Formidable Forms Review 2023: Build Complex Forms in WordPress

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formidable forms review

Looking for a powerful forms plugin for WordPress? Formidable Forms is a form builder plugin for WordPress that also doubles as an app builder.

It ranges from lead generation forms to business directories, real estate listings, job boards, paid classifieds, recipe management, and nutrition and weight tracking.

Creating any other type of form has never been easier, polls, surveys, contact forms, email forms and much more. You just have to drag and drop, so we can finish the project quickly. Drag form elements into place and edit labels, options, and other settings very easily.

Formidable Forms offers more than 30 professionally designed templates for mobile devices, you can also easily customize the templates by adding, removing or moving form fields and customizing colors, fonts and borders, among other elements.

This wordpress plugin offers more than 30 integrations, including multilingual tools like PolyLang or WPML, email marketing tools like Mailchimp or GetRespone, and payment software like Stripe or PayPal. The number of integrations available will depend on the plan you select.

In this post we are going to talk in depth and in detail about the Formidable Forms plugin, what features it has, advantages, how it is installed, we will do a tutorial, give our opinion, explain the prices and much more.

Formidable Forms WordPress plugin Step by Step Guide in 2023

In this guide we will talk in depth and in detail about the Formidable Forms plugin, it offers millions of facilities so that you can start your project as soon as possible to ensure that your website will be a success.

What is WordPress Formidable Forms?

Formidable Forms is a very advanced form plugin for WordPress. Free basic form builder or a fully featured premium plugin.

It allows you to create surveys, calculators, questionnaires, time-sheets, multi-page request forms, and other form-based features. It has a built-in drag-and-drop form designer that makes our work easier and allows us to create feature-rich forms. It comes in both free and premium versions.

It stands out since it allows us to mark, design and build a wide range of forms from a single plugin. It works like a page builder.

form builder wordpress

Advantages offered by Formidable Forms?

  • Free version: The free version of Formidable Forms has many features.
  • Form Designer: The ability to create a form and then modify its appearance to fit a theme is very important.
  • Drag and drop form designer: Drag and drop makes our work easier when creating our form.
  • Conditional logic: It allows you to design interactive forms that calibrate according to the answers, it is a smart way to collect data.
  • Calculated fields: The ability to add calculations to a form enables advanced forms for almost any purpose and opens up a whole new world for websites.
  • Pricing fields: allows you to perform e-commerce calculations and create automated prices based on the Product, Quantity, and Total fields.

What types of forms can you create with Formidable Forms plugins?

You’ll find templates for most types of forms in Formidable Forms:

  • Blank form
  • Preview create form
  • User Registration
  • Create WordPress posts
  • Simple mortgage calculator
  • WooCommerce sample product builder
  • Create a WooCommerce product
  • I pay with credit card
  • Travel reservation
  • User information
  • Simple user registration
  • Expanded contact details
  • NPS survey
  • Customer feedback form
  • Car payment calculator
  • PayPal donation form
  • Real estate listings
  • Mortgage application form
  • Job application
  • Small business loan application form
  • Emergency contact form
  • Request form for hiring volunteers
  • Contact form to the SMS form
  • B2B leads form
  • Pricing / Ecommerce forms

What are the features of the Formidable Forms plugin?

formidable forms features
  • Drag and drop form builder: just drag, drop and go.
  • Tons of form templates: You will be able to create contact forms, calculator forms, payment forms, and WooCommerce forms.
  • Installation of add-ons with 1 click: It has more than 30 add-ons available, with just one click you will have it installed.
  • Integrated views: Transform entries into listings, directories, calendars, and powerful front-end content.
  • Repeating fields: Collect various data, such as work history, equipment logs, and events.
  • Dynamic fields: Automatically populate fields with saved entries, user meta, and more.
  • Easy to customize: Adding customizations is super easy with customizable HTML and over 125 hooks.

Other Premium Features and Extensions

  • Pre-designed templates with just one click.
  • Extensions such as Aweber, Zapier, HighRise, Bootstrap, Paypal, Woocommerce, Mailchimp, WP Multilungual, Stripe and many very useful services.
  • 100% customizable visual editor: Modify borders, colors, fills and much more.
  • Import and export of php forms.
  • Build contact forms without any watermark.
  • Invisible Protection against Spam.

How to install Formidable Forms?

The Formidable Forms installation installs like any other WordPress plugin.

  1. Login to your WordPress website as an administrator.
  2. Select “Add-ons” from the menu on the side and then select “Add New”
  3. Click to upload the file and then select “Add file”.
  4. Select the Formidable Forms zip file downloaded to your computer.
  5. Click on “Upload and Install Now”.
  6. Click “Activate” once the document is uploaded.
  7. You will need to paste the license key that was given to you when you set up your account and then you will get access to all the features of the plugin.

How to create a simple and advanced contact form with Formidable Forms

Let’s build a simple form using formidable forms premium plugin.

wordpress form

You must first Install the Formidable Forms plugin as we discussed in the previous section:

  1. Select “Forms” from the side menu of Formidable Forms and then click “Add New”
  2. In the form template select “Contact us” in the middle of the page and then click “Upload template”.
  3. Select “Create” to start.
  4. Name your form at the top.
  5. Remove any unnecessary fields from the template.
  6. To add a new field, select the left window and drag to the desired location.
  7. Add other fields if necessary.
  8. Add additional check box options such as drop-down menus, placeholder text, radio boxes, or other.
  9. Now you have to update the form and then click “save”.

The placeholder text forms are quite useful in giving the user an idea of what to expect in each field. Adding them to a form is simple.

  1. Select the field where you want to add placeholder text.
  2. Select the field options tab from the side menu.
  3. Select “Advanced” and enter your text in the placeholder text box.
  4. Delete the text in the description box for the field.
  5. In the label position box next to the required field indicator, select from the drop-down menu “placeholder within field”.
  6. Repeat for each form field the same as we have explained.

How to build an advanced form with this premium plugin:

Forms from the Formidable Forms side menu and then “Add New”.

formidable forms builder
  1. Name your form.
  2. Drag and drop the field options to create your form in the right menu in the center.
  3. Click “Field Options” on the side menu to add placeholder text or customizations.
  4. Add advanced functionality with graphs, calculator, views, multi-page form elements, tables, or other required functionality.
  5. Now is the time to design your form.
  6. Save the form once you have updated the form.

Formidable Forms Tutorial

Before starting, we recommend doing a good explanatory tutorial to help you know how to use Formidable Forms. There are many tutorials, but we have selected the best one for you and the most complete.

Formidable Forms Support and Documentation

Formidable Forms has extensive documentation where you can find out everything you need to start building your forms. Has video tutorials to support written documentation.

formidable forms support

Support is available from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday within a US time zone. For more information check the links below:

Frequently Asked Questions about Formidable Forms

Which Formidable Forms plan to choose? What is the most recommended?

Formidable Forms has different pricing plans. That are differentiated by the functionalities that each one has. Therefore, everything will depend on the needs you have to choose one or another package.

How to unsubscribe from Formidable Forms?

At any time you can cancel the subscription and automatic renewal of Formidable Forms. To cancel the automatic renewal of your subscription is a simple process:
First, log in and go to your “Account” page and then to “Billing” and then, find the “Cancel” link and follow the steps below.

Attention: Remember that when a subscription is canceled, the license remains active until the expiration date, so you will be able to continue using the software until the renewal date. Does Formidable Forms offer refunds?

Does Formidable Forms offer refunds?

Formidable Forms offers refunds, promises to issue a refund within the first 14 days. If you want to receive a refund, follow the steps that we indicate.

First create a ticket in their support service to submit your request and then go to Consult about my account, select the category “My account or licenses” and then select the subcategory “Request a refund”. Remember, to explain the reasons for your refund and submit the form.

Are formidable Forms worth it?

If you want to take all advantages you can from simple or complex forms in a website then Formidable Forms is a must have plugin.

What is the difference between Gravity Forms and Formidable Forms?

Both have very similar features the main difference is on the price which Formidable Forms offers a cheaper one.

Is formidable form free?

Formidable Forms has a premium version and a free one. The main difference is that the free version offers only basic form features while the premium one offers advanced features.

Opinion and price

There is a free version of Formidable Forms and three premium levels. The free version offers basic form creation and a trial to test the plugin. Premium paid tiers offer the complete package. The four packages that Formidable Forms has are Elite, Business, Plus and Basic.

  • Elite: It costs $ 299.50 per year.
  • Business: It costs $ 199, 50 per year.
  • Plus: It costs $ 99.50 per year.
  • Basic: It costs $ 39.50 per year.
formidable forms pricing

Formidable Forms is an amazing choice for beginners and developers alike with a simple drag-and-drop interface and front-end editing, as well as ready-to-use (or DIY) CSS classes for elegant design and customizable HTML formatting. This plugin comes with all the essential features you need from an advanced WordPress form builder.

If you need more advanced forms than usual or want full control over the appearance of forms on your website, Formidable Forms is what you need.

Still have any questions about whether Formidable Forms is right for you? Ask away in the comments!

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