Avada Review 2023: Is It Worth The Money?

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Avada Review

Avada is a theme with interface design and editing tools perfect for you to create your website to your liking, easily and quickly. You will be able to create a modern design. Clean and versatile that can be used and adapted to any design of any web page as we will show you in this Avada review. This WordPress theme from ThemeForest is number one in sales, which is why it is considered a premium theme and very popular worldwide.

The creators who have developed Avada have used all their skills to create a multipurpose that has all kinds of details such as integration of plugins from others, designs by redesign, options to customize your website, etc.

Avada gives the opportunity to create a website without the need for a developer coding skills. For this and much more, it is a theme that will live up to your expectations and that will be easy to use as we will show you on this Avada review.

It is a fairly flexible theme that will give you the opportunity to build any type of website without prior knowledge making it suitable for a professional and also for a beginner with little experience.

Avada Theme Builder

Avada is the #1 selling WordPress theme of all time for over 9 years in a row in ThemeForest has sold more than 845k licenses and is one of the premium and best-selling WordPress themes worldwide. It offers many functions and options for you to design your website to your liking, your page will be a success.

In this Avada review we are going to talk in depth and detail about what Avada is, what features it has, advantages and disadvantages, how it is installed, we will do a tutorial, give our opinion and explain the prices and much more.

Avada Theme Step by Step Guide in 2023

In this Avada review we will talk in depth and in detail about the Avada topic, it is a multipurpose topic that will provide you with millions of facilities so that you can start as soon as possible and have the necessary knowledge to ensure that the website will be a total success.

Avada Review: What Is Avada?

Avada is a multipurpose theme from ThemeForest and it offers many options and designs. The developers have taken care of all kinds of details so that it exceeds all creation expectations.

Avada WordPress Theme

This theme is compatible with the seven most popular plugins and with most browsers on the market, for example the plugins are bbPress for social networks, BuddyPress to create forums, WP Easy Cart to integrate WooCommerce, Easy Digital Downloads for sell infroproducts, WooCommerce to close your online commerce page, Gravity Forms to create forms on the page, WPML to have your page in different languages and Events Calendar to create your calendar.

What are the advantages of the Avada theme?

  • Community Forum
  • Extensive Documentation
  • Installation of own font files.
  • Compatible with WooCommerce plus other additional options.
  • Advanced options for an internal search.
  • Optional disabling of scripts that are not needed.
  • 7 different header variants, including the top navigation and the Sticky Header.
  • Many premium plugins including ACF Pro and Revolution Slider.
  • More than 40 demo versions for immediate use.
  • Creation of Portfolio and FAQ pages.
  • Options to optimize performance.
  • Integrated Cookie Notice for data protection notices
  • Unlimited design possibilities for creating website designs
  • Own drag and drop page builder
  • Integrated Mega Menu for navigating complex pages.
  • Advanced configuration of the navigation menus, including the Mobil menu
  • Ability to store page layouts and elements in a library
  • Many own Sidebar widgets.

What are the disadvantages of the Avada theme?

  • Explanatory documentation only in English.
  • High minimum requirements for web / server hosting.
  • An additional cache plugin is recommended for optimal performance.
  • Long training period.
  • Theme updates require “Fusion Core” plugin and “Fusion Builder” updates.

What are the characteristics of the Avada theme that have led you to success?

Avada has a long list of features that are updated every so often and that are constantly growing to guarantee the customer the best in the market.

avada demo

This multipurpose theme has been a great creation of ThemeForest, which currently makes it one of the best-selling and most popular themes worldwide. Avada has a variety of features but we have highlighted in this Avada review the highlights:

  • It has a large library of elements to be able to insert the content.
  • It has more and more individual page templates and more predesigned designs.
  • Vertical navigation areas and different header layouts.
  • It is an extremely flexible and fast theme.
  • Tools for publishing skills, testimonials and portfolios.
  • Insertion of video in your content and support for video backgrounds.
  • Most of the functions of this theme are customized using the settings and options available in Avada.
  • Custom drag-and-drop page creation tool.
  • Background image blur, fading effects, and other animations.
  • Support for plugins that are included like Gravity Forms and WooCommerce.

How do I install the Avada theme?

Before proceeding to carry out the complete installation of the Theme Avada, we listed in this Avada review some recommendations are necessary so that everything goes successfully:

To install Avada you should have these requirements:

  • PHP 7.3 or higher
  • The latest version of WordPress
  • Https
  • MySQL 5.6 or higher (MariaDB version 10.1+)
  • PHP limits:
    • post_max_size 32M
    • upload_max_filesize 32M
    • max_execution_time 180
    • memory_limit 128M

When Avada is installed we will see how the panel shows us data from our system. We recommend in this Avada review that the hosting meets the recommended requirements to avoid problems that may arise. Now in this Avada review we are going to proceed to explain step by step what you must do to make the installation a success:

1. We go to ThemeForest and look for the Avada theme for WordPress. There we can see everything related to Avada such as reviews, rated stars and the characteristics of the product.

Avada Update Registration Notice

2. To be able to buy the Avada theme it is necessary to have a user within ThemeForest. You will have to enter with your password and username, make the payment of the purchase and that would be it.

3. Then we go to the download selection and we download the Avada package that between files and configuration is about 260MB.

Avada-Download Avada Theme

4. When you have the ZIP document, we proceed to unzip it on the computer. When we unzip this file on the computer we will find some folders:

  • Additional features: Revolution Slider and Layer Slider license text files.
  • Licensing: License files
  • PSD: Layered image files for layout with the classic Avada version.
  • Avada theme: Inside are the Avada and Avada Child template files compressed in ZIP and without the need to unzip them.
  • Languages: Language files that we will need to translate Avada into other languages.

5. We enter our WordPress page and click on “Appearance”, then we click on “Themes”, then “Add new” and finally “Upload Theme”.

Avada Theme Add New Theme Page

6. We add the compressed file to Avada.zip to be able to upload it, once it is ready. We have to click on Appearance >> Themes >> Add New >> Upload Theme >> Browse >> Avada.zip >> Install Now.

Avada Theme Install Template on WordPress

7. Once you have finished the process, we must click “Activate”. Once the template is activated, the steps to follow will be sent to the Avada control panel.

Getting Started With the Avada WordPress Theme

Once, Avada has been installed and activated then in this Avada review we have to proceed to install necessary add-ons such as Fusion Builder and Fusion Core.

Avada Theme Install and Activate Fusion Core and Fusion Builder Required Avada Plugins

You also have the option of cativating other included plugins that come with this theme in addition to premium plugins like Slider Revolution and LayerSlider WP.

Avada Theme Install and Activate Necessary Avada Plugins

To build a website you have the option to import an Avada demo but you can also use Fusion Builder to customize the content. This theme stands out quite a lot for the demos so you must investigate and explore everything to see the full range of websites and thus create your website successfully.

Avada Theme Demo

You have about 49 demos that will give you game to personalize and create your website, whether of agencies, travels, online stores, blogs, portfolios, businesses, clothing stores and many more. In addition, this theme is prepared and is compatible to do electronic commerce. Avada is a theme that is updated regularly and new demos are added little by little.

Once you are clear about the demo that you are going to choose, you must import it from WordPress, it is a fairly simple task even if you need to import certain elements such as the configuration, the content or the sliders or complete demos.

Avada Theme Chose Demo Pre Built Website to Import

The Fusion Builder Content Editor

Avada Theme Fusion Builder

This theme has its own proprietary page creation team called Fusion Builder that we will see on detail below on this Avada review. With this tool we can create web pages with custom designs and it is also carried out in your WordPress dashboard. The user will easily understand everything and can edit pre-designed content that comes with Avada.

Avada Fusion Builder

At first you still don’t have much control over how Avada works, you may have different predesigned templates out there.

Avada Theme Avada Builder Library PreBuild Websites

If you prefer to start with a blank page, the first thing to do is choose a column layout for the part you are designing.

Avada Theme Fusion-Builder Containers

When your page has a container added you can start inserting Fusion Builder elements into it, customizing everything you want and need.

Avada Theme Fusion Builder Select Inline Elements

You will be able to add several containers to your web page thanks to Fusion Builder. Each of the containers of each one of the pages will have its column layouts and then test all the variety of elements. In addition you will be able to free yourself from the restrictions of the default WordPress Editor.

Avada Theme Live Visual Page Fusion Builder

You will be able to preview all your modifications while you are working on it, and if you need to make changes to the design you can go back to the previous tab. Another remarkable feature of Fusion Builder is that you can save the templates in the library so that it can be reused in other parts of the website.

Post and Page Options

There is a panel in Avada that gives you the option to customize the content and add WordPress posts and page editors to the editor screen.

Avada Theme Page Options

The controls that Fusion Builder has offer us a variety of configurations that will make our website a success, you can configure the sidebars next to the page or the publication, see the header or use a background image.

You are going to get a lot of flexibility in how each piece of content works and in the design of the website.

You may be able to disable items like the sidebar and header if you are creating a landing page.

The Avada Theme Options Control Panel

The Avada control panel allows us to customize our website and see all the exchange options available.

Avada Theme Options Panel

Avada, unlike other themes in WordPress, does not have much support for the customizer interface.

For all this, instead of seeing the configuration and changes of the theme in real time, you will have to continuously save the changes and then load the website to see how it has been.

If you want to take advantage of all that Avada offers you, you should investigate the available options and configuration.

Avada Tutorial

When we are not sure how something works, we always recommend doing a good explanatory tutorial to help you know how to use it. There are many tutorials, but in this Avada review we have selected the best for you and the most complete.

Also if you have questions with Avada you can ask for help in the forum support that is in WordPress.

Avada FAQ

Is Avada a free theme?

No, Avada is a premium theme that you can buy a license in a one time purchase on Themeforest market.

Why is Avada the best theme of all times?

Because Avada has been developed for anyone to use it simple and easily and that is why it’s been the best seller theme for over 9 years in a row of Themeforest market.

How much does WordPress Avada cost?

Avada theme is available in Themeforest and can be purchased for the price of $69.

How to register Avada theme?

To register Avada theme you need to paste Purchase Code on the field provided by the Avada Dashboard and then click on “Register Now”.

How to speed up Avada theme?

To speed up Avada theme you need to install on your WordPress website cache plugins like WP Super Cache, W3 Total Cache, WP Rocket or similar.

How to update Avada theme in WordPress?

To update Avada theme in your WordPress Admin Panel go to “Dashboard -> Updates”. Whenever there is a new update release from Avada you will receive an update notification to update your Avada theme to the latest version on this section.

Is Avada theme good for SEO?

Yes, Avada is a great theme for SEO since, it offers tons of features to help on your SEO and is a SEO friendly theme.

How to add Fusion Slider in Avada theme?

Go to your “Avada Page Options” and look for the “Sliders” tab. Once, there then locate “Slider Type” then, on the drop down select “Avada Slider” and name it.

How to add Google Maps in Avada theme?

Go to the Fusion Builder and find “The Google Map Element” and add it to your page or post and set it up to show Google Maps on it.

How to edit a 404 page in Avada theme?

A simple way would be to create a Custom Layout Section for your 404 page on your WordPress Admin Panel go to “Avada -> Layouts -> Create New Layout”

How to install Avada theme Demos?

To install any demo offered on Avada theme on your WordPress Admin Panel go to “Avada -> Websites” and select the website you wish to import.

Is Avada theme like Elementor?

Elementor is a WordPress plugin and Avada is a WordPress theme but, they both are very similar since they offer a drag and drop page builder.

Which is better Avada theme or Elementor Pro?

Elementor Pro is a popular page builder and Avada theme offers their own web builder called Fusion Builder. Avada is a better choice if you are looking to make a single website but, for more than one then Elementor is a better choice since, it offers a better price.

Which is better Avada theme or Divi theme?

For a single site Avada theme is a better option but, if you want it for more than website then Divi theme offers a better price.

Avada Support and Documentation

ThemeFusion offers wonderful and excellent support around the world 24 hours a day, every day of the week. If you have questions or any problem, do not hesitate to contact this excellent customer service on any of the links we leave you below on this Avada review:

Avada Theme Support

Avada Plans Pricing

Avada Theme ThemeForest Price Regular License

The price of the Avada theme regular license in Themeforest market is around $60 which includes superb customer support from the Theme Fusion team for free the first six months. It costs about $18.00 extra money per yearly to extend support for 12 more months.


In this Avada theme review we seen that this multipurpose theme has a wide variety of possibilities to create your website to your liking and with your expectations. You can use Avada for numerous projects, whether they are blogs, online stores, associations, large small companies or simply a blog. It is recommended before you start exploring the different possibilities. It is a fast, light, easy-to-use theme and quite affordable if we compare it with the features and functionalities it has.

Click here to Buy the Avada theme on ThemeForest Now

What do you think of this Avada review? Have you used Avada theme for any of your website projects yet? Anything to add? Feel free to add a comment below.

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