FastComet Review 2023: Is It Worth The Money?

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FastComet Review

FastComet is a WordPress hosting that offers 99.99% uptime for the last six months. It is based in California in the San Francisco area and the services it offers are shared, VPS and dedicated hosting. FastComet can be installed from cPanel, plus it offers features like free daily backups and Cloudflare CDN caching. It has a high range of hosting services for WordPress, in fact the company is specialized in offering a Service (PaaS) for hosting in the SSD cloud.

Next, in this FastComet review we’ll talk about FastComet Hosting support, locations, reviews, features, pricing, and other important details.

FastComet Review: Step by Step Guide in 2023

In this FastComet review, we will talk in depth and in detail about one of the best web hosts for your website.

FastComet Review: What is FastComet Hosting?

FastComet is a host with advanced caching options, an easy-to-access control panel, free SSL, free CDN, 24/7 tech support, and 99.9% uptime. This incredible hosting offers various services to the user such as VPS, shared hosting and dedicated servers. If you decide to create your own website, you can use a completely free drag and drop builder with more than 40 widgets and more than 350 templates. In addition, you will be able to install a wide variety of applications to your web page with just one click with the Softaculous auto-installer.

FastComet comparison table

FastComet plans offer websites benefits such as:

  • You have the option to register a free domain
  • You have a free migration service
  • You access a specialized WordPress hosting
  • They have SSD solid drives
  • Remarkable disk space capacity
  • You have unlimited subdomains
  • You have unlimited databases
  • You have a control panel Cpanel
  • You can host multiple websites
  • You have unlimited email accounts
  • You have multiple versions of PHP
  • Daily backups with a minimum retention of 7 days

Pros and Cons of FastComet Hosting

As with any hosting provider, there are advantages and disadvantages to consider before making the decision to select it.

fastcomet head to head comparison

Pros of FastComet Hosting

  • Unlimited broadband
  • Register free domains
  • Possibility of several websites
  • Ability to use different CMS like WordPress
  • Quality support 24/7

Cons of FastComet Hosting

  • On basic plans, space is limited on SSD storage
  • Monthly plans have a higher monthly cost

Why choose FastComet Hosting in 2023?

FastComet is a secure SSD hosting that offers amazing features at a very affordable price, offers free daily backups, free malware protection, 24/7 customer support and much more.

The most useful web hosting features that FastComet offers are:

  • Free drag and drop website builder
  • Free website migrations
  • Free domain transfer
  • Unlimited FTP accounts
  • Unlimited emails
  • Unlimited databases
  • Free Cloudflare CDN
  • Access to cPanel & Softaculous
  • Daily and weekly backups
  • 24/7 customer support
  • 45 days money-back guarantee

Features and analysis of FastComet Hosting

Here, in this FastComet review we will show you all the information you need to know about this hosting to know if it is what you are looking for your project. What we can highlight about this hosting is that to configure the website we have cPanel, it also includes WordPress.

Easy to use

In the world of hosting it is important that they give us all the facilities so that its use is as easy as possible. FastComet offers easy access services for all users.

Domain names

In the event that you want to optimize your domain, it is important to have a variety of domains available. The correct choice of the domain will provide us with a much more optimal visualization. FastComet offers traditional options and other options available like, .mobi, .biz, .solution, .pro and more.

domain checker fastcomet


FastComet offers different quality plans within your reach of email through webmail, this hosting offers a friendly service that is easy to access since it is intuitive.


One of the most outstanding features of FastComet is that the database is unlimited MySQL. If you are looking for a hosting service with these characteristics, FastComet will be perfect for your website.


FastComet has a variety of applications available for your website since it has the help of cPanel. The applications that we can highlight and that we are able to help you with are CMS like Joomla!, WordPress and others. As a general rule, users use cPanel with WordPress.

fastcomet managed wordpress hosting


FastComet has a basic plan that has little storage, the other plans that it has, if it has good SSD storage for all its users.


FastComet offers the user in all plans a completely free domain transfer. In addition, it also offers free website transfers.


FastComet has different plans available, the basic plan does not offer many possibilities to host different websites, but with the other plans it has, you will get this feature.

FastComet Private SSL Certificates

SSL certificate

FastComet offers all the facilities to install this service, in fact it can be done through cPanel. The security of your website is very important, to do this you only have to go to the security zone, follow the steps filling in the information that is requested and you would be ready. Cpanel, in addition to being used to install WordPress, is used to do this quickly and intuitively.

Loading speed

The loading speed is a very important factor for your website, if you do not have a good loading speed, you should know that your website will be affected in SEO positioning. If a visitor takes a long time to enter your website, they will go to another website with better optimization. In this case, FastComer offers a service with fairly fast loading times.


FastComet offers a specialized technical support service, it also has 24/7 customer service in case you have any questions or problems or are simply new to this.

What services does FastComet Hosting offer

FastComet have guaranteed quality services, also has excellent 24/7 support by chat, ticket or phone.

How to Install FastComet Hosting on your website

  1. From its official page you must download this manager.
  2. Download the hosting and then unzip the file correctly.
  3. Change the folder name.
  4. In the “htdocs” folder you have to paste the folder.
  5. Create a database connected to your future project and then you have to correctly save all the configurations.
  6. Look for FastComet in the browser and access it, then you have to click on “Save and Continue”
  7. Two options will appear for the installation, one “Standard” and another “Minimum”. If you don’t know what to select, it is recommended to install the standard FastComet option that offers standard features.
  8. Once this, you can perfectly configure the database with the name and password. Click on “Save and continue” and everything will be installed correctly.

FastComet Support and Customer Service

fastcomet customer support

FastComet has incredible customer service support available to the user 24/7 with tickets, chat or phone. The technical assistance and help of this team will help us not to have any problems with the installation of FastComet as well as the installation of WordPress or another CMS through cPanel.

For more information go on their support and customer service check the links below:

FastComet FAQ

Is FastComet good hosting?

Yes, FastComet has become a very popular hosting amoung users because of its oustanding customer support service 24/7/365.

What does FastComet do?

FastComet is a hosting company that provides services of Shared Hosting, Cloud VPS Hosting and Dedicated CPU Servers.

Who owns FastComet?

FastComet is owned by its Founder and CEO George Egri.

Where is FastComet based?

FastComet is an American company and its headquarters are based in San Francisco (California).

How do I check my FastComet email?

All FastComet hosting plans include webmail clients that you can use to check your email if you dont have any email client installed in your computer.

FastComet Tutorial

FastComet is a reliable and fast web hosting provider. Here, in this FastComet review we leave you a fairly detailed tutorial so you can see step by step how this incredible hosting works.

FastComet Pricing Plans

Shared hosting

  • Fast Cloud: Only one page, SSD Storage 15 GB and 25,000 visits per month. It costs $2.19 per month.
  • FastCloud Plus: unlimited pages, 25 GB SSD Storage and 50,000 visits per month. It costs $3.29 per month.
  • FastCloud Extra: unlimited pages, 35 GB SSD Storage and 100,000 visits per month. It costs $4.39 per month.
fastcomet shared hosting pricing plans

Cloud VPS Hosting

  • Cloud 1: Unlimited pages, SSD Storage 50 GB and 2TB. It costs $46.16 per month.
  • Cloud 2: Unlimited pages, SSD Storage 80 GB and 4 TB. It costs $53.86 per month.
  • Cloud 3: Unlimited pages, SSD Storage 160 GB and 5 TB. It costs $69.26 per month.
  • Cloud 4: Unlimited pages, SSD Storage 320 GB and 8 TB. It costs $107.76 per month.
fastcomet cloud vps hosting pricing plans

Dedicated CPU Servers

  • DS1: 2x AMD EPYC 7501 Cores, 4 GB RAM ,80 GB SSD Space, 4 TB Bandwidth and 4000 Mbps Network Out . It costs $107.06 per month.
  • DS2: 4x AMD EPYC 7501 Cores, 8 GB RAM, 160 GB SSD Space, 5 TB Bandwidth and 5000 Mbps Network Out. It costs $130.16 per month.
  • DS3: 8x AMD EPYC 7501 Cores, 16 GB RAM, 320 GB SSD Space , 6 TB Bandwidth and 6000 Mbps Network Out.It costs $176.36 per month.
  • DS4: 16x AMD EPYC 7501 Cores, 32 GB RAM, 640 GB SSD Space, 7 TB Bandwidth and 7000 Mbps Network Out. It costs $268.76 per month.
fastcomet dedicated server hosting pricing plans

FastComet Review: Wrap Up

As we seen on this FastComet review this hosting service provides us with all the tools we need for any type of web project that we want to develop. It offers a dedicated service with incredible performance. It also works with cPanel which facilitates administration thanks to its interface. It has data centers around the world and offers 24/7 customer service through different channels. FastComet offers great features for any project at an affordable price. If you are looking for a high quality service with guarantees, this server will be perfect for all your projects.

Click here to select your FastComet hosting plan

What do you think of this FastComet review? Have you used Fast Comet hosting company for any of your website projects yet? Anything to add? Feel free to add a comment below.

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