Astra Review 2023: Is It Worth The Money?

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Astra Review

Astra is a perfect theme for blogs, personal portfolios, business sites, and WooCommerce online stores. It is a theme that you can customize to your liking and quite fast to build and easy to use.

It’s a fast, fully customizable WooCommerce compatible theme that you can use to build any type of website!

In this Astra review we will talk about what Astra theme is, what it is for, how to install it, tutorials, the benefits of updating Astra PRO, opinions and prices and much more. Here we go friends … !!

Astra Review: Step by Step Guide of 2023

In this Astra review we will talk in depth and taking into account every detail of the Astra theme, it is a multipurpose theme that will provide you with millions of facilities so that you can start as soon as possible and have the necessary knowledge to ensure that the website will be a complete success.

Astra WordPress Theme

It has been designed with SEO in mind, it is very light and fast and offers templates and special features, also this theme has an integrated code and prepared for native AMP.

Astra works perfectly with all website builders like Visual Composer, Beaver Builder, Elementor, SiteOrigin, Divi and more. It has very good help support for WordPress plugins and has a version that is completely free that is using over 1,000,000 websites. These wonderful WordPress plugins allow us to customize our website to our liking.

You have the option to update the pro version of the Theme in order to obtain more functionalities, although you also have the option of getting several free extensions.

Some of the most notable features of Astra theme is that it is adaptable, expandable with premium extensions, suitable for RTL, the text is translated, compatible with WooCommerce.

Looking for a perfect, light, fast and inexpensive theme? Do not look any further !!! Astra is a fast, lightweight customizable theme with speed and also compatible with WooCommerce in case you want to make an e-commerce page. Read this Astra review for more information!!

Astra Review: What Is Astra?

Astra is a free theme that you can easily download from WordPress and start designing and customizing your powerful website.

This theme offers us many advantages, among them is that to customize your website you will not need or touch any code as we will show you on this Astra review.

This theme has been developed and created by Brainstrom Force, it also has more than 60 employees and has been in the market for more than ten years.

Astra launched Ultimate Addons which helps us to better integrate page builders in a simple and very effective way.

Astra released Ultimate Addons for Beaver Builder and for Elementor plugin extensions. It is necessary and important to have advanced knowledge about how the popular WordPress creators are used.

Behind the Convert Pro Email Subscription and Lead Generation Plugin, we have the WP Portfolio Portfolio Plugin and Schema Pro Schema Marketplace Plugin.

The free Astra plugins in WordPress are updated quite regularly and the creators of this Brainstrom Force theme are very active within the WordPress community.

Astra WordPress Theme Main Features

Astra is a WordPress theme that has quite incredible features that will make your website a success, you can also customize everything you need to do it to your liking.

The Astra theme adapts and integrates perfectly with certain page builders such as Beaver Builder, Elementor, WPBakery Page Builder, Divi Builder, Thrive Architect, Visual Composer, Gutenberg and Brizy.

Astra Elementor

Once you activate Astra, you will be able to edit pages, publications and other types of personalized publications.

There is a sidebar where you can change many settings, in addition to certain functions such as the featured image, the header, the title of the page and the bar at the bottom of the page you can completely disable them here too.

It is a theme that is also made for beginners, so designing your website and customizing it will be simple and fast.

Astra Theme Beaver Builder

Some WordPress users sometimes face problems such as modifying the design of a theme to suit their taste and needs, with Astra you will not have to worry about this.

If you want to import several predesigned designs you can activate the Astra Starter Site plugin. You have at your disposal more than 70 designs for your businesses, your blogs, portfolios, online stores and much more.

If you are using the free version you will have 35 designs in one, but if you are using the premium you will get 70 designs or WordPress themes in one.

Astra Starter Sites

Astra has been created for developers and for those beginners who have started creating websites without having to touch any code.

It has great support for WooCommerce and is designed for different types of custom posts. Astra follows SEO best practices, follows WCAG 2.0 standards and the design is RTL ready and translated into different languages.

Filters and hooks allow developers to put content on web pages, on the contrary if you are not a developer you can use the free Astra Hooks plugin that will help put content and unique codes on the web page. In Github you can examine open source which has Astra 100% open.

Do you want to know which are the characteristics that stand out the most of this theme?

Next, in this Astra review we will name the strongest characteristics:

  • Super fast charge, takes 0.5 seconds to load
  • It occupies less than 50KB
  • It is optimized for code
  • You have many options to customize your page to your liking
  • Works very well with Plugins like WooCommerce, Elementor and Lifter LMS

Here, in this Astra review we leave you a link belo so, you can see in depth what this template allows you to do to customize your web page your way:

How can I customize the Astra theme?

The WordPress Astra theme can be downloaded from the WordPress administration area. You will not need to install any WordPress plugin for it to work but if you need to install Astra Starter Site for WordPress if you need to import a web design.

In the menu where it says “Appearance” of WordPress you will have to click on “Astra options”. All the options are in WordPress to be able to customize the themes.

You will see that there are key links, as well as premium and free plugin links that will make your Astra theme have more functionalities and you can customize your page better. This page is also connected to the documentation area, the contact page and the Facebook group.

Astra Theme Astra Options Panel

To customize your website and leave it to your liking you have to find the WordPress themes customizer, you will also be able to see the changes you are making if you click on “preview”. You also have the option to change the preview mode on mobile or desktop.

Astra’s design is so well ordered that finding the setting you want to change will be easier as it is divided into eight upper-level sections or other subsections. You also have the option to add a search box in the “theme customizer” via a plugin.

Astra Theme WordPress Customizer Panel

If you go inside, investigate and take a look at the WordPress theme customizer you will see that there are many options for your website to be a marvel. You will be able to change the structure, the blog posts and enable and disable the information. It also gives you the option to add custom text, change the footer and change the layout easily.

The typography and colors can also be modified and changed without any problem, there are also links that take you quickly to the widgets and menus as you can see on the image below of this Astra review.

Astra Theme WordPress Customizer Typography

If you have the free Astra version and install several free plugin extensions that are in WordPress, you will see that many are to customize your website.

How do I install the Astra theme and the Astra Pro theme?

Installing the Astra and Astra Pro templates are quite easy, below in this Astra review we will tell you the steps you must follow with each of them:

How to install the Astra template?

The Astra template is completely free, this theme will be installed from the WordPress page so it will not be necessary to download the template.

To be able to install the free Astra template we must follow the following steps below in this Astra review:

  • First we must access the main administration panel in WordPress.
  • In the second step we must go to “Appearance” then in “Themes” where we will manage the templates.
  • To install we must click on the upper part where the “Add new” button is. In the search engine that there are themes, we can do the search by putting “Astra” to find the template. Then we will click on the “Install” button that is on the Astra template.
  • Once you have the Astra template installed, you just have to click the “Activate” button.

How to install Astra Pro?

Before installing Astra Pro you must have the free Astra option installed. The procedure you must follow will be the same as installing a paid WordPress plugin. You will have to download the Astra Pro before installing it.

To install the Astra Pro plugin or the Addon, follow these steps below in this Astra review:

  • First we must download the Astra Pro, you will see that there are three purchase plans for you to choose the one that best suits you and you need.
  • Once you have chosen one of the Astra Pro programs you will have to access the administration panel and download the Astra Pro plugin. Download it to your computer’s desktop and do not unzip it as the file must be compressed.
  • Once we have done the above we must go to “Plugins” then to “Add new” and we will click on the “Upload Plugin” button that is placed at the top. Then we must click on “Examine” on our PC and click on “Open”. Once you have everything done, you must click on the “install now” button
  • Once all of the above is done we just have to click on “Activate”

Astra Pro Pricing Plans

Extending Astra with Free Plugins

Once you have Astra installed you will see that you have the option of complementing it with free plugins. In total there are 12 free plugins, for example the Unlist Post & Page plugin was created by Nikhil Chavan but, the other plugins were created by Brainstrom Force.

Astra Plugins

Five of the free plugins were designed for Astra WordPress. The Astra Hook plugin helps us customize WordPress themes by helping us insert content, Javascript, and shortcodes. For example, the Astra Theme Visual Hooks allows us to see all the hook locations just like you can see them on the official Astra website as you can see on the image below in this Astra review.

Astra Theme Hooks

The Astra Bulk Edit plugin helps us reduce setup time on the web pages you want.

The Astra Customizer Reset plugin has an option in the customizer so that you can reset all the settings you need to do.

Another plugin to highlight of WordPress only for Astra is the banner that is on the home page, it helps us to add a banner to the home page and also change the image, the fill, the style and much more that you can use.

Astra Theme WordPress Customizer Homepage Banner

We also have to be honest in this Astra review and say that the other free plugins that Astra has work perfectly but we have the possibility of using it with other WordPress themes.

If you are one of those who choose to use Gutenberg, you may be interested in using Ultimate Addons. You will be able to create an information box, add 16 additional blocks to your page, price list and post layouts.

Another useful plugin we found in this Astra review is the Sidebar Manager which helps us to simplify the sidebar process is also a useful plugin. It is a lightweight solution that simplifies the process of creating new sidebars and manages.

Astra Theme Ultimate Addons for Gutenberg

If you need to hide certain pages of a website from search engines then you have to use the Unlist Post & Page plugin. For example, the WordPress customizer search is a very useful plugin that does not allow you to obtain a search bar to find the options more quickly.

And finally a new add-on that allows you to save templates and their pages in a cloud, this wonderful add-on is called Templator. You can export this add-on to any website.

You have to know that at the moment it is only working with Elementor but we believe that later they will add support for Divi Builder and Beaver Builder.

Astra Pro: What is it and what features does it have?

Astra is the free version, it has a great variety of web designs and accessories that will make your web page even more complete.

If you want to bring out the full potential that Astra has in WordPress, you will have to update the premium version.

Astra Pro Theme Features

Astra Pro has a variety of modules that will facilitate your work when building your website. If you are thinking of buying one of the agency packages you will get access to the entire site library.

Astra Pro offers you a total of 18 professional modules, most of them you can do that improve the operation and expand them that you have available in the WordPress theme customizer. You can deactivate and activate the modules as you wish and need.

The typography module offers you many options to design and customize and the color module helps you to color the backgrounds of any part of the web page. For example the spacing module helps you fill and images.

If you need to archive pages or change the blog, then you should think about activating Blog Pro. You will be able to upload a previous blog post below the current one, display an author bio below the blog posts, change blog layout and remove the padding from the blog on any desired image.

Astra Pro Theme Blog Pro Customizer

Do you want to know the most outstanding features of the paid version?

Now we in this Astra review are going to talk about the most remarkable features that you can find in the paid version and that of course it is very worthwhile:

  • Page headers: you have the possibility to create common or individual headers for all web pages with background images, with the title of the post, with Breadcrumbs, etc. You have the option to create a different one for each page!
  • Transparent header: With the Astra Theme template you can have a transparent header in your home so that you can see the background that you have placed in the header. It can be done in a simple and easy way, you will only have to activate the option that allows you to do this.
  • Typography: You will be able to choose the typeface that you like the most and that best goes with your design.
  • Infinity of colors: you have the option to change the color of any template so that you can design it to your liking.
  • Header sections: you will be able to choose the extra sections in the header of your web page, either below to add menus, or above as well as the text you want.
  • Custom Layouts: thanks to the hooks you can create your design to your liking, you can put an ad, a box with the author’s bio, a comparator table, etc.
  • Site layouts: this option will give us the choice to choose if you want your web page to have a predetermined width, a full width or to be “boxed” or not.
  • Woocommerce: Astra is compatible with Woocommerce, you can import the template easily and simply with a simple click. To import use Elementor or Beaver Builder.

If you are looking to transform your old navigation menus into megamenus then you have to use the Nav menu module. You will see the menu items in columns and you can use images, highlight labels, use colors and much more. This improves navigation as it has and displays a variety of links within the menu.

Astra Pro Theme Nav Mega Menu

Then we have the custom designs module that offers you to put footer, save custom designs, hook locations and 404 pages. Designs can be added and saved in other areas of the website.

It allows you to control the movement up and down, the size of the icons, the style as well as the mobile devices and computers.

For the footer area we have the Footer Widgets module, which allows you to control the width of the widget area and the padding. Fonts and color settings are also available.

Astra Tutorial

Astra is a theme that is designed so that both beginners and professionals have no problem using it and creating their website. Below, in this Astra review we have left you a WordPress Astra tutorial so you can see how everything works step by step.

Astra Support and Documentation

Support and documentation are other aspects of great importance since it concerns us when choosing a theme for one website or another. This is a primary pilar for the WP Astra team that is they offer great documentation and video tutorials.

For more information on their customer service and support check their links below:

Astra FAQ

Is Astra the best WordPress theme?

For sure, Astra theme is one of the most demanded themes on the WordPress Theme Directory and for many is consider to be the best because of the many features it offers.

Is WP Astra theme free?

Yes, WP Astra theme is a free WordPress theme and offers everything you need to build a website of any niche.

Can I upgrade free Astra theme to Pro?

Yes, you can upgrade at any time you want just, remember to buy an Astra theme license first for you to upgrade to Pro version.

How to customize Astra WordPress theme?

On your WordPress Admin Panel go to “Appearance -> Customize”. Once, you are there you can find all sections of your website for you to customize the way you want it.

How to update Astra theme?

On your WordPress Admin Panel go to “Dashboard -> Updates”. Once, you are in this page, you can update Astra with one click.

Is Astra theme mobile friendly?

Yes, Astra theme is been developed to be fully responsive and mobile friendly.

How to delete Astra theme in WordPress?

On your WordPress Admin Panel go to “Appearance -> Themes”. Once, you are there select the “WPAstra theme” and click on it to see the theme information and then click on the “Delete button”.

Is Astra theme good for SEO?

Yes, Astra is a SEO Friendly WordPress theme with all SEO best practices in mind.

Is Astra good for eCommerce?

Yes, Astra theme is an excellent theme to use for eCommerce.

Is Astra a fast theme?

Yes, Astra theme is a lightweight and super fast theme. As a matter of face the default page of Astra loads under 1 second according to GTMetrix.

Is Astra good for beginners?

Yes, Astra theme is a great theme for a beginner to start developing great looking websites.

Can I use Astra with WordPress?

Yes, because Astra is a theme for WordPress won’t work without WordPress been installed.

Why Astra is not in

Unfortunately, does not offer in any of their plans the option to use the Astra theme.

Do I need Astra with Elementor?

No, it is not required to use Elementor with Astra.

Why use Astra and Elementor?

Because Elementor works very good with WP Astra theme.

Astra Pricing Plans

Astra is one of the best WordPress themes on the market right now, it only offers us advantages and facilities since you can import it without problems, it has dozens of professional-looking designs and it has a wide variety of free plugins that you have more tools to make a wonderful website.

It also has many options included to customize in WordPress themes. Most people start using Astra free version and when they see that it works very well and has a lot of things they move to Astra Pro that has even more benefits.

This question will depend a lot on the budget you have and the needs. For example, the most basic package is fine if you don’t need access to the Starter Site designs or the additional plugins that you can buy from Brainstrom Force.

From $59 per year you have premium support and millions of designs and tools, you also have Agency packages that you can use the designs and download premium add-ons in Brainstrom Force.

The Astra theme has a free plan and another plan, which is Astra Pro, which for your information is quite affordable if we take into account all the features and benefits it offers us.

If you are thinking of choosing the PRO version, keep in mind the three different options:

  • Astra Pro would be $47 and normally $59
  • Essential Bundle would be $137 and normally $169
  • Growth Bundle would be $187 and normally $249

If you are thinking of buying a complementary plugin, it would compensate you to buy a higher plan if we take into account the characteristics, the duration and the money.

Astra Pro Pricing Plans

All these Astra Pro options include modules, plus all the options come with a 100% refund guarantee in 14 days and premium support for any questions you may have.

The Astra Pro Addon offers access to all Astra Starter Site designs and Astra Pro modules. For example, the Essential Bundle option allows us to access all Astra Starter Sites designs together with the BrainStrom Force WP Portfolio plug-in.

The Astra Pro Growth Bundle option offers us two plugins for visual builders together with Schema Pro and Convert Pro. When the version is updated you will have access to all Brainstrom Force products and Astra Pro.

Final Thoughts

We can conclude on this Astra review that the reason why the Astra theme is so popular is because there is anything bad that we could find on this theme. Everything seems to work out it is multipurpose, flexible, fast, lightweight, easy to use and full of features and customization options.

This WordPress template is an excellent choice for any website project you have in mind.

Click here to Buy the WP Astra Pro theme on their website Now

What do you think of this Astra review? Have you used WP Astra theme for any of your website projects yet? Anything to add? Feel free to add a comment below.

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