GenerateBlocks Review 2023: Is It Worth The Money?

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generateblocks review

Are you interested in a WordPress plugin that allows you to create your website quickly? GenerateBlocks is Generatepress’s version of building a page builder using Gutenberg. This plugin is powerful, fast and offers enough facilities to facilitate the construction of our website as we will show you in detail in this GenerateBlocks review.

GenerateBlocks is a plugin that has been created by Tom Usborne and the amazing GeneratePress development team. It has more than 100,000 active installations with an excellent rating and currently there is a Pro version with more functionalities than the free version.

If you want to know more about the functionalities and characteristics of this GenerateBlocks plugin for WordPress, keep reading this GenerateBlocks review and know our opinion about this powerful and fast block page creator.

GenerateBlocks Review: Step by Step Guide in 2023

In this GenerateBlocks review we will talk in depth and in detail about the best lightest WordPress plugin for your website.

What is GenerateBlocks?

GenerateBlocks is a collection of highly lightweight WordPress blocks that allows us to create websites in a simple way since no codes are needed. It allows you to add different blocks to a page and is a perfect tool for creating your website. There are four blocks available to add and customize from the Gutenberg Editor.

It has its own blocks, and the Pro version comes with additional templates, backgrounds and effects that will be very useful for you to start creating your website. This plugin has been designed with speed and performance in mind. It has the free version of GenerateBlocks and the Pro version with more features.

generateblocks plugin

What are the advantages of the GenerateBlocks plugin?

  • Lightweight and super fast
  • It is more flexible and offers more design options
  • The four blocks of the GenerateBlocks plugin can replace other blocks
  • HTML structure that triggers the performance of the website
  • High coding standards to ensure security, stability and future compatibility
  • Loading time is optimized and generates traffic to your website
  • Full control of your responsive design
  • High responsiveness
  • Easy to use

What features does the GenerateBlocks plugin offer?

It is one of the most downloaded plugins in the WordPress directory at the moment and with very good ratings. Next, in this GenerateBlocks review we are going to see in this GenerateBlocks review all the functionalities that this incredible GenerateBlocks plugin offers us:

  • Container: Organize your content in rows and sections
  • Create advanced layouts with flexible grids
  • Create rich text content with advanced typography
  • Performance: HTML structure and minimal CSS is generated for blocks only
  • High encryption standards for security, stability, and future compatibility
  • Fully responsive: Each block comes with tablet and mobile controls
  • Documentation available
  • The free version of GenerateBlocks has four main blocks: Containes, Grid, Headline and Button

How to install the GenerateBlocks plugin?

GenerateBlocks is a WordPress plugin that has been designed to create an amazing website. It has both free and paid versions available with amazing features.


Installing the GenerateBlocks plugin is simple and straightforward, you can also easily find it in the WordPress listing.

  1. Go to your WordPress dashboard interface.
  2. Go to “Plugins” then click “Add New” and find the GenerateBlocks plugin.
  3. Select “Install and activate” and you would be all set.

How to install the GenerateBlocks Pro version in WordPress?

If you are a GenerateBlocks Pro user, you must install the free version of GenerateBlocks and follow the instructions on how to install this plugin.

generateblocks premium download
  1. Go to the GenerateBlocks website and log in
  2. Go to the “Menu”, then click on “Account” and select “Downloads”
  3. When you see GenerateBlocks Pro click to download it
  4. Next go to “Add-ons” and then click on “Add again”
  5. Select “Load plugin”
  6. Now you have to find the GenerateBlocks Pro zip file and you have to upload, install and activate it
  7. Next go to the GenerateBlocks menu in the “Administration Area” and then configure everything and enter the license key
  8. You could already start enjoying the Pro version

GenerateBlocks Block Overview

GenerateBlocks uses only 6 blocks: container, grid, headline, image, query loop and buttons. These six blocks allow you to create anything, we will explain what each one of them can do below on this GenerateBlocks review.

generateblocks blocks

1. Blocks

  • Container: using Container Block you can create an easy to move section
  • Headline: Create Headings / a paragraph with the title block using advanced typography
  • Buttons: With the Button block you can create buttons
  • Image: with the Image block you can add dynamic or static images to your content
  • Grid: with the Grid block create flexible layouts
  • Query Loop: with the Query Loop block you can build posts lists of any post type.

generateblocks mockups

The Container block allows us to organize the columns and rows. With this block you can adjust the margin, the padding, the width of the container, the colors and much more.

generateblocks containers

The GenerateBlocks Heading block has many built-in components that can push paragraphs and headings to the top. It is similar to the common block of headers in WordPress.

generateblocks headline element

You can use icons to set within the title and select tags and heading paragraphs (H1, H2, H3, H4, H5, H6) to set the title of the item in the title block. In addition, it also allows us to select the font weight, a custom font, colors, typography, set the ID element and much more.


With the GenerateBlocks Button block, we will be able to create social media buttons, registration buttons, login buttons and set icons on each button.

generateblocks buttons

You also have the possibility to use other components such as gradient, typography, spacing, colors and much more.


The Image block allows you to insert static and dynamic images with lots more customization options than the WordPress core image block from Gutenberg.

image block


The Grid block is one of the most important blocks that this incredible plugin has, it also allows us to create cool designs adapted to the needs of our website.

generateblocks grid

Query Loop

The Query Loop block it is very similar to the PHP loop without the code basically what it does is that allows you to list and display posts based on specific parameters.

Query Loop Insert

2. Components

generateblocks components
  • Typography: This component helps us to adapt our text to what we want to convey to the user. It allows us to select the weight of the font, transform the text and align the text. You can also enable advanced typography and select fonts from Google.
  • Spacing: with this component we can place the corresponding space between the four blocks that GenerateBlocks offers. It allows you to adjust the margin, border radius, border size, and much more.
  • Colors: this component allows us to set the colors we want in the grid, the title, the container, the buttons and much more.
  • Background gradient: this component allows us to add a block to your website.
  • Background image: You can use the image of the grid block or the container background. It also allows us to configure the SVG image as a background image. For example WordPress does not allow uploading SVG extensions for security reasons, for this reason you must install a plugin such as Safe SVG or SVG Support to enable SVG uploads.
  • SVG Icons: You have the option to configure SVG icons in the header block and buttons.

List of plugins to use with GenerateBlocks

Generateblocks you can use some recommended plugins with GenerateBlocks and it is also compatible with any WordPress theme.

  • Subscription plugin / form: surely you need to collect emails, you can use any paid or free subscription plugin. You can also use the code from MailChimp Embedded.
  • WP Show Posts: You can insert posts anywhere on the website using shortcodes, it is a plugin developed by Tom Usborne.
  • WP Rocket: is a premium plugin that can boost your website performance.
  • BunnyCDN: If you use Content Delivery Network you will make your website much faster worldwide.
  • Social sharing plugin: recommended to use a social sharing plugin like Shariff Wrapper.

GenerateBlocks Support

Since GenerateBlocks has a totally free and a paid plugin, everyone can install a free version from the WordPress repository. In the support section in WordPress you can find a free plugin help. Also, if you are a GeneratePress Premium user, you can also get free support in the GeneratePress Forum.

GenerateBlocks Community Forums

GenerateBlocks Documentation

When it comes to the documentation for the GenerateBlocks plugin, Tom and his team have created a fairly comprehensive documentation that includes blocks, component, and block editor. You can access the full documentation at

GenerateBlocks documentation

For more information on their support and customer service check the links below:

GenerateBlocks Tutorials

GenerateBlocks is an amazing plugin that allows us to build our website quickly and easily for both beginners and professionals. Here in this GenerateBlocks review we leave you this GenerateBlocks tutorial so you can see how it all works step by step.

GenerateBlocks FAQ

Is GenerateBlocks legit?

Yes, GenerateBlocks is a very popular page builder for WordPress.

Who created GenerateBlocks?

GenerateBlocks was created by Tom Usborne the developer of the famous theme GeneratePress.

Is GenerateBlocks suitable for beginners?

Yes, thanks to the great team behind GenerateBlocks it is now suitable for beginners since, they had build standard patterns that are easy to copy and customize.

Is Generate Blocks free?

Yes, Generate Blocks offers a free version more limited that you can download on the WordPress repository. However, they also offer a Pro version with more features.

Is GenerateBlocks worth the investment?

Yes, it is GenerateBlocks is the cheapest page builder on the market, it can cost as low as 39$ per year for 1 site and for 250 sites it will cost you 99$ per year. Also, Generate Blocks has nothing to envy to any other WordPress page builder on the market.

What is the difference between GenerateBlocks and GenerateBlocks Pro?

The main difference is that the free version of GenerateBlocks offers a page builder with more limited features and the Generate Blocks Pro offers a page builder full of features.

Generate Blocks Pricing Plans

GenerateBlocks offers the free version and the paid Pro version with the following prices:

  • Personal: for a site and costs $39 per year
  • Plus: for 10 sites and costs $69 per year
  • Professional: for 250 sites and costs $99 per year
generateblocks pricing plan


GenerateBlocks is one of the best block editors out there in WordPress today, it’s a lightweight, fast and powerful editor that’s performance-based. Also, as we seen on this GenerateBlocks review there is no CSS code and no JavaScript is used. The HTML generated by the plugin is minimal, which makes GenerateBlocks super fast and lightweight.

The GenerateBlocks plugin stands out for its blocks (container, grid, title and buttons) that can be customized according to the needs of each design. We recommend the Generate Blocks plugin to all bloggers and developers who know simple CSS.

Click here to select your GenerateBlocks pricing plan

What do you think of this GenerateBlocks review? Have you used Generate Blocks for any of your website projects yet? Anything to add? Feel free to add a comment below.

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