Hello Review 2023: Is It Worth The Money?

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Hello Review

Looking for a free, lightweight theme that works seamlessly with Elementor? Hello theme is the most popular theme for WordPress, it is a lightweight theme and its main goal is to be fast and work as best as possible with Elementor. It does not have many functions or a lot of code, for this reason it is fast and light.

It is a free theme with hardly any customization settings and styles that loads the basic configuration options. Hello Theme is designed to work with Elementor Page Builder. In this way you will be able to create a totally personalized site using the Elementor Pro Theme Builder.

In this Hello review we are going to talk in depth and in detail about what Hello theme is, what features it has, advantages and disadvantages, how it is installed, we will do a tutorial, give our opinion and explain much more.

Hello Review: Step by Step Guide in 2023

In this Hello review we will talk in depth and in detail about the Hello theme, it is a very simple theme that offers us enough facilities so that you can work with Elementor.

Hello Elementor WordPress Theme

Hello Review: What is Hello Elementor Theme?

Hello Theme is a template that has been designed to work with the Elementor plugin. It is a simple theme that comes with the most basic functions to create a website with Elementor Pro.

It is a free theme that loads the basic configuration options, a very light and fast template with hardly any customization adjustments and styles.

It offers 100% compatibility with Elementor and plugins that add functionality and widgets to Elementor. It is also fully compatible with Woocommerce, although the store templates are poorly designed and straightforward.

Elementor Pro Website Builder WordPress Plugin

What are the advantages of Hello Theme?

  • It is totally free
  • Installs from WordPress theme repository with 1 click
  • It is 100% compatible with Elementor
  • Almost does not load content on our website improving SEO and loading speed

What are the disadvantages of Hello Theme?

  • Can only be used with Elementor
  • It is necessary to have an Elementor PRO license
  • You have to manually build and configure the footer, styles, header and other things

What are the main features of the Hello Elementor Theme?

  • It is ideal for Elementor: Hello Theme is tested with all versions of Elementor obtaining perfect compatibility.
  • Full compatibility with the most popular plugins: Being such a lightweight template it hardly comes with scripts that can cause compatibility problems. It is compatible with: WPML, ACF, Updraftplus, Woocommerce, Wordfence, Yoast and much more.
  • Perfect for creating landings: With Hello Theme your landings will load lightning fast.
  • Less risk of errors between Elementor and the template: If you work with Hello Theme and Elementor you reduce the problems since the compatibility is almost perfect. It reduces the chances of interference between code or CSS. It also has a very light and minimalist code.
  • It is a light and fast theme: it comes with hardly any CSS and scripts.
  • Open source and totally free: This theme can be found totally free in the official WordPress repository.
Hello Theme

Necessary requirements to be able to install Hello Theme

This template has been designed to work with Elementor Pro, with Hello Theme you can customize the footer, header and the templates of the different pages that make up a WordPress template. For this you will need Elementor in its Pro version. Elementor has its completely free version, but you can only edit posts or pages.

Elementor Pro you can edit:

  • Pages
  • Header
  • Footer
  • Tickets
  • Archive pages: blog, categories and much more.
  • Popups

How to install Hello Theme?

Hello Theme can be installed from the WordPress theme repository and it is a free theme.To install the Hello theme we have to do the following steps:

1. First you must go to “Appearance” and then click on “Themes” and finally click on “Add new” which is located at the top of the screen. Also, you can go to Hello Elementor Theme Download page on the WordPress theme directory on this link: https://wordpress.org/themes/hello-elementor/

Hello Theme Elementor

2. In the search engine you must put “Hello Themes” and then click on “Install” and finally “Activate”.

Hello Theme Activate Child Theme

3. Now, in this Hello review we are going to install Hello Elementor child theme. What is a child theme? It is a simplified version of the main theme that allows you to add custom PHP, CSS and JavaScript code so that when the main theme is updated, these changes are not lost.

4. We have to access https://github.com/elementor/hello-theme-child

5. Next, in this Hello review we display the button “Code” and then we click on “Download ZIP”. In this way we download the child theme of Hello Theme.

hello elementor theme download

6. Now, in this Hello review we go back to the “Appearance” section then click on “Themes” and click “Add new” again. On the next screen, we click on the “Upload topic” button that is located at the top of the screen.

7. Click on “Select file”, find and select the ZIP file that we just downloaded and click on “Install now”. Once everything is installed we must click on the “Activate” link.

Hello Theme Elementor Install and Activate Template in WP Admin

8. Everything would be done if you follow the steps above of this Hello review. We have installed the Hello theme (parent theme) and we have the Hello theme child active.

Hello Theme Customization Options

The Hello theme offers fewer customization options than other WordPress themes. But this theme complies with the regulations established by the WordPress community for themes.

1. We go to “Appearance” and then we click on “Customize”.

Hello Theme Elementor Customizer

2. Once you are here you will see that the Hello theme only offers basic sections:

  • Identity of the site
  • Menus
  • Home page settings
  • Additional CSS

3. Elementos takes care of everything, for this reason the Hello theme is a theme that has few functionalities. Elementor PRO that will allow us to create all the necessary sections for our website.

With this theme we will not be able to customize the styles: colors and typography, since Elementor also does the work of the theme. You will only be able to change the logo, the icon of the site, add a title and a description for the web, all the rest you will have to do with Elementor Pro Theme Builder.

Speed Test

Hello Theme comes with few features and clean code. The theme hardly loads scripts and the loading time with only the template and the child Theme activated is very fast. As we upload resources to the web and install plugins, these values will change.

Hello Theme Elementor Speed Test

What are the best themes for Elementor?

The best themes for Elementor would be GeneratePress, Astra Pro, and Ocean WP but if you plan to build the entire web with Elementor Pro your best option is without hesitation the Hello Theme. In addition, we think in this Hello review that this way you will save the cost of the license for the template since Elementor Pro takes care of everything.

hello elementor wordpress theme

Free Themes for Elementor

  • Hello theme: A light and simple theme for Elementor website builder.
  • Sydney: Sydney is a powerful business theme that offers a quick way to build your website for freelancers and businesses to professionally build a website. The theme works great with Elementor too.
  • GeneratePress: a great theme Fast, light, well built and free. The premium version is also of great quality.
  • OceanWP: a free multipurpose WordPress perfectly compatible with Elementor. It is perfect for creating any type of website, fast, SEO friendly and highly customizable.
  • Neve: Neve has a minimalist approach and allows us to create well-designed sites. It’s easy to get started with any of your predesigned demos thanks to the built-in dashboard incorporation.
  • Astra: an elegant, fast and highly customizable theme. It is SEO friendly and Elementor friendly. The theme has 50+ pre-built websites that you install with one click and based on Elementor.
  • Layers: A free responsive multipurpose theme and the theme has a special panel. Offers easy-to-use tools to quickly customize areas like your site footer, header, blog page, and more.
  • EleComm: Free premium full theme. EleComm is an Elementor enhanced WooCommerce theme with custom WooCommerce / Elementor / widgets included and is SEO ready. Multiple header styles and store layouts.
  • Rife Free: Excellent portfolio, creative and photography WP theme, Comes with 7 complete ready-to-use demos based on Elementor. It’s great as a store theme (with WooCommerce) and a page.
  • Tesseract: an easy-to-use, simple and reliable theme. It integrates very well with Elementor.
  • Page Builder Framework: A lightning fast, free and highly customizable WordPress theme. It was created specifically to work with Elementor.
  • Zakra: a multipurpose theme that includes more than 10 starter sites for different purposes. It is a lightweight and flexible WordPress Elementor theme.
  • Phlox: a free multipurpose theme and compatible with Elementor. It comes with more than 25 new demos. Highly customizable that covers all types of websites be it a blog, a store, news, agency, staff and much more.
  • Ashe: Free personal and multi-author WordPress blog theme. Designed for lifestyle, personal, health and fitness, food, and other blogs. Sleek, minimalist and mobile friendly design with WooCommerce store support. Easy to use even for WordPress beginners.

Premium Themes for Elementor

  • Bellevue: A theme with unlimited design options for your apartment, hotel, vacation rental, breakfast, lodging, travel website, or small and medium business website. It includes an availability calendar, an end-to-end reservation system, and secure online payment with full support for WooCommerce. This theme includes 50+ Elementor page templates and 200+ Elementor block layouts.
  • Hestia Pro: A modern material design theme perfect to use from Elementor, It has SEO optimized for speed and a template directory.
  • Sonaar: Sonaar includes 23+ fully customizable Elementor-based demos. Full podcast support, an impressive streaming audio player, streaming audio, and much more.
  • ColorWay WP Theme: a super responsive and easy-to-use theme with over 25 demo sites fully compatible with Elementor. They are optimized for SEO.
  • Schema theme: Schema is a very SEO friendly and fast loading WordPress theme. It has rich snippets to help search engines identify all parts of your site and rank it higher.
  • Jupiter X: one of the themes that has recently been rebuilt with Elementor. It is the most popular on ThemeForest.
  • Rhodos: multipurpose WordPress theme for portfolios and companies.
  • Gumbo: Gumbo is a modern WordPress theme that has been designed for Podcasters. It is a theme compatible with all major WordPress podcasting plugins, fully compatible with Elementor, has tons of features, and even includes custom Elementor elements and templates.

Hello Tutorial

When we are not sure how something works, it is advisable to do a good explanatory tutorial to help you know how to use it. There are many tutorials, but in this Hello review we have selected the best one for you and the most complete to know how to use Hello Theme.

Hello Support and Documentation

You have at your disposal on the website all the documentation necessary to solve all the problems. The staff is highly professional, so they will be at your disposal for everything you need.

Elementor Pro Support

Hello FAQ

What is the use of Hello theme?

Hello theme is a theme created by the Elementor team for everyone that designs websites with Elementor to start with a blank canvas.

Should I use Hello theme from Elementor?

Hello theme is recommended to use if you are using Elementor in your website.

Is Hello Elementor theme free?

Yes, Hello Elementor theme is a free theme that you can download on the WordPress Theme Directory.

Is Hello Elementor good for SEO?

Yes, Hello Elementor is been develop to be SEO friendly.

Is Elementor Free?

Elementor is a free plugin with over 5,000,000 active websites. For example Elementor Pro has additional features that extend Elementor’s capabilities and that can make your website a success.

Does Elementor works with any theme?

Yes, most WordPress themes are compatible with Elementor, but it is advisable to boost your website using the Hello Theme.

Can I develop with Elementor my own theme?

Yes, you can develop your own themes using Elementor Theme Builder.

What is the difference between a Theme and a Theme Builder?

A theme creator is a plugin that allows easy customization of the theme design. It allows you to change colors, sizes, spacing and other aspects of the design easily and visually. A theme is a collection of design elements that vary the appearance of the website. Some knowledge of CSS and HTML coding is required to change it.

Final Thoughts on Hello Elementor Theme

We know that choosing a WordPress template can be quite a complicated task due to the great variety that is currently on the market. Users who use the Elementor plugin are better off using Hello themes. For example templates like GeneratePress or Astra have some functionalities that do not fit perfectly with Elementor. If you are an expert in the use of Elementor Pro it is advisable to download the Hello theme completely free since it has been designed for this plugin. Also thanks to optimized code and its low weight will make your website load super fast.

Click here to Get the Hello Elementor Theme Now

What do you think of this Hello review? Have you used Hello Elementor theme for any of your website projects yet? Anything to add? Feel free to add a comment below.

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