Brizy Review 2023: Is It Worth The Money?

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brizy review

Are you looking for the best WordPress visual editor for your project? Brizy is a free WordPress page builder built into React. You can build websites with WordPress in an innovative and very easy to use way.

Brizy is a page builder that was launched in 2018 by a well-known company, ThemeFuse. Its free version already has more than 50,000 active installations. It has an intuitive and very nice interface thanks to React technology and it comes with a lot of unique features that you won’t find in any other page builder that we will show you on this Brizy review.

In this Brizy review we are going to talk in depth and in detail about the Brizy page builder, what features it has, advantages, how it is installed, we will do a tutorial, give our opinion, explain the prices and much more.

Brizy Review: Step by Step Guide in 2023

In this Brizy review of 2023 we will talk in depth and in detail about the creation of the Brizy page, it offers millions of facilities and you make sure that your website is a success.

Brizy Review: What Is Brizy Builder?

Brizy serves as a web page designer, that is, it allows you to create a website through a very striking design, in a few steps and quickly. It was developed to remove all mumbo-jumbo coding and, as a consequence, help users configure and design web pages without having to hire developers. The plugin is paid, and has at least 3 different plans to cover the needs of all users. Unlike Visual Composer, Site Original Builder, and many others, Brizy seems to load faster.

brizy wordpress

Some cool features in Brizy

  • Manipulate sections both in size and location
  • Have predesignated templates of sections that can be added to complete the design of a page
  • Enter more fonts
  • Manipulate margins easily
  • Define the font size
  • Define the font

What are the advantages that Brizy offers?

  • WooCommerce integration
  • More than 150 complete content blocks
  • Online editor
  • Drag and drop function
  • Multiple design elements, such as images, icons, maps, texts and more
  • Global linked fonts and colors
  • Professionally designed blocks
  • Helpful 4k icons
  • Easy to use interface
  • It is responsive
  • Incredibly smooth and easy editing in real time, right on the frontend
  • Extended user management with role assignment
  • Brizy Pro can also edit footers and headers
  • Global blocks for the distribution of content on websites
  • Fast automatic storage function
  • Brizy gets updates quickly
  • Variety of professional designs
  • Quick creation of column layouts

Brizy Page Builder: Features

The plugin includes a series of functionalities, which place it among the best design plugins that can be used in WordPress. Next, in this Brizy review we will talk about the most representative qualities of this extension:

The easiest-to-use page builder for WordPress

The developers of ThemeFuse have chosen to create a minimalist and clean work environment, you just have to click on the element you want to edit and the different options appear to get you started.

brizy page builder

Global CSS Styles

CSS global styles help us to quickly change styles to several elements at the same time, that is, globally. The global styles it supports are text styles and colors.

Global CSS in Brizy builder

Customizable and flexible visual editor

Most of the elements you can customize and edit to your liking, so it offers us a lot of flexibility when designing our website.

We can also customize the images, we have the option to adjust both the size and the zoom in real time as shown on the image below in this Brizy review. We can also choose a different image depending on the device: mobile or desktop.

Visual Editor in Brizy Builder

Drag, drop and move items

This visual editor uses the classic drag and drop system. You just have to press and drag the elements and thus move them to the position we need. It is very easy to place elements since the program visually tells us where they fit.

Classic drag and drop editor system in Brizy Builder

More than 150 pre-assembled elements

The free version of Brizy has more than 150 pre-assembled elements, 75 in dark design and 75 in light design.

We have 3 options:
  • Convert it to Slider. Any block can be turned into a Slider.
  • Save it as a reusable block and add it elsewhere independently.
  • Save it as a global block with a similar purpose to global CSS styles. If we modify a global element, it is modified in all the places where it is found. Global blocks are distinguished by an icon in the upper right corner in the shape of a circle.
Add Elements in Brizy Page Builder

It has 4000 icons

It has 4000 icons to choose from in total divided into 2 categories: solid or outline format. When they are included, they are inserted in SVG format, which is the recommended format for including icons.

Icons in Brizy Builder

Smart text editor

These are edited directly through the element called text since we do not have an options area where to enter the texts that appear on our website. We just drag it into place and start editing. You can change the font, styles, color and alignment and much more from the same place.

Smart Text Editor in Brizy Builder

Brizy Cloud

The WordPress plugin and Brizy Cloud are two different products but they have the same foundation. The Cloud is primarily geared towards creating landing web pages, while the Brizy plugin is intended for creating complete web pages. The developers plan that both the WordPress plugin and the Cloud share blocks and designs with each other.

Brizy Cloud

Custom Fonts

The latest version of Brizy offers the option to install our own fonts. The free version only gives us the option to add fonts from Google Fonts.

Custom Fonts Brizy Builder

Gradients, shadows and text masks

The latest free version includes features such as:

  • Text Masks: This effect offers many options to customize.
  • Leftover texts and gradients: It is now possible to add shadows to texts and titles.
10. Gradients, shadows and text masks  The latest free version includes features such as:  • Text Masks: This effect offers many options to customize.  • Leftover texts and gradients: It is now possible to add shadows to texts and titles.

Mobile optimization

Brizy provides a mobile view mode with the right tools to optimize your website for mobile devices.

Responsive Mobile Optimization in Brizy Builder

Clean interface

Brizy eliminates the multitude of editing tools.

brizy builder

Brizy Pro: Additional Features

  • Role Manager: This allows you to set editing and access privileges for the different parties you will be collaborating with.
  • A / B testing: You can compare and review two different versions of the same web page with different parameters.
  • Advance forms: While the free version supports standard forms, Brizy Pro supports advanced forms with additional design options.
  • Third Party Integration: Brizy Pro will support the following third party services: Zapier, Unsplash, Salesforce, AWeber, MailChimp, Campaign Monitor, TipoKit, Drip, SendGrid, AutoPilot, Mailer (Lite), HubSpot and much more.
  • Pop-up Builder: To increase your conversion rate, the Pop-up Builder makes it easy to set up and design pop-up call windows, action and more.

Installing Brizy

We will show you in this Brizy review that installing the free version of Brizy is as simple as installing a free WordPress plugin.

Go to “Plugins -> Add New -> find “Brizy” -> Install Now -> Activate”.

Install Plugin Brizy Page Builder in WPadmin

Next, in this Brizy review we will show you a video of how to install the Brizy website builder for WordPress. This is the first step to start building your website with Brizy. You need to have WordPress installed on your server, otherwise Brizy won’t work.

How to install Brizy PRO and activate your PRO license

Below, in this Brizy review we show you a video on how to install Brizy PRO and how to activate your PRO license.

How to create your 1st Brizy WordPress page

In this video below in this Brizy review you will learn how to create your 1st Brizy WordPress page. This is one of the very first steps in creating your website with the Brizy website builder.

The best themes and plugins compatible with Brizy


  • Blocksy: It is an incredibly light and fast WordPress theme with the latest web technologies. It allows you to easily create any type of website such as stores, business agencies, corporations, restaurants, blogs, portfolios, education, landing pages and more.
  • Neve: it is a multipurpose theme easy to customize and quite fast. It is perfect for blogs, businesses, e-commerce stores (WooCommerce store), small businesses, startups, agencies, as well as personal portfolio sites and most projects.
  • Astra: It is a modern and multipurpose theme that can be used for pages, blog, online store and much more. It is one of the most popular WordPress themes with the most installations in history.
  • Page Builder Framework: it is a lightweight WordPress theme (less than 50kb on the front-end) super fast and highly customizable. It has been created to be compatible with all page builders such as SiteOrigin, Divi, Thrive Architect, Elementor, Beaver Builder, Visual Composer, and more.
  • Ocean WP: it is a very light theme that allows us to create any website. It works with the main page builders such as Beaver Builder, Elementor, Visual Composer, Divi, SiteOrigin and others.
  • Zita: it is a highly customizable and very fast theme. Perfect for creating any type of website, be it charity, digital marketing, construction, hospital, school, corporate, store, agency, blog, portfolio, restaurant, wedding, interior, auto shop, life coach, wine shop, hair salon, furniture store, yoga, resume and much more.
  • Suki: is a free multipurpose WordPress theme that is fast, lightweight, flexible, SEO friendly, and compatible with Elementor, Gutenberg, and other creators.
  • Zakra: is a fully responsive WordPress theme that provides tons of customization options to create successful websites. It has full WooCommerce support for building online stores.
  • Spacious: It is a responsive WordPress theme compatible with Brizy. Ideal for medium and small businesses, Spacious allows you to create online stores and any type of business.
  • Flash: is a multipurpose and very responsive WordPress theme. includes very good search engine optimization, WooCommerce compatibility, and much more.
  • ColorMag: it is the best WordPress theme for magazines. Easy to customize and easy to use, it is also perfect for a blog or news site or any publishing site. • Olsen: is Brizy WordPress theme created for blogs. It has two versions of itself: Olsen Light and Olsen Pro.
  • Futurio: It is a responsive and multipurpose WordPress theme. It offers custom widgets, Google fonts, starter sites, compatibility with popular plugins like WooCommerce and Yoast SEO, and much more.
  • Customify: is a flexible and fast WordPress theme for Brizy. It has excellent integration with popular plugins like BuddyPress, WooCommerce, OrbitFox, etc. Cuostomify offers a highly customizable platform and follows SEO best practices.
  • Esteem: is an old WordPress theme created for blogs and business sites. The theme is perfectly compatible with Brizy and has a growing library of pre-built sites. Amazing WooCommerce compatibility.
  • Radiate: is a simple, clean and Brizy Builder compatible WordPress theme. This theme is specially designed for blogs, and also for any type of site. It is compatible with WooCommerce, which allows you to create online stores.
  • Architect: is the perfect choice when it comes to design and functionality. With a retina-ready design, you can flaunt your projects in the best possible way.
  • Cenote: it is the best WordPress theme for brizy builder and it has been designed for blogs. The theme is developed with a lot of creativity.
  • Envo Themes: It is a free WordPress eCommerce theme that is compatible with popular page builders such as Elementor, Brizy, and SiteOrigin.
  • Dikka: Business is a modern and clean WordPress theme. This theme is perfect for corporate websites such as accountant, consulting firms, financial advisor, insurance, loans, tax aid, investment firm, and others.
  • Gutenix: It is a multipurpose theme that is lightweight with its minimalist design. Ideal for almost any type of website from portfolios or blogs to large online stores.
  • Himalayas: is perfect for businesses, freelancers, travel, personal, portfolios and many more. You can get both the free version and the premium version.


  • TranslatePress: is a WordPress translation plugin. The interface allows you to easily translate the entire page at once, including forms, shortcode output and much more.
  • Woocommerce: it is a WordPress plugin that allows you to implement a fully functional online store on a website.
  • Customfields: it is a freemium plugin that allows customizing WordPress fields.
  • Mailchim: is one of the most popular email marketing services on the market.
  • Sendinblue: is a plugin for WordPress that allows you to incorporate an effective email marketing strategy.

Brizy Tutorial

Before we start, we recommend doing a good explanatory tutorial to help you know how to use Brizy Builder. There are many tutorials, but in this Brizy review we have selected the best one for you and above all the most complete.

Brizy Support and Documentation

Brizy has a good support that is dedicated to answering questions or problems as soon as possible through the different channels. Customer support for most page builders generally includes options like a ticketed email support system. Brizy offers a Facebook page in case you prefer to contact the company via social media and you can also contact the customer support team by email.

Brizy Support

Brizy Builder has extensive documentation where you can find everything you need to start building your website. It has video tutorials to support written documentation. Brizy has two pages on its website: one for video tutorials and one that takes you to the Help Center you can find all support the links below:

Brizy FAQ

What is Brizy used for?

Brizy is a drag and drop page builder and is used to create websites in WordPress without knowing how to code.

Is Brizy Pro worth it?

Yes, Brizy Pro is totally worth it since, it offers more advanced features on Brizy page builder, updates and priority support.

Is Brizy for WordPress?

Yes, Brizy is a premium WordPress plugin that is used as a page builder.

What is Brizy Cloud?

Brizy Cloud is a platform self hosted hat uses Brizy to create websites and landing pages.

Is Brizy cloud free?

Yes, Brizy Cloud offers a Lite version which is free but, Pro version is paid.

What is the difference between Brizy and Elementor?

Both are drag and drop page builders for WordPress but, the main difference would be the price so, if you are looking for a page builder to build one website then Elementor is the best choice but, if you are looking for a page builder to design websites for clients then Brizy is the best option since for the the Expert Plan on Elementor to build 25 websites in Brizy you are allowed to build 500 websites for the same price.

Can I use Brizy Pro to build sites for clients?

Yes of course! Brizy Pro offers complete freedom to create websites for your own companies or clients.

Is Brizy website builder free?

Yes, Brizy offers a Lite version which is free and you can download on the WordPress Plugin Directory but, the Pro version is paid.

Is Brizy a plugin?

Yes, Brizy is a premium WordPress plugin.

What is Brizy Pro?

Brizy Pro is the paid version of the Brizy page builder for WordPress which comes with more advanced features, updates and premium support.

Is Brizy Cloud good?

Yes, Brizy Cloud could be incredible useful to create fast websites or landing pages.

Who is the CEO of Brizy?

The CEO of Brizy is Dimi Baitanciuc who is also, one of the Co-Founders.

Do I need a theme with Brizy?

Yes, you need a theme activated when using Brizy. However, any free theme would work fine.

Does Brizy have a theme builder?

Yes, Brizy does have a theme builder and a WooCommerce builder but, to use them you will need the Pro version at least.

How much does Brizy cost?

You can purchase Brizy for as low as $49 per year on their website.

What happens if I don’t continue after 1 year?

The websites that you have created with the PRO version of Brizy will continue to work but you will not receive updates for Brizy PRO in the future.

Can I upgrade from a yearly plan to the Lifetime plan?

As long as you are subscribed to one of the annual payment plans, it will be updated. This can be done from your Brizy account, in “Account -> Payments tab”.

Do you have a money-back guaranteed policy?

They have a guaranteed 30-day money back policy, no questions asked.

Brizy Pricing Plans

Brizy WordPress

  • Personal: For 1 site and costs $49 per year and lifetime $149.
  • Freelancer: For 100 sites and costs $99 per year and lifetime $299.
  • Agency: For 500 sites and costs $199 per year and lifetime $399.
Brizy Pro WordPress Plugin Pricing Plans

Brizy Cloud

  • Personal: For 1 site and costs $9 per month and per year $79.
  • Freelancer: For 20 sites and costs $29 per month and per year $299.
  • Agency: For 100 sites and costs $49 per month and per year $499.
Brizy Pro Cloud Pricing Plans

Brizy Review: Wrap Up

Brizy Builder is a free WordPress page builder built into React. It is perfect for web designers and for pages that want to create simplified pages. Plus, it receives unusual, but powerful functions, such as contact forms and header editing. We have to emphasize in this Brizy review that the Brizy Cloud interface makes it a wonderful place to save your designs and use them elsewhere.

Brizy is a drag-and-drop page builder with over 1 million downloads on and over 70,000 active installs today. You have the option to start the free version of Brizy and then go to Brizy Pro if you need more advanced features.

Click here to Buy the Brizy Page Builder on their website Now

What do you think of this Brizy review? Have you used the Brizy Builder plugin for WordPress for any of your website projects yet? Anything to add? Feel free to add a comment below.

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