Beaver Builder Review 2023: Is It Worth The Money?

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beaver builder review

Beaver Builder is one of the most powerful and popular page builder plugins for WordPress, if you need to start publishing pages with custom designs you have to know that it is not possible with the default WordPress editor. This plugin will give us the option to do it without the need for any code and without the need to write as we will show you on this Beaver Builder review.

This plugin allows you to design and build pages by simply dragging and dropping elements, visually. It also allows us to create amazing layouts, create custom footers, edit all parts of your website, create headings, and work on other areas of the page and post.

In this Beaver Builder review we will talk in detail about everything related to the WP Beaver Builder plugin so that you know how it works and have a detailed knowledge.

Beaver Builder Review: Step by Step Guide in 2023

In this Beaver Builder review we will talk in depth and detail about the best page builder plugin for your website with just visual drag and drop.

What is Beaver Builder?

Beaver Builder is a page builder that has been created by FastLine Media, as we mentioned on this Beaver Builder review we have to be clear that it is a plugin and it is not a WordPress theme. This plugin works “on top” of the themes offering a visual editor that will facilitate the work, since you will only have to drag and drop the modules. There are a variety of modules such as an image module, a text module, a contact module, etc.

beaver builder wordpress

With Beaver Builder the organization of a page will be divided into rows, columns and modules. For example on your page you can have a variety of rows; in each row variety of columns; multiple columns and in each column a variety of modules. This plugin has a free version and a paid version that includes more features and functionalities, we will also have other components as we can see on this Beaver Builder review.

  • Beaver Themer: is a plugin that allows you to increase the Beaver Builder functionalities. For example, it allows you to modify search results, the layout of the archive pages, the footer, the 404 page and the header. You can also create a template for your products, posts, categories, etc.
  • Beaver Builder Theme: Beaver Builder integrates seamlessly with the Beaver Builder plugin.

What features does the Beaver Builder plugin have?

Beaver Builder features

Beaver Builder offers us incredible features such as:

  • It has support for WPML: This plugin is the most popular if you need to translate your WordPress pages.
  • It has support for WooCommerce, this plugin is the most popular if we are looking to create our online store.
  • Works with most themes.
  • Adaptive design: everything you build with Beaver Builder will be adaptive as long as you use an adaptive theme.
  • You will be able to edit the design of your web pages in real time.
  • Support for widgets and shortcodes: You will not need to install any extra plugin to use it on any website.
  • Support for multisite WordPress.
  • Importer and exporter of rows, columns and modules.
  • RTL language support.
  • Content templates included.
  • CSS application per page or global.
  • Editing in adaptive mode: you can edit the design visually on mobile phones and tablets.
  • 30 modules integrated in the premium versions.

How to install the Beaver Builder plugin

how to install beaver builder

The installation of Beaver Builder is quite simple, if you choose to install the free version you have to bear in mind that it is more limited in functions. If you want to know how to install this plugin version then follow this steps from our Beaver Builder review. First, you just have to go to on your WordPress dashboard to the Plugins section and second search for Beaver Builder. Finally, once you found it click on install. If you are thinking of using the full version, first you have to go to the Beaver Builder page by entering from “My account”. Then you go to your website and go to the Plugins section. If you already had the free version of Beaver Builder installed, you have to deactivate it and remove it.

Once you have downloaded the .zip file you have to activate the plugin when it gives you the option. To activate the license you have to go to the “Settings” menu, then to “Beaver Builder” and click on the tab that says “License”.

What options does the Beaver Builder plugin offer us in 2023?

This plugin offers us a variety of options, so we want to inform you in this Beaver Builder review of all the options so that you can have a successful website in 2023. Some of the options that we are going to discuss will not be available if it is a free and lower version.

Settings » Beaver Builder » Modules

In this option we can see all the modules that are available for creating pages. Each module has a different function that will provide us with a variety of functionalities so that our website is totally personalized and to our liking. For example, there are video modules, content modules, image modules. This part will allow us to activate or deactivate what interests us. If you want to deactivate a module you can do it and it will not appear in the visual constructor.

beaver builder modules settings

Settings » Beaver Builder » Input Types

This option allows us to activate the visual builder, for example I prefer a template with Beaver Themer for each blog post, so I deactivate Beaver Builder in the posts, and thus use only the classic WordPress editor to write posts.

beaver builder post types settings

Settings » Beaver Builder » Templates

Beaver Builder has predesigned designs to reuse on other pages. We are talking about entries, rows, columns or modules that can come from Beaver Builder

beaver builder templates settings

Settings » Beaver Builder » User Access

This function is very useful for those who have more than one user role on the site. In this option we can establish who accesses and who can access. We have access to the Builder that will allow entry to the visual editor and the editing of restrictions that the user without restrictions will have the option to control the content and edit the page design.

beaver builder user access settings

With restrictions you cannot move the modules or delete them or change the layout, but you can edit the content.

  • Builder Admin: in the administration panel you can control access to Beaver Builder settings.
  • Template Data Exporter: used to control whether the user will be able to export the templates.
  • Settings Beaver Builder » Icons: Activate or deactivate the icon packs integrated into the website.
  • Settings » Beaver Builder » Tools: Various tools for advanced users, among which is the ability to completely uninstall Beaver Builder, without leaving a trace in the database or file system.
  • Global Rows and Module Editing: Rows and modules can be saved, so what is changed on one page will be changed on the other pages. This allows us or not the editing of modules and rows.

What modules does Beaver Builder include?

The modules included in Beaver Builder by default help us build our website. Some of those that we are going to name will not be in the free version that is available.

  • Image: you can insert a photo from the Media Library or from a URL. (Free version)
  • Text editor: gives you the option to add quality text, as in the WordPress post editor (Free version).
  • Video: you have the option to insert a video from the Media Library or from a URL (free version).
  • HTML: used to insert shortcodes or HTML code (Free version).
  • Sidebar: option to insert any of the WordPress sidebars that contain widgets (Free version).
  • Separator: insert a line to separate content or sections.
  • Accordion: this option is useful to put a section of “Frequently asked questions” and thus create an interactive accordion.
  • Heading: used for titles or heading.
  • Button: create a button with a redirect to an external or internal URL.
  • Call to action: the call to action allows you to highlight some part of the content.
  • Callout: it is a module to call the attention of the content.
  • Contact Form.
  • Content Slider: used to create content slideshows with rich text and / or images.
  • Gallery: you can insert a gallery of images from SmugMug or from the media library.
  • Tabs: Easily create content based on tabs like the ones in your browser.
  • Counter: create numbers, circles, and bar counters.
  • Subscription Form: option to create registration forms in newsletters that integrate with Mad Mimi, Constant Contact, MailChimp and many more.
  • Icon: shows an icon, you have them available in Foundation, FontAwesome and Dashicons.
  • Icon group: insert a group of icons, it is perfect for creating social media buttons.
  • Map: you can display a Google map based on a single address.
  • Entries: you can create a list of entries for your blog that you can filter by categories or tags.
  • Post Carousel: generates a carousel of custom content or animated post types.
  • Ticket slider: Generates an animated slideshow of tickets.
  • Price Table: create a simple and personalized price table.
  • Slideshow: Shows a slideshow of images from SmugMug or the media library.
  • Social Buttons: insert social icons so that visitors can share the content of your website on social networks.
  • Testimonials: create a testimonial slider to show what customers think.
  • WooCommerce: it is a module to create your online store by adding products, add to cart button, etc.
  • Menu: shows one of the menus that you have configured in WordPress with different format and design options.
  • Countdown.

There are only 5 modules that are in the free version as we seen on this Beaver Builder review, so to really get the most out of Beaver Builder, then we recommend in this Beaver Builder review that it’s best to go for the Standard version as a minimum.

Beaver Builder Support & Documentation

Beaver Builder comes with enough detailed documentation on their knowledge base to learn more about this useful and popular plugin. Beaver Builder uses a traditional ticketing system but quite efficient thanks to the team behind it.

For more information on their service support check the links below:

Beaver Builder FAQ

Is Beaver Builder worth it?

Beaver Builder is very worth it if you are interested in designing a professional website in a matter of hours not months.

Who owns Beaver Builder?

Beaver Builder is owned by one of its Founders Robby McCullough.

What are the main advantages of Beaver Builder?

The main benefits that Beaver Builder offers is that it is an excellent page builder with tons of features to create any type of website that we want.

What are the main disadvantages of Beaver Builder?

The main disadvantage of Beaver Builder is that it’s a bit expensive, their cheaper license plan costs $99 a year.

Is Beaver Builder good for SEO?

Yes, Beaver Builder is not only user-friendly but, it is also, SEO-friendly.

Is Beaver Builder free?

Yes, Beaver Builder offers a free version that you can install on on limited number of websites.

Should I use Elementor or Beaver Builder?

Elementor has become very popular because it is ideal for beginners and is cheaper but, if you are not a beginner then Beaver Builder is a better choice since, it offers more advanced features than Elementor.

Should I use Divi or Beaver Builder?

Divi is a very popular page builder because it is cheap and full of features but, it is a bit slower than Beaver Builder and when you are designing websites that is one important thing to take in account. Since, it will take lots of resources from your computer. Also, Beaver Builder a is more stable and full of advanced features too which makes it a better choice.

Beaver Builder Tutorial

Beaver Builder is a wonderful page builder plugin for both beginners and professionals. Here in this Beaver Builder review we leave you a fairly complete tutorial so you can see how everything works step by step.

Beaver Builder Pricing Plans

  • Standard License: Support for one year, with this plan you can use the premium modules and the premium templates and you can use the plugin in unlimited sites. The price of the standard package is $99 per year.
  • Pro License: this plan includes everything from the Standard package and is also compatible with multisite WordPress and includes the Beaver builder theme. The price of the pro package is $199 per year .
  • Agency License: This plan includes everything that the Standard package and the Pro package have. It also allows you to change the templates that come standard with it and put your own and also allows you to change all the branding of the same plugin and put your own. The price of the Agency package is $399 per year.
  • Ultimate License: This plan includes everything that the Agency package and the Pro package have. It is also the only plan that offers the Beaver Themer Addon and 6 months free to use of Assistant Pro. The price of the Ultimate package is $546 per year.
beaver builder pricing plans and licenses


Beaver Builder is one of the best and most powerful page builders that will allow you to create custom content for your WordPress website. It comes with premium templates and the user interfaces have been well designed and offer high levels of creative freedom. Gutter is packed with a variety of features and is also quite easy to learn. If you are not interested in a large selection of templates and you are designing your content from scratch then, Beaver Builder would be the best option for you.

Click here to select your Beaver Builder pricing plan

What do you think of this Beaver Builder review? Have you used Beaver Builder plugin for any of your website projects yet? Anything thing to add? Feel free to add a comment below.

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