GeneratePress Review 2023: The Popular WordPress Theme

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Generatepress Review

Are you looking for a good WordPress theme that is easy to use and works perfectly? We are here to recommend one of the best themes on the market, it is called GeneratePress and we are going to talk during this post and in depth about this wonderful topic that will facilitate the design of your website.

As you well know, there are a great variety of themes in WordPress but they have nothing to do with the theme GeneratePress, which is the one that we are going to develop exactly, we will talk about what it is, the characteristics it has, how it is used and for what, some tutorial explanatory, the price it has and our humble and honest opinion.

GeneratePress has some very good work and a wide variety of tools so you can start designing your website. Would you like to know more about wordpress GeneratePress? Then, Don’t go and read this GeneratePress review!

GeneratePress Step by Step Guide of 2023

In this in-depth guide on the GeneratePress review we will talk about everything you need to know about this multipurpose theme, it will help you to learn more about everything and start as soon as possible and with knowledge to ensure a good effective job.

GeneratePress theme Reviews for WordPress: What is GeneratePress?

GeneratePress is a theme that you can find in WordPress and that is characterized by being multipurpose, free, light and easy to use. You can use this theme to create all the websites you want, whether to create web pages for others or to create pages for your own benefit.

If your interest is to create a website for an e-commerce business, you can use a specific plugin (Woocommerce plugin, etc.) as long as you have the premium version.

What are the features of Generate Press theme?

Before informing you about how to use it, the prices and others, you should know well the characteristics that this wonderful theme has. Once you know all of them, I assure you that you will hit the buy button without thinking twice.

GeneratePress Premium Pricing Table

The price of the GeneratePress WordPress theme for a year is $59 and if you want to use it for a lifetime then you can buy the $249. This will depend on the needs that each one has and if you dedicate yourself in a professional way to making web pages for others.


  • This theme works for everything so, it stands out for being multipurpose
  • It is optimized for any device, be it tablet or mobile and that has a screen resolution
  • It has more than 30 languages
  • You will be able to customize your web page and you will have options to choose the design
  • Easy configuration and flexibility of design and customization
  • The typography that is available has more than 600 icons (Font Awesome) that will cover all your needs so that you can make a beautiful design to your web page
  • It is compatible with the most important plugins like bbPress, BuddyPress, WPML and Woocommerce
  • The annual plan gives you updates and support and if you choose the lifetime plan then you will have updates and support for life
  • If you have taken the annual plan and you are going to renew it again, you have a 40% discount on your GeneratePress pricing with needing to use a GeneratePress coupon discount.
  • You can use GeneratePress on up to 500 websites
  • Has an efficient and clean code
  • You will have access to the GeneratePress site library with all the GeneratePress templates examples and all the premium modules
  • It is a fairly fast and light theme
  • You have a 30-day warranty

GeneratePress Free vs Premium

You have two options to use wp Generate Press template, the first option is the one that is the GeneratePress free theme, as the word says, you can download the theme without paying and then you have the premium option the GeneratePress Pro that has many more tools.

You have an option that is a single payment and you can use it for life that is worth $249 and then you have another option that is annual that is worth $59.

GeneratePress Review Premium Modules

If you want to know more about the WordPress theme GeneratePress Premium theme modules, stay with us on this GeneratePress review, we will tell you everything below so that you are well informed about everything. You can research and explore the wide variety of functions and modules to start working hard. Among the modules we have colors, backgrounds, copyright, library, blog, typography, sections, etc.

If you want to use one of these premium modules and enable it properly to use it in the creation of your web page, you just have to click on “Appearance” then on “GeneratePress”, then “Modules”, and finally “Activate”. Have you seen how easy is it? Do you dare to do it yourself?

GeneratePress Premium Modules

Next we are going to explain in more detail the different premium modules of GeneratePress Theme WordPress:

  • Premium color module: you can enjoy a wide variety of colors to design your web page and make it striking and colorful.
GeneratePress Premium Colors Module
Colors Module

Specifically, it has more than 60 colors to customize your website: in the header, in the body, etc.

GP Premium Color Module in Customizer to change colors in Body
  • Premium blog module: you can customize the columns and images using the blog module in the customize selection. You will control the most outstanding images, the author, the date that is published, the categories, etc.
GeneratePress Premium Blog Module
  • Premium module backgrounds: this premium module helps you to easily put the images you want on the site where the background goes.
GeneratePress Premium Module Backgrounds
  • Premium Copyright module: at the bottom of the page you can change the copyright.
GeneratePress Premium Copyright Module
  • Premium GeneratePress elements module: in this section you can add whatever you want to customize your website. It is the most important module of this theme also people who are creating their website use it to make advanced customization or to modify.

This module is made up of: design, hook and header.

  1. Layout: This element helps us to control the pages, publications, files easily and quickly.
  2. Hook: this element is the most powerful module that GeneratePress has, this element will help you put content and customize everything faster and more efficiently.
  3. Header: This element helps us and makes our work easier by adding texts, image backgrounds, etc. and bring life to your website.
  4. Block: it will help us to personalize our website using Block Editor

To activate this premium module we have to click on “Appearance”, then “GeneratePress”, then “Elements” and finally you have to click on “Activate”.

GeneratePress Premium Module Elements
  • Premium module disable elements: You can disable the elements you want on your website.
GeneratePress Premium Disable Elements Module
  • Site library premium module: you can enjoy a large number of libraries with more than 46 GeneratePress demo themes examples available to create a beautiful web page with GeneratePress demos library. If you have already purchased the premium version of GeneratePress wp theme, you can start importing any of this generatepress examples. The WordPress editor that you already have installed is used.
GeneratePress Site Library

Using the library of the premium module is not a difficult task, you can import everything you want from the library easily and quickly. So that you can use everything in the library, you must first click on “Appearance”, then on “GeneratePress”, then on “Site library” and finally click on “Activate”. You will find more than 46 places within the library to make your perfect website.

  • Secondary navigation premium module: if you want to add colors, design, etc. to the additional menu you can do it in this secondary navigation module. To start using it you must activate this module in GeneratePress, to do so you must click on “Appearance”, then on “GeneratePress”, then “Secondary Nav” and finally click on “Activate”.
GeneratePress Premium Secondary Navigation Module
  • Premium spacing module: you can use the spacing module to be able to handle the padding and the margin as shown below on this GeneratePress review. This very useful module can be used in sidebar width, separate container, in content filling, in the header, in filling the footer of the page, in the footer widget, etc.
GeneratePress Premium Spacing Module
  • Mobile Header module: it helps us in the mobile header, that the menu is not sticky, that the browser is not out of the canvas, etc. If you are interested in using this module, you just have to click on “Customize” and then click on “Layout” where you can see everything you have.
GeneratePress Premium Mobile Header
  • Premium typography module: you can design your website with more than 70 Google sources. Fonts are very important to be able to carry out your website, that is why you will find many sources at your disposal as shown on this generatepress review.
GeneratePress Premium Typography Module

In case you didn’t know, you can also use the fonts that are in Google’s WordPress.

GeneratePress Premium Typography Module Features using Google Fonts
  • Premium module of GeneraPress sections: you can make a nice content and divide it if necessary.
GeneratePress Premium Sections Module

If for whatever reason you are using a basic and classic editor, it is advisable to use section modules on your page which is easier to create.

In case you did not know we tell you on this GeneratePress review that WordPress has been updated and now you cannot use the Gutenberg editor so GeneratePress has created GenerateBlocks with which you can use it for anything you need. Additionally GenerateBlocks is compatible with Gutenberg.

GenerateBlocks Hero HomePage
  • Woocommerce premium module: you must first install this Generatepress Woocommerce module to make your e-commerce page. It is open source and free, but first you have to download it, install it correctly and activate it to start using it for your website as we show on this GeneratePress review.
GeneratePress Premium WooCommerce Module

These modules will help you customize your e-commerce page to your liking using fonts, designs, a variety of colors, typeface, etc.

GeneratePress Support

It has a pretty good help section that will help you with everything and will solve all the questions.

As we have seen previously on this GeneratePress review, this theme has two purchase options: one that is completely free and another that is premium and paid. In case you did not know, the theme that is free has five stars on the WordPress page with more than 900 ratings. The support it has is wonderful.

GeneratePress Support Page on Directory

If you have chosen the premium option of GeneratePress you should know that it has an exceptional quality and that it also has very good ratings for helping and solving all the problems that exist. Thanks to David, Leo, Ying and Tom, this is happening. I have had several problems with GeneratePress support and they have been solved very carefully and quickly.

GeneratePress Premium Theme Support Forum Page


Generate Press WordPress theme has the best documentation so that you can carry out your project with knowledge. You will find an extensive informative guide with everything you need to know about wordpress GeneratePress documentation about how to customize your website, about modules, GeneratePress hooks, filters, etc. with quality GeneraPress tutorials, GeneratePress Github and a GeneratePress blog with more information about new updates, releases and much more as seen on this generatepress review.

In order for you to access the extensive documentation of this theme you will have to access and you will find out how to use it and all the tools that you can use to make your personalized web page.

GeneratePress Documentation Library Website

You will see that the documentation has four parts, if you see that it seems somewhat complicated you can also look at a tutorial like the one that we are going to give you below on this generatepress review.

If you want to find information about the elements that the GeneratePress theme examples has, you have them available in WordPress.

Elements GeneratePress Module Documentation

You will also have the option to Google all the problems that may arise with GP Theme.

How should you install the GeneratePress Premium WordPress theme?

Are you thinking of buying this wonderful GeneratePress Premium them? After reading this GeneratePress review, the first thing you should do before is download GeneratePress template for free and then you have to install it in WordPress.

What should I do to install GeneratePress wp? Well, it is very simple and easy, first you have to click “Appearance”, then click “Themes” and finally you must click “Add new”. Once you have installed the free theme, you can, as we have said before, install the GP premium plugin from the official website.

How to Install GeneratePress theme on wp

If you do not know how to go to the official site to download the GP premium theme, then on this generatepress review we are going to facilitate your work and leave the official link so that you can download and install it.

What steps should I follow to download the Theme premium GP?

We have left you before the tutorial on how to install it correctly on this GeneratePress review, but just in case we leave you the steps that you must follow as an informative complement.

  1. First you must go to the official GenaterPress website that we have attached above
  2. Hit the menu button to login
  3. Register with a username and a secure password
  4. Now you can start downloading the premium GP
  5. After doing all this, you must go to the panel that is in WordPress
  6. Click on “add-ons” and finally on “add new”
  7. Next you must click on load completely
  8. You can now start to exploit GeneratePress Premium and get to know its tools
  9. The moment to install it and put it to work
  10. You must go to the stop where “Appearance” appears and then to GP
  11. Now you must enter the key of the license that you have obtained
  12. Now you just need to activate all the modules you need to start making your website and you can enjoy all the advantages that GeneratePress offers
GeneratePress Premium Theme Download Page

Is GeneratePress a fast and resolute theme?

One of the factors that is given enough importance to themes is the loading time of any technological device from which we can search in Google. This highly important factor allows us to outperform our competitors on SERP.

GeneralPress continues to improve its theme in time and accessibility so that customers remain just as satisfied. Now with GP 3.0 it is much lighter and also reduces 3 HTTP requests to one, isn’t it wonderful? Not forgetting the variety of changes that have been made in the codes to facilitate your work and thus have a wonderful website.

Another factor that we must take care of is the Core Web Vitals, because as you know Google takes into account the speed of the page. If you want to get better advantages, we advise you to download the worpress theme GeneralPress 3.0 version.

If you decide to try the version of GeneralPress 3.0 with Google Lighthouse and GTmetrix you will be amazed, in fact on this generatepress review we are going to show you below:

google lighthouse speedtest results for generalpress theme

Do you need a tutorial to learn how to use GeneratePress theme?

When we don’t know how something works, we always advise doing a good explanatory tutorial to help you know how to use it. There is a multitude of GeneratePress tutorials but we have selected the best for you.

Also if you have doubts and it is GP free you can ask for help in the support of the forum that is in WordPress, if on the contrary it is premium you can get help directly from the official site.

Legacy Floats vs Flexbox Grid

With the new update of GP 3.0, now there will be Flexbox Grid for all users which is quite light and they will also be able to use the Floats grid system.

To achieve this you must click on “Appearance”, then on “Customizer” and finally on “General”. You give it to publish and that’s it.

External File Dynamic CSS

Now there is a new option to obtain and generate the dynamic CCS, this will help us obtain better performance.

To obtain the CCS and improve performance we have to click on “Appearance”, then on “Customizer” and finally on “General”. Another option is to create a GeneratePress child theme.

What plugins can I use for the GeneratePress WordPress theme?

It is advisable not to use excessive things for the blog but there are very good plugins that you can use for your WordPress websites.

Next on this GeneratePress review we are going to name the most important and relevant plugins that can be useful: bbPress, WPML, Woocommerce, WP Rocket, LuckyWP, Google Analytics, BunnyCDN, Akismet Anti-Spam and much more.

GeneratePress FAQ

Is GeneratePress free?

GeneratePress is a free theme but offers additional premium features.

Is Generate Press fast?

Is considered one of the fastest themes for WordPress.

Do you need GeneratePress premium?

You can use GeneratePress free version for most websites.

Does GeneratePress Theme work best with Elementor?

GeneratePress is one of the best themes to work with Elementor.

Price and opinion

GeneralPress WordPress Theme has a license that is for life if we compare GeneratePress vs Astra or GeneratePress vs OceanWP or even GeneratePress vs Genesis. With the first option that we have discussed premium, you can enjoy more than 500 websites.

The annual GeneratePress option costs $59 and the GeneratePress Lifetime option is priced at $249, it would be a one-time payment and you would no longer have to pay. For customers who are already registered you have the option of obtaining a 40% discount.

This theme is one of the most recommended, they also give you two options to download it for free or pay the premium as we mention on this generatepress review.

First you can download the theme for free to test if you like it and if it meets your expectations and later I would buy the premium. This theme is one of the best and one of the fastest on the market.

Are you using GeneratePress template in 2023? We have to inform you that it is the SEO template par excellence of high quality and 100% optimized.

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