Bloom Review 2023: Is It Worth The Money?

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Bloom review

Need to grow your mailing list with email subscription form plugin? Bloom is one of the most popular plugins from the Elegant Themes team. It is important that we create email subscriber list on any website or blog as we will see on this Bloom review.

If you have a WordPress based site, you can use email subscription to get your email list to grow with the help of plugins like Bloom. Email marketing aims to send a business message to a group of people (your target audience) by email.

Without a doubt, email marketing is an effective technique to create a personal brand, a successful online store or a business, Bloom will help us create beautiful and high-converting subscription forms for your WordPress site.

In this Bloom review we are going to talk in depth and in detail about the Bloom subscription form, what features it has, advantages, how it is installed, we will do a tutorial, give our opinion, explain the prices and much more.

Bloom Review: Step by Step Guide in 2023

In this Bloom review we will talk in depth and detail about the Bloom email subscription plugin, it offers millions of facilities that ensure that your website will be a success.

Bloom Review: What Is Bloom?

Bloom is designed by Elegant Themes for WordPress users looking for an innovative email optin and lead generation plugin. They have also designed the page builder with the Divi Builder plugin and the Monarch social media plugin.

divi bloom

The Bloom plugin is designed with the goal of helping WordPress website owners get more email subscribers. This amazing plugin encourages your website visitors to join your mailing list as we will see on this Bloom review, allowing you to easily stay in touch with them and convert them into paying customers or simply spread your updates and news.

Bloom serves as an intermediary in the interaction with users and the site, being able to carry out through it, several models of very striking forms and customize them, so that they voluntarily deposit their data, and in turn increase the list of subscribers.

In addition, this plugin is oriented to easy use, and presents compatibility with WordPress themes. Elegant Themes has developed 5 highly innovative plugins and 87 premium themes. With more than half a million clients, it is one of the largest WordPress companies.

What advantages does the Bloom plugin offer?

  • More than 115 designs available, which are customizable, and fully configurable.
  • Offers specific display settings, great layout options, and other important features.
  • It will generate the growth of the subscriber list, providing robustness and popularity.
  • Designed to work on any device and with any responsive theme.
  • Create and display email consent forms on your website.
  • You can use different mailing list providers within the same site.
  • Integrated with multiple mailing platforms, obviously all include Mailchimp.
  • Visitor details are sent to your email newsletter or marketing service.
  • You can quickly send you personalized messages at will to motivate you to visit your website regularly, promote new products, or notify you of exclusive sales and offers.
  • Easy to manage, adapt and modify each of the forms in a control panel.

Bloom plugin features

This plugin comes with an impressive set of features that give you complete control over the placement and behavior of your consent form.

Bloom Cards

Six Optin Form Display Types

Bloom has 6 types of optin screen. Each can display subscription forms in different styles and locations.

Bloom Six Opt-in Types
  • Automatic Optin Pop-Ups: You can create automatic subscription pop-ups triggered by a timed delay, the end of content, after scrolling, commenting, purchasing, or after inactivity.
  • Automatic Optin Fly-Ins: You can create impressive fly-ins with 10 fly-in animations and different triggers as pop-up windows.
  • Inline Optin Forms: Create a form, generate your short code and use it anywhere you want. When you need to display subscriptions in specific locations within your content, you can use online subscription forms.
  • Below Content Optin Forms: The content subscription forms below allow you to have more subscribers through your subscription form and encourage more engaged visitors to your post / page.
  • Widget Area Optin Forms: In any widget ready area on your site, you can display awesome signup forms.
  • Locked Content Optins: By placing locked content options, you can directly attract your blog readers to subscribe to your blog. Blocked content options are effective and useful if you have premium content that only your subscribers can access.

Extensive Design Options – 100+ Form Templates

Bloom has over 100 pre-made signup form templates. Each template has a professional touch and a unique design.

Bloom Templates

To create a layout, you first have to choose a template and then click the “Next: Customize button” at the bottom of the page as seen on the image below of this Bloom review. You can customize everything in the template you have chosen as the design options are limitless here.

Create Contextual Email Opt-ins with Bloom

Configure the layout, content, style of your subscription form, and anything else you want to change in its easy-to-use interface. It has several layout options available for image orientations, shapes, borders and optin edges and unlimited colors. Also, to provide your own design style, you can insert custom CSS.

Powerful Display Settings

Bloom also offers awesome and powerful display settings. It allows you to control where and when your subscription forms should appear on your posts or website. You can also create highly specific subscription forms and display them in the most optimal locations to convert your visitors into subscribers, thanks to the incredible display settings shown on the image below of this Bloom review.

display settings bloom

Target Focused Display Locations

You can choose specific target options for specific locations and display locations. Additionally, you can refine your subscription targeting by defining particular pages and posts to show or not to show subscription forms.

Automatic Fly-In and Pop-Up Triggers

At the bottom of the post, after commenting, after inactivity, scrolling, buying and on clicking, activate your options based on the timed delay as shown on the image below of this Bloom review.

Bloom display pages panel

Bloom Dashboard – A User-Friendly Approach

The panel that Bloom has allows us in this Bloom review to see how your subscription forms are converting at a glance. In your WordPress custom panel you will be able to create and manage email accounts, conversion rates, view subscription statistics, split AB tests, etc.

Bloom Dashboard

Split AB Testing

In addition to the awesome layout and display settings, Bloom has an amazing feature that helps us increase conversion rates. This feature allows us to compare different variations of your subscription form to see which one is more successful.

Starting an A / B testing is easy. Navigate to your work package’s dashboard, click “Plugins” and select Bloom -> Options -> Op-tin Forms, then click A / B testing. Once you’ve made your changes necessary, click Start Test.

Bloom Split Testing

Subscription statistics

Bloom offers subscription statistics in a comprehensive way.

Bloom Subscriber Stats

The statistics give you a real-time overview of the plugin performance, including:

  • Average conversion rate, subscriber count, and list growth rate for all time.
  • Graph of new records for the last 12 months.
  • Email list subscriber count and growth rate.
  • Highest converting pages.
  • All subscription impressions, conversion counts, and conversion rate.

Import and export Bloom data and settings

Import and export Bloom data and settings from one site to another easily.

How To Install Your Bloom WordPress Plugin

Installing Bloom is a breeze with the WordPress dashboard plugin installer. We leave you a step by step tutorial on this Bloom review.

Download Bloom Plugin

1. First you need to upload it to your WordPress website via WordPress control panel to update your new plugin.

2. When you download Bloom from the Elegant Themes Members Area, you will be given a file called

3. When you have located your “ file”, you are ready to upload it to your WordPress website.

4. Log in to your WordPress dashboard and click on the “Plugins” link and then click on “Add New”. This will take you to the WordPress plugins page.

Add New Plugin on Wpadmin

Upload Your Plugin

Once the plugin page has loaded into your dashboard, look for the “Load Plugin” button at the top of the screen. Click this button to proceed to the next step.

Upload and Install New WP Plugin

Choose Your Plugin ZIP File

1. After clicking “Upload Plugin”, you will be taken to a new page where you can select the Bloom plugin.

2. We will install the file that you downloaded earlier. Click the “Choose File” button to open a local browser window as shown below on this Bloom review.

Upload Plugin Zip File on WPadmin

Upload And Activate

  1. Look for the file. You can find it in your “Downloads” folder, but it depends on your browser settings.
  2. Once you have located the file, select it and click the “Open” button.
  3. Click the “Install” button to install the folder you just selected. Once the plugin has loaded, you will be directed to a confirmation page where you can activate the plugin. Click the “Activate” button and you’re done.
Download Bloom Plugin

Using the Design Settings To Customize Your Opt-in Form

Bloom’s design settings allow us almost unlimited customizations for your website.

Bloom has a large number of different layout settings, allowing you to adjust almost every aspect of your subscription form. Once you have created a form and have chosen a base template, you will be taken to a “Design” tab, where you can further customize various aspects of your design.

Title and Message

In this section you can adjust the text content that appears within your subscription.

Bloom Plugin Optin Title and Message
  • Optin Title: At the top of your large text form, this is the heading that will appear.
  • Optin Message: You will use a smaller font size and the text will appear below your header. The message and title fields can be used to describe a special offer or newsletter. If you do not want to include any text in your subscription, they can also be left blank. Both the message and the title can be modified using the post editor, which offers the possibility of adjusting the weight, color and orientation of the font.
Optin Title Example Bloom plugin

Image Settings

This section allows you to add an image to your subscription, as well as adjust where that image appears within the subscription box.

  • Image Orientation: In this configuration we are going to configure where the image appears within your subscription form. You can choose to have the image appear below or above, or to the right or left of your message and title.
  • Image URL: You can click the “Upload Image” button to upload your own image to use in the form or enter a custom URL to a static online resource.
  • Image Load-In Animation: When the image is loaded for the first time, a loading animation can be assigned to them. It can be a nice subtle touch that grabs your visitor’s attention and encourages them to read your message and subscribe to your list.
  • Hide Image On Mobile: You can choose to disable the image when browsing your website on mobile devices if you are concerned about the size of your subscription form on the mobile device. You will be able to hide the image on the mobile and will give more space for your title, message and input fields.

Opt-in Styling

These layout settings affect the entire subscription form and form a set of general styles for your form.

Bloom Design Optin Styling
  1. Background Color: It will change the background color of your subscription.
  2. Header Font: You can change the font that is used for your subscription title.
  3. Body Font: You can set the font to use for your subscription message.
  4. Text Color: You can change the color of both the header and the body of your subscription.
  5. Corner Style: You can choose a corner style for your op-tin.
  6. Border Orientation: You can add a border to your subscription. This border can be applied to individual borders or to all 4 borders.
  7. Border Color: If you have chosen to have a border on your subscription, here you can select the color to use for your subscription border.
  8. Border Style: If you have chosen a border, you can adjust the border style here.
Bloom optin styling borders and background colors
  • Solid: This is the most basic, thin and solid border style around the edge of your subscription.
  • Dashed: The dotted border creates a dotted line inserted around the outside border of your subscription.
  • Inlay: Allows you to create a continuous line edge, however, unlike the “solid” edge, this edge of the inlay is placed inside the opt-in rather than on the outside edge.
  • Letter: This creates a more fun border, mimicking a classic postal letter.
  • Double Stroke: Is like a solid border but, creats the appearance of a double border by adding an additional solid inlay.

Form Setup

These styles are applied to the input fields within the form and to the form. You can adjust its colors, as well as where the form appears within the subscription box as shown on the image below of this Bloom review.

Bloom plugin Form Setup
  1. Form Orientation: You can choose to have the form appear above, below, or to the left or right of your title and subscription message.
  2. Email Text: This wraps the placeholder words used in the email input form.
  3. Button Text: You can adjust the text that appears inside the submit button.
  4. Button Text Color: You can adjust the color of the text used inside the submit button.
Bloom Design Form Setup
  • Form Styling: These settings apply to the actual form inside of the opt-in box.
Bloom Design Form Styling

1. Form Field Orientation: This configures how the input fields appear within the form itself. You can choose to have your input fields displayed in a single row or to have the fields stacked on top of each other.

2. Form Field Corner Style: You can adjust the style of the field corners, choosing between square or round.

3. Form Text Color: Adjust the color of the text that appears within the input fields of the form.

4. Form Background Color: Allows you to change the background color of the form.

5. Form Button Color: You can adjust the color of your submit button.

Bloom plugin Form Button Color

6. Form Edge Style: Allows you to apply different styles to that edge.

Bloom plugin Form Edge Style

Footer Text, Success Message and Custom CSS

These settings offer additional control over the messages that appear during form submission and also the ability to add custom CSS settings to individual forms

Bloom plugin Form footer success text and custom css
  1. Form Footer Text: The message will appear below the input fields of the form.
  2. Success Message: This message will appear after a visitor has successfully subscribed to your email list.
  3. Custom CSS: You can add custom CSS that will be applied only to the form you are creating.

Bloom Compatible Plugins

Bloom has integrations with most of the major providers:

  • Campaign monitor
  • Aweber
  • MailChimp
  • Constant contact
  • Sendinblue
  • At the port
  • Emma
  • Sales force
  • HubSpot
  • Active campaign
  • Mimi the crazy
  • Soft teas
  • iContact
  • Get response
  • Mail poet
  • Feedblitz

Bloom Tutorial

Bloom is a plugin that has been designed for both beginners and professionals to create their email subscription form on their website. Here in this Bloom review is a fairly complete tutorial so you can see step by step how Bloom works.

Bloom Support and Documentation

It has a professional support with high knowledge to help solve doubts or problems. When you’ve downloaded Bloom, manage your account and chat with the professionals 24/7. It also has a community support forum where you can ask questions and interact with the Elegant Themes community. Questions are not answered by a support staff, so if you need help from Elegant Themes, you should contact the company. Elegant Themes offers dedicated support for all of its products through different channels, including support tickets, forums, and live chat.

elegantthemes support

Bloom has extensive and quality documentation to solve any doubt or problem. You can get detailed documentation, video tutorials, and articles for the Bloom plugin on the following links:

Bloom FAQ

What is Bloom plugin used for?

Bloom is a WordPress plugin focused to help you grow your email list and generate leads from your website.

How much is the Bloom plugin?

Bloom offers two different pricing plans which you can pay $89 every year or you can make one time payment by paying $249 for life.

Is Bloom free?

No, Bloom is a premium WordPress plugin that can be purchased in Elegant themes.

Is Bloom free with Divi?

Yes, If you had purchased the Divi theme subscription then you Bloom is included and you can use it without any extra cost.

Why choose Elegant Themes?

Elegant Themes is a leader in WordPress development. All the products are of high quality and with very good functionalities.

Can I upgrade to a different package after signing up?

Yes, you can upgrade your plan after registering at any time.

Can I use Bloom plugin on multiple websites?

Yes, you can use the Bloom plugin on as many websites as you need. There is no restriction on the number of times you can download or use a theme.

What if I change my mind and want a refund?

They offer refunds to all customers within 30 days of their purchase with no questions asked.

What is Bloom plugin locked content?

Locked content is a feature of the Bloom plugin which requires users to subscribe to your list for them to access to your content.

Price and Final Thoughts

They have two membership pricing plans

  • Yearly Access: costs $89 per year
  • Lifetime Access: A one-time payment of $249.
Elegant Themes Price Plans

Bloom this premium plugin from Elegant Themes, this subscription form comes packed with features. All major form types are included and there is a robust selection of templates. The amount of pre-made templates is amazing, they are all very well designed, so they fit perfectly with the theme and color scheme of your website quite easily.

It has everything you need to manage your blog forms and much more. As we seen on this Bloom review it is easy to use, responsive and elegant like everything this company does. It has a variety of functionalities, usage statistics, A / B tests and also behind it there is a company that has been in WordPress for many years.

Click here to Buy the Bloom plugin on Elegant Themes Now

What do you think of this Bloom review? Have you used Bloom Email Opt-In and Lead Generation plugin for any of your website projects yet? Anything to add Feel free to add a comment below.

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