very useful details such as colors, side bars, typography and other very useful aspects.

You also have the possibility to alternate entire sections on the main page. And how do I do this? Simple, you just have to add a scroll button to the top and other quite useful tools that will improve the website and navigation.

You can configure the size and font of the typography, as well as the color that will help you customize the elements such as the body text, the background, etc.

Hestia Theme WordPress Customizer Appearance Settings

There is also a great variety of header options that you can also customize the navigation. The controls for the header and top bar.

We have two design options as well as a top bar that allows you to add things like widgets and also change the colors to your liking.

There are also the navigation settings that allow you to configure the menu and offer you design. You have three design options to choose from to change the appearance of the browser.

Hestia Theme WordPress Customizer Header Options

There are separate designs for pages with publications, products and other pages of interest and header settings to customize the header of each page. In the header itself you can add an image and choose the size and place.

If we talk about the footer options, it will only allow us to configure colors, designs, widgets and footer credits.

Blog Settings

If we want to configure the blog we have to know that it is divided into three sections: the blog section, the authors section and the subscribers section.

The blog section allows us to design the blog archive page, but also which posts will be the most prominent.

The authors section allows us to show at the bottom of the page who the authors are and even add a background image if we feel like it.

The subscription section allows us to show different campaigns of choice and also allows us to use the SendBlue account.

Hestia Theme Woocommerce Shop Settings

The configuration of the store will allow us to customize the pages of your online store, but to do this you first need to have WooCommerce to be able to benefit from this. You will also find a variety of options that will allow you to customize everything related to the products such as listing them, limiting the products and adding paging.

White Label

This option to use White Label allows you to hide from your website visitors that you use the Hestia theme as well as anything related to Themeisle.

Check Hestia Pro Demos: https://themeisle.com/themes/hestia-pro/

What plugins are recommended for the Hestia theme?

  • Orbit Fox Companion allows us to considerably expand the functionality of the theme with modules such as icon and buttons in reports, social networks, free featured images and custom menu icons. Orbit Fox Companion is required to perform highly critical activities in Hestia such as testimonials, equipment, features, client bar, and ribbon.
  • WPForms allows us to make subscription forms, contact forms, payment forms and other models of forms of other types.
  • WooCommerce is necessary if you want to build an e-commerce page that will allow you to sell your products perfectly and it is also compatible with the Hestis theme.
  • SendinBlue is used in the Subscribe section on the main page and is a very powerful email marketing plugin.
  • Instagram feed does not give the opportunity to create an Instagram feed on the footer page.
  • Set of tools gives us the option to create personalized content such as properties, games, vacations, books, etc.

All the add-ons that we have talked about before are far from mandatory for Hestia to work correctly but they are nevertheless very useful to make the most of the functions that Hestia offers us.

Hestia theme tutorial

Hestia is a theme that is designed so that both beginners and professionals have no trouble using it and creating their website successfully. Here is a Hestia WordPress tutorial so you can see how everything works step by step.

Support and Documentation

Support and documentation are other aspects of great importance since it concerns us when choosing a theme for one website or another. For example Hestia offers enough quality and good functionality so that your website does not have any problems.

ThemeIsle Support


Documentation is necessary to know what Hestia is and how to use it. These documents are very well written, providing the necessary and very detailed information.

In the documentation of the free version and the Pro version they are quite simple and easy to understand, they also include enough images so that you better understand what they are explaining.


The help support for the free version maybe the professionals take a little longer to answer, what we do know exactly is that those who have the Pro version receive help quite quickly.

Professionals do not tend to look at the free version help forum all the time as users are prioritized first.

In conclusion the support is quite good and the clients are very happy, you can reach them on the following links:

Price and Opinion

Hestia is a perfect theme for both professionals and beginners since the characteristics of this theme and the configuration do not have any complications.

It is a fairly simple theme that provides you with an unbeatable design if we buy them with the free themes on the market. It is perfect for making a travel agency, model agencies, online stores of all kinds, businesses, etc.

This theme is improved day by day with updates and also adapts to all kinds of situations.

In short, we know that this theme is one of the best that exists in the market and in WordPress, it is true that the Pro version is not cheap but it is a version that will help you a lot and that has some super features than the free version it does not have as it is much more limited.

The Pro version is excellent without hesitation and has a variety of tools for you to customize your page to your liking.

We have to be honest and I said that the free version is very good, but nothing to see if we compare it with the free version. You have three plans to choose from the Pro version.

Hestia Pro Theme Price Plans
  1. The Personal Plan costs $69 per year. You can only do it for one website and it has updates and support for the duration of the plan. You do not have access to the Pro starter sites.
  2. The Business Plan costs $99 per year. You can use it in up to three different sites and it is more flexible. It is perfect for companies that need multiple websites. You have access to the Pro templates and the customer support is better than the personal plan.
  3. The Agency Plan costs $299 per year. It is excellent for both professionals and freelancers who want to make websites, for example with this plan you will not have a limit of websites and it has everything that the business plan has. It also has a top priority live chat and has white labeling.

What do you think of the Hestia theme? Have you used them for any of your website projects yet? Feel free to add a comment below.

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